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Ten things I’ve learnt from taking care of my disabled brother.

For the last six months I’ve been taking care of my junior brother who has cerebral palsy,is fully dependent and non verbalhonestly, it has been difficult. However it has been quite the learning experience. Here is a short list of things I have learnt while on the “job”.

  1. Patience is key. It is one of the most vital traits you need to survive the experience.
  2. It can be exhausting, both emotionally and physically. The long hours, the physical lifting and the stress can tire one out. 
  3. One learns to appreciate the little things. A lot of the time we take stuff for granted and feel that we deserve more or are owed something by the universe. Seeing my younger brother with his limitations still smiling and happy does tell me that I’m lucky to have what I do have.
  4. Empathy. Ok this is more as a result of being his brother than the six months of nanny work but having a brother with disabilities does force you to see the flaws and weakness of others, and if you’re not some sociopath you’ll learn to feel for them and in time understand them. 
  5. Your social life does suffer a lot. Not being able to hang out with friends does limit what support and encouragement you get. Though good friends can and will contact you on the job.
  6. To be honest there is no off period. One is always on call. In case of any kind of complications or issues one must always be ready. 
  7. You will get used to and get tired of the routine. In my case my bro’s life is severely regimented from the minute he’s awake to the time of sleep. What he eats, what medications he gets, his therapy, his sitting and resting periods, you will get this regiment drilled into your soul. 
  8. As said before there is a routine. However there’s a lot of chaos within it. Sometimes the routine is carried out perfectly.  Some days, there are colossal screw ups. In others small but needed changes are introduced. So one is never sure of what the next day will bring. 
  9. Your charge/ward is a living breathing Human being. He will express pleasure and displeasure. Love and hate.  Boredom and excitement. He will show you what he needs and what he wants and god help you you fail to realise that. 
  10. Lastly you learn to do things not because of what you’ll gain but out of love. Taking care of a sibling with disabilities is a heavy duty. A labor of love. And is one of the few acts of mankind that separates us from the feral animals out in the wild. 

And that’s that. A short list of what I learned and continue to learn caring for my bro. However wanna get back to writing my stories.  

P.S. here’s a superman  pic for ya.

Gaean Knight 10.2

Sandwiched in between a plant in the shape of a girl and an Illienze huntress and surrounded by a horde of bright sparkling fairies, Jide Omoyemi wondered to himself why he had the sinking feeling that confrontations like this would quickly become pretty mundane.
That and being caught in his boxers by hostile forces.

“What is going on?”

Jide anxiously whispers to the sour faced Illienze who had her daggers drawn in front of her, muscles tensing.

“I’m not sure… Maybe they smelt something that didn’t belong here.”

“Oh be serious! These…erm…”

“Wild nature Fairies, or just faries Jiji…”

“Thank you Hibee, stop joking around Sunny these nature fairies seem to want us dead.”

“I am serious. You exude this aura, this smell that just screams foreigner, intruder, invader…these fairies are especially sensitive to that. And…”

Sunny taps Jide with the tip of one of her daggers still watching the hostile crowd buzzing around them.

” You being a Gaean are about as foreign as they come. Keep still and quiet and maybe… we won’t have to fight our way out.”


Jide nodded nervously as Hibee’s fingers wrap themselves around his.

“It’ll be OK.”

Hibee whispers as she gives his hand a brief squeeze, watching the horde of fairies surrounding them.
Giving them a closer look, Jide could see that on a general level, they were kinda cute little things. Apart from the enraged expressions on their faces and the crackling of energy around their outstretched fingers they were the cutest action figures Jide had ever seen.

Why action figures? They were the exact same size as a standard one and their limbs and torso were segmented, kinda like an insect. Their skin tones varied from light blue to deep purple with bright translucent golden wings. Their antennae twitched as the various individual fairies fluttered about, dressed in nothing but one piece dresses.

” Why… You… Here?”

One with white hair and bright blue skin finally speaks out, as sparks of flame spurt out of its outstretched hands.

“We’re travelers just passing through. I am Sunny, an Illienze guide to the two behind me.”

Sunny replies while keeping a wary distance from the leader? of the group whose eyes widen in suprise.

