Happy Children’s day 2018

A quick piece I did to celebrate the day.


Been busy….Here’s Art.

Over the past few weeks, work has been hectic, my tablet broke and I got a new pair of glasses.

Not the best time to write. But oddly enough great times to sketch!

Verse chilling

Malora looking cute.

A concept for Mr Brown.

Two sisters sharing a moment.

concept for a golem series.

My Opinion on OP characters

I was thinking about the concept of overpowered characters.
You know characters who are incredibly strong for their level or have so many skills and abilities that they can steamroll through opponents with ease.
I will not name any particular character because this is sort of a subjective tag placed on characters.
And I think having an OP character is not necessarily bad, it’s just like certain complex recepies you have to know what you’re doing or the dish will turn out poorly.
In my personal opinion, there are three general Paths to writing OP characters. The First is putting them up against OP antagonists of a different nature. This is interesting as both parties are powerful but have placed their focus on different areas forcing each other to adapt to the others strength/weakness. Good examples of this are:
Superman vs Lex luthor/Brainiac. Superman is an alien with godlike physical abilities who could wipe the floor with most adversaries but cannot against Lex or Brainiac.
why? Lex is a businessman/mad scientist with traditionally good public reception and political control over the city. As a law abiding hero (mostly) Superman cannot just crash in and clobber Lex. He has to bring conclusive evidence that Lex is up to no good or Lex would never face justice. No matter what Lex does, if Superman cannot prove he did it, Lex goes free and Superman’s credibility falls.
The second thing is to give them a distinctive flaw, oddity or weakness. No individual is perfect including our OP character. There are going to be things that he/she is bad at or actively cannot tolerate. This can serve to humanise them and give them something to overcome. it can be as simple as allergies to certain things, unhealthy relationships, phobias, or even just a lack of self restraint.
As long as these cause issues for the him/her/it, it keeps the OP character interesting.
Thirdly, The more powerful the character, the more interesting his/her personality needs to be. The thing that makes a lot of heroic tales exciting is seeing the hero overcoming great odds.
The thing is that element is intrinsically missing from the stories of OP characters. They don’t have a lot of active threats to their power by their very nature and their losses have to be managed carefully to be convincing.
Thus instead of focusing on their power, isn’t it better to see what makes them tick?
When well done it can create powerful human stories with huge climatic battles as the spice to the story.
well that’s just my tots on the subject.

My Universe 35: Spider-man

So hello there!
I’m trying out a new series on this blog both to record my thoughts on my favorite comic book and manga properties and hopefully entertain/get some comments on my musings.
In the third entry of this series,I am going to say a few words about why I like certain properties, things I have disliked over the years and if possible my own take on the property.

So who’s next?

The amazing, The spectactular! The web swinging menace! The web head himself! Spider-man!

He’s The original teen hero. The everyman character who just happens to be a superhero while also balancing his ordinary life.
Peter Parker, Spider-man was my original favorite character. when I was a lil kid, there were only three comics available to buy apart from Archie. Superman, Batman and Spider-man. And of the three I loved Spidey the best!


I guess it was basically because he was the most ordinary of the bunch. while Superman was the biggest hero ever with epic tales that stretched the imagination and Batman was the king of his City meting out justice, Spider-man was just an ordinary guy who just happened to be a hero. And unlike either Superman or Batman, it wasn’t easy. Life got in the way, he was often out of his league but when it mattered he always swung into action.
He was a man of two worlds, who struggles in keeping his web untangled.

Elements i’ved liked reading in Spider-man:

1. His large cast of both normal and superhuman friends and acquaintances. I personally think he has the most memorable side cast in Marvel comics. From the classic such as JJJ, to newcomers such as Maxwell Model, it really makes the spiderverse come alive and be it’s own little bubble within the greater Marvel universe.

2. The rogues gallery. Apart from Batman I feel spidey’s enemies and villains are so varied in powers, moralities and competence that when written well all have great stories to tell. From the tragedy of the lizard, to the archenemy Green goblin, to the force of disaster of carnage, to the crooked rivalry of Dr octopus, tI even the life and death struggles of kraven and morlun, there are so many flavours that the enemies bring to the spider’s tales.