“Illenze? You?”

“That I am.”

Using her magic, Sunny creates a solid block of earth in front of her, which seems to wow the fairies.
After a few moments of the faries buzzing about excitedly chattering the leader? Comes out with an expectant look on its face as the others drop their guard seemily relieved.


“Hhmmm? What is the problem that you need me for?”

Sunny asked, sheathing her blades as Jide sighed in relief and Hibee withdrew her vines.

“We…Lose…Family… Hunted…Killed… Hidden.”

The leader made a difficult face as it’s antenae drooped. Pointing at Sunny it continued.


Folding her arms and nodding her head, Sunny stares at the fairy as it pleads.

“Ok if I get what you’re saying, you want me to find the creature that’s been killing your people so that you can kill it right?”


Rubbing her forehead while sighing, Sunny slowly nodded her head as her comrades gasped out loud.


She’s interrupted by a strong grasp on her arm. Turning to see an annoyed Jide who stares at her questionably.

“What are you doing?”

He asks her making a point to whisper.

“I’ve decided to help them out.”


” Something’s hunting their people down Jide, And I can help them.”

“Not to sound like I don’t care, but we have our own thing we’re dealing with.”

Pulling her hand free from his grasp, Sunny glares at him before walking towards the fairies.

“This is an immediate issue. Yours can wait for a few hours.”

Directing her attention to the leader of the fairies, the Illienze gave a gentle smile as she asked.

“Do you have anything of the missing ones that I could use?”

For a moment the crowd was still before a particularly small pink fairy came forward with a piece of cloth in its hands.
Taking the cloth in her hands and stirring it between her fingers, Sunny closes her eyes as she seems to be meditating. For a brief moment her hair glows bright and a crack in the earth appears, starting from her feet and continuing into the thick jungle.

“I’ve found it. Follow me.”

She says as she withdrew her blades and started leading the fairy horde.

“WAIT!!! What are we supposed to do?”

“Ehn? You can wait here. I trust this won’t take too long.”

Sunny shrugged as she disappeared into the depths of the jungle, leaving the human and the florin puzzled.

“Didn’t think she’d have this kind of nature.”

Jide remarked as he sat on the grass head in hands.


Hibee asked as she began spreading her vines in the area around them, wrapping them around the trees and rocks, creating a cage of vines which surrounded the duo.

“Her ‘save the victims’ persona. I thought she didn’t just like me. Seeing this I finally realize that…girl thinks she’s making some major sacrifice making sure I don’t cause any problems… erm…what’s with the vines?”


The florin states as she takes a seat next to Jide sighing and wiping non-existent sweat from her brow.

“So…tell me more about your world. I want to know everything!”

Meanwhile deep in the jungle, Sunny’s olive green hair glowed softly as she tracked the path her powers had made while the horde of fairies who were following her closely began chattering about amongst themselves.
It was irritating.

“Would you keep quiet!”

She snapped and understanding the situation the fairies complied leaving a low buzz that echoed in the forest.
As much as she was annoyed with the creatures that her chief had commanded her to guide on their journey, she was having the time of her life.
She was out of that suffocating town at last! Sorry Pettie, but spending her life stuck in that never changing home of theirs was becoming a nightmare. She needed to see what was out there in the big bad world not just relying on the words of wandering merchants.
Recasting her tracking spell, Sunny smiles as she pushes some branches out of her view.
She never expected that she’d be chosen by the elder himself. Though it was possible that she was only chosen because she was in the right place at the time.

“Ugh…. what’s that smell?”

Sunny noted as she and the fairies entered a zone that had a festered fermented odor, so thick it caused her to wince.
Taking a closer look, Sunny observed that like a border line the grass on her side was green and healthy while in front of her the grass lay brown and withered.
And in that pungent withered zone was where the tracking crack led to.

“Its here. Get ready. Terra mura: Second skin.”

Sunny muttered dust gathering around her body adhering itself to her skin and pores, her blades glistening as they’re drawn out of their sheathes and taking a fighting stance.
Flares and sparks erupt as the fairies prepare their own magics.
Heart beating hard and fast, Sunny inches closer to the area were the healthy and dead grass intersect.
As her feet touch the dead grass…


Several sharp vines tear through the bush aiming at the intruders. Dodging left and right, Sunny slices off the vines that come her way, unfortunately, some of the fairies were not so lucky.
Three were ripped in half, spewing purple blood and guts and the leader losing a hand as it was sheared off.
Enraged, the rest of the fairies blasted several spurts of fire and electricity burning away the bushes and revealing the identity of their attacker.
It was a tick brown mass of leaves,moss and vines. At its roots, lay the rotting bodies of several fairies and the bones of other small animals. A foul creature called the Kashiri. It kills and uses corpses as compost to accelerate it’s growth. With its powerful and sharp vines, it’s a deadly foe that would be impossible to deal with if fully grown.

“I’m killing you quick.”

Dashing forward, Sunny attempts to slash at the Kashiri only to be forced back by the rapid strikes of the foul smelling plant. Creating a small shield from the earth she blocks a particularly vicious vine slam that knocks her into a nearby shrub.
As she’s breaking free of the shrub’s branches, the Kashiri is being peppered by the sparks and flames of the fairies as they dodge and dart around its vines.
Finally getting back to her feet, Sunny grabs her blades and runs into the conflict shearing apart the vines that tied to pierce through her.
Suddenly the Kashiri expels a thick purple smog that encases the whole zone.

“What the? I can’t see! Fairies?”

A wave of dread washes over the illienze as she dropped to the ground and the screams of the fairies shook her to her core.
As the smog began to clear, Sunny slowly rose to her feet to see their battered bodies laying around her most of whom were unconcious.
The kashiri’s vines had doubled both in number and thickness, as the plant drained the life around it to power up.

“Ish! That almost got me. ”

Sunny barely dodges a sudden strike of its vines which left a large gash on the earth where she previously stood.
At the moment, everything in her body told her to run. This fight was already lost.
But the sight of the wounded fairykin around her rooted her to this battlefield. If she fled all of these creatures will perish and become fertilizer for the Kashiri.
Slashing off a vine that attempted to grab a pink haired fairy, Sunny grunted as the effort produced a large crack on her fingers.

” Ish… Maybe I should have convinced the Gaean child to come with me. He would make a good shield.”

She muttered dashing toward the Kashiri not knowing that the number of fairies present had dropped by 1.
“Hehe that’s pretty interesting.”

Hibee remarked sitting on a large rock, her flower fluttering it’s petals as she nodded.
She and Jide had been discussing for the past hour and the sun had started to set, turning the sky a shade of fiery orange.
Surrounded by her ready made cage, the florin had little worry about being caught unguarded by a wild beast. But still, she couldn’t dispel the sense of unease that she was feeling.
That’s when she felt a small bump on her cage, too small to normally bother about, but with the discomfort swelling within, Hibee stood up with a frown on her face as she began to concentrate her senses outside.

“What’s wrong? Anything happen?”

Jide now dressed in a loose shirt and trousers remarked as he notice the florin’s dramatic change.

“Sorry Jiji…”

Hibee responds as she makes her cage open up, her vines carrying a badly beaten wild fairy whose wings were twitching weakly.

” I think Sunny’s in trouble..”


With a single hit, Sunny’s umpteenth earth shield had shattered, the impact of the blow sending the illienze bouncing along the grass till her momentum is stopped by a tree.
As the leaves drop down, Sunny tries to sit up, groaning as flakes fall off her cracked skin.
She had been struggling against the Kashiri for the past few minutes and the only thing she had gained other than delaying the death of the fairies she guided here were the various injuries she had gained.
Unlike other living creatures that gave birth, laid eggs or even split off, the Illienze were molded. Two adults who cared for each other went to the riverside and using their magic created an offspring.
That individual is born with barely any features almost like a faceless mask that developed more features the older he/she got.
As a result, the illienze didn’t bleed or burn like other species. They cracked,baked, broke and crumbled. As a result they were referred to as the living statues, mudlings or even the false ones.
Her left arm had been chipped in several places with her fingers broken off. There was a large fracture along her leg which seemed about ready to snap right off. Sunny was in a bad way.
Pushing against the tree, trying to get to her feet, Sunny desperately considered her options.
Her blades were nowhere to be found, most likely embedded in some tree somewhere. The Gaean and the florin were back by the stream and she had no way of calling them over. And her earth magic was pathetic.
As she saw the vines of the foul plant waving above her, she formed several blades out of the earth and threw them with her working arm.
As the Kashiri smacks the earth blades aside, Sunny groaned as she barely dodges a vine that pierces the tree behind her.

“Winged cripsies…”

She muttered as pain wracks her body. This is it. Her body has reached its limit.
As she sees the Kashiri prepping it’s vines for a death strike, Sunny closes her eyes, tensing as she braces herself for death.

“I’ve been really stupid…”


“That’s something I can wholeheartedly agree with.”



Opening her eyes, Sunny sees the Gaean in his bronze and chrome form leaning over her protectively as the kashiri’s vines ineffectually strikes his back.

“How…did you find me?”

“Oh that? One of those bugs… sorry fairies came over severely wounded. Didn’t take much for hibee to figure out that you had gotten into some trouble and find you.”


Jide nonchalantly points with his thumb to a bush where a familiar set of vines were carefully drawing the injured fairies away from the battlefield. After pulling the last one into the bush, a green hand pops out giving the thumbs up.

” Just relax Sunny, I’m tagging in.”

Standing up, Jide walks over to the Kashiri.

Smack!! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!
Smack! Smack! Smack!

The Kashiri strikes Jide over and over again all over his body to no effect as he calmly step by step approaches it.
Struggling to stay conscious, Sunny was amazed at the durability of the Gaean’s metal form.
Now In front of the attacking plant, Jide catches some of the vines in his hands and in swift, sharp motions starts tearing them off.
As spurts of whitish green fluid spurts out, splashing on the chrome and bronze frame as Jide rips out vine after vine, reducing the once terrifying plant to a ragged stump.
As the “trimming” takes place, a few of the unconscious fairies begin to wake up. Chattering amongst themselves and pushing out of the bush where they were hidden, the fairies let out gasps of surprise and shock.

“Jiji’s amazing isn’t he?”

The fairies pushing aside stray leaves all collectively stare at the brown haired florin who’s standing while giving a gentle stare at her metal friend.

“Damn…. it’s still moving how do I kill this weed?”

Jide snaps as he keeps ripping out vines only for new sprouts to desperately pop up to replace them.

“You have to dig out it’s core!”


“It’s a little crystal orb… rip it out and it’ll wilt.”

Smashing his fist into the stump, Jide grimaces as he briefly searches the Kashiri’s insides. With one tug and a large spurt of sap, jide rips out a small brownish crystal and the plant creature finally stops twitching.

“He’s strong… really strong…”

A fairy remarks tending to numerous wounds as it sits on the florin’s shoulder.
Struggling to keep herself awake, Sunny tries to sit up but groans in pain, quickly giving up the attempt.

“Guess I should have made more of an effort to bring you guys along.”

“And we should not let you go off on your own anymore.”

“True enough.”

Sunny admitted to Hibee as the two looked at the metallic man who was desperately trying to wipe away the goop from his body as the surrounding wild fairies sprayed him with water.

Troubles and delays.

Seriously, this has been a difficult period for me. For the past 5 months, I’ve had issue after issue which has interrupted my art and kept me off writing.

First my family’s had some staffing issues which meant I had to play nanny to my younger brother Olaoluwa who has cerebral palsy. Love the guy, but the reality is that the daily routine of his care is very time consuming and tiring.

My Internet situation’s been a mess as well. For the first three months i’ve had no Internet at all. Had to live a nanny’s offline life.

Then my laptop charger and phone broke in the same week.

Thankfully they’ve both been fixed but the general situation wasn’t conducive to my creative spirit.

I’m still going to draw and write as much as allowed but I just needed to rant a bit.

Gaea’s Knight 10.1

So I finally continue one of my stories. Hopefully there won’t be any hiatus in the future. Enjoy.

Have you ever thought of how the old mamas and pastors try to talk about how the days of old were a purer, more natural existence for mankind and that technology was killing us all?
That is a pile of steaming bull.
For the past several days the human / child of Gaea Jide Omoyemi, the plant humanoid /Florin Hibee and the Illienze mudling Sunny had been traversing the thick jungle forest that surrounded the homeland of Illien.
To say progress was slow would be an understatement. Jide walking slowly at the back of Hibee and Sunny was in a bad mood.
First off was the humidity and the heat. He had gotten a little used to it but it wasn’t fun walking in a sweat soaked shirt.
Secondly, He hadn’t had a good bath in days. That might not have been such an issue if he hadn’t been walking through leaves, mud and what must not be guessed.
Thirdly the fact that they had been camping outdoors meant two things. One was continually sleeping on grasses and rocks which did the ‘wonders’ of severe neck and back pain. The second was the sheer difficulty in obtaining and preparing food. Sunny being an Illienze, could generally sleep on trees and eat only once a day if needed. What a wonderful constitution. And Hibee once told him while smiling cheekily that as long as there was fertile ground and a good amount of water she didn’t need food, though she liked the taste. Jide, being the only human of the trio was the only one who needed to concern himself with a regular supply of food and hygiene.
Basically, he was the only one that was really suffering on this trip.
Wiping his sweaty grime covered face with his sleeve, he carried the bags as Hibee skipped behind him and Sunny cut down the foliage around them with a blade.

” How long is it to civilisation?”

Jide grunted as he kicked a stone off the grassy path.
Squinting as she carefully pushed through some branches, Sunny sighed as she brought out a small map from her pocket.


She says looking through it.
“There should be a small village called Juvi around here. It shouldn’t take more than a days walk to find it.

“And then Jide!”

Hibee chips in as she gives him a friendly nudge.

“You get to rest and clean your stinky self!”

Giggling as she dodges an annoyed strike by jide, she skips along beside Sunny as they made their way towards the village.
Meanwhile, a few hours walk away, two fairies are chattering around a shallow brook, splashing water on each other as they darted about on their glittery wings.
Unknown to them however, a presence was watching them, it’s tendrils moving stealthily across the the stones, grass and mud.
Unaware of the looming danger, the two pink and blue fairies float down to the brook to take a drink their minute hands casting bubble magic to bring the droplets of water into their mouths.
Without warning several tendrils fire from the nearby bushes, wrapping and instantaneously snapping the bodies of the fairies like twigs.
As the lifeless bodies hung limply in the grasp of the tendrils, a low guttural growl emanates from the bushes as the successful predator drags it’s prey from sight.
“Thank GOD a stream!!”

An hour later a the same location, Jide had burst out of the foliage, throwing off the bags, undoing his shirt, trousers and boots before jumping into the shallow stream.

“Jide!!! Be more careful with the bags! What if you break something!”

Said Sunny as she pushed through the bushes following the human.
Seeing the scattered bags and clothing with Jide happily washing himself in the stream, a crack appears on Sunny’s tanned brow.

“Stupid, selfish human! Hassling and whining about how backwards we are yet who’s bathing like a thirsty treant?”

Muttered Sunny as she started dragging the bags together beside a nearby tree. Looking back at the stream, she saw Hibee already on the bank of the stream soaking her feet while Jide by now was washing his clothes.

“Didn’t even notice her pass by. Maybe I should just let them relax for a bit.”

Sighing as she climbs the tree, carefully testing the branches, Sunny sits hidden by the leaves.

“Having fun Jiji?”


Laying in the brook and soaking himself in the flowing waters, Jide looked up questionably at his florin companion.

“Its your new nickname! It’s something that friends do right? Give each other names to show we’re close?”

Hibee kicks the water sending splashes everywhere.

“Yeah, sure. They do.”

Jide shrugged as he closed his eyes. Hearing a splash and someone snuggling up beside him, he opens his eyes and stares at the green skinned yellow eyed offender laying beside him.

” Any problem?”

He asked nudging her to shift away.

“None at all Jiji. Just wanted… to ask something.”

Hibee replied ignoring his nudging and shifting even closer. Looking at the florin, Jide had to admit she was quite cute, green skin and all. If not for some obviously inhuman behaviors like eating dirt she seemed adorable.
Growing a yellow fruit out of of one of her vines Hibee gave it to Jide who munches it quietly.

“About your family…the ones you came here for. What are they like?”

Hibee frowned as she saw the sad thoughtful expression that appeared on her friend’s face.

“If you don’t feel like talking about it…”

“No it’s okay. I do need to tell you anyway.”
Jide said as he attempted a warm smile which caused Hibee to giggle.

“They’re my cousin Kunle and my sister Bisi. I don’t know how they ended up here but, I’m here to bring them back. Kunle’s been the big brother I’ve always needed, the smart guy who knew how to solve issues and made everything okay.”

Sighing softly, Jide’s smile weakened as his body tensed up.

“My sister Bisi’s another matter entirely. She’s really smart, like exceptional but our relationship as siblings was really messed up. I was jealous of her so…. I made life difficult for her.”

Covering his face with his hands, he didn’t see the delicate expression the florin had on her face.

“She grew to hate me and we had a big fight that caused me to move away from the family house for some time. So for Kunle, it’s to pay him back for everything he’s helped me with. My sister, it’s to apologize…ehn?”

Jide exclaimed as Hibee suddenly hugged his naked chest tightly her wet hair tickling his nose. He at first wanted to push her off him but the serious, determined expression on the florin’s face froze him in place.

“I’ve…been on a journey to find my home. Us florins live together till we’re of age, then us sprouts leave to find where we belong. It may take years, but the dream of every florin is to find a nice spot to set our roots and become something more.”

Smiling softly, Hibee placed her hand on his chest.

“Until I find such a place, I’ll be your companion and help in finding your family no matter how long it takes. You won’t be alone.”

Hearing her earnest statement, Jide became embarassed as he awkwardly cupped water in his hands and washed his face. If he was fairer skinned he would have blushed.

“Thanks…I’ll keep that in mind.”


The two stiffened as they heard the Illienze’s alarmed cry.

Hibee was the first to react, pulling a stunned Jide out of the brook and thick thorny vines busting from her arms.

“What’s…. going on? What’s happening?”

Jide stuttered as Sunny lands beside him blades drawn as her olive hair fluttering in the wind.

“Fairies. Wild ones.”

Sunny mutters as a loud buzzing noise emerges all around them. Coming out of the bushes are close to a hundred fairies who surround the trio while glowing with murderous intent.

Instant Karma?/ Happy 2016

Hullo everyone! It’s been awhile. My first post of the year and I’m glad to be here writing.

I really did think for a bit that I wouldn’t be able to continue writing at all, but even when Life’s a vicious bastard, it sometimes let’s a few nice things happen. Thus I’m going to zealously update my three tales this year.

But at the moment let’s get to the topic of this post.

Basically there were two guys who used to work for my family, named Barnabas and Joseph. Their job was to assist the nurses as they took care of my younger brother Olaolu who has CP (cerebral palsy) and thus fully dependent.

So three days before Christmas, these guys took their holiday leave and we expected them to go to their home towns celebrating the season with their families.

That was not what happened.

A few days ago we got a call from Joseph. In an anguished tone, Joseph told us a tragic tale filled with shame and sorrow.
Apparently, ever since he started working with us, he has been giving his money to Barnabas to keep for him since of the two, Barnabas has a bank account.

A month before leaving Barnabas convinces Joseph to get accommodation in the city so that they can search for new jobs, rather than just going home.
Joseph agrees, expecting to finally live the life of a city boy…..

…..Well that didn’t happen.

What happened was that Barnabas met a guy and decided to pool their money together to purchase a Keke (three wheel taxi) and start a business. And in case you were wondering, yes He used Joseph’s money as well.

Now on the day that they left the house Joseph had asked about the accommodation, a question Barnabas wasn’t eager to answer.

Long story short, Barnabas had been duped. His so called business partner had run off with the taxi.

So now they have been broke, stranded and hungry for the past two weeks.

Dunno if they’ld come back but it’s a little amusing yet sad that a year of effort has gone to the winds just because of misplaced trust and greed.