3.The Spider family. Seriously I love almost all the other members of the Spider family. Kaine, Ben, Miles, Jessica, Eddie, Flash are all lovely variations of the Spiderman theme. They bring their own interesting take on what it means to be a spider type character.

4. The innate flexibility of the character. Being more or less a trickster character, while his core stories are street level sci-fi situations he is able to tackle or play a part in bigger, more magical or cosmic storylines.

5.His relationships with the larger Marvel universe. From teamups to rivalries to outright contempt, Spider-man can be said to be the most teamed up character in Marvel.

6. The clash between his Parker and Spider-man lives. The complications of one side affecting the other negatively or sometimes positively is the more unique aspects of Spider-man. He is seen as a flaky friend and a not so dedicated superhero by friends and other superheroes alike. It’s A difficulty that can be endearing when written well.

Things/ Elements I dislike reading in Spider-man:

1. I hate the fact that to a large extent Spidey is depicted as fairly toothless in recent comics. He is either seen as a joke, disrespected by lesser characters or even depicted as fairly incompetent. Spidey started as a snarky loudmouth who got on people’s nerves, yes age may mellow a dude but as an experienced hero, there’s no way he should be tolerating disrespect like He does. He’s a good guy with an edge. Let’s see more of that.

2. Ironically The presence of the Spider family made me realise that Peter Parker does not have a good status quo. While each Spider person brings something to the table I.e. Miles brings a high school/family drama and scarlet spiders Ben and Kaine deal with atonement and moving on, Peter has been bringing in less. He’s been bouncing about aimlessly for a good part of a decade, with lots of change (I feel too many) but no meaningful progress. I feel that the character will continue to drift until a semi permanent status quo is nailed down.

3. I feel a lot of writers don’t know what to do with Peter in a team setting, playing him as either the kid character or as comic relief. If you have no idea what to do with him don’t put him in a team.

4. The OMD rectcon. I won’t say much but it ruined the character, until it is undone or at least dealt with the Spider-man comics continues to have some taint to it.

5. The bloody Parker luck. I hate how it’s used to bring in random misery for Peter Parker. Spider-man is about how difficult to keep two sides of ones life separate not a freakin three stooges act. He isn’t some clumsy oaf, he’s a guy who has to make some difficult decisions involving either making life better for himself vs saving others.

6. While I don’t hate it, I am goddamn tired of high school Spidey. Simply because most of his better stories happen when he’s older.

What would I do If I could create my own version of the character:

To be honest I have three scenarios that I’ld like to see in a Spider-man media.

1. First scenario. Peter Parker successful photographer. Yes we’ve seen Peter as a struggling photographer selling Spider pics…but what if he was actually good at it? I think this part is rarely seriously looked into. Peter being a career photographer can open up new story opportunities. For instance he gets to meet or at least be in the vicinity of famous/important characters who may be involved in greater things. He could delve into the different fields of photography from paparazzi, to nature, to science documentation and even disaster reporting. As a hero it gives him valid reasons to be at areas of interest, as it pays his bills lireally. And it pushes his stories to have a more investigative bent to them. Finally it allows for more teamup adventures with other characters.

2. Peter Parker the tinkerer/handyman. This scenario we see Peter put his skills to use as a repairman of sorts, having a little shop where he fixes people’s Tech. This angle makes for more human stories as Peter is an actual part of the community he lives in. He has a serious stake in the issues facing that community truly becoming it’s friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. It allows for some cosmic and magic themed stories as with items he thinks are crap, turn out to be more than what he first took them for.

3. Peter Parker the bio Tech. This angle is Peter Parker running a small bio firm struggling to keep it afloat. this gives Peter extra responsibility and gives his Spidey adventures a more science horror Vibe.

4. This is not a scenario but I am not averse to some more stories using “the other” Spider-man totem theme. Not overtly as Spider-man is a science themed character but some story beats along that angle would be nice.

5. On his personality I feel Peter should be A warm yet serious minded character. But as Spider-man he’s meaner, snarkier and a bit obnoxious. I feel Spidey is where Peter releases his frustrations at life and the world around him.

I think that’s my thoughts and take on Spider-man so far. At this point this is definitely becoming a series.
Any comments or disagreements with what I’ve said are very welcome.

My universe 35 : Batman

So hello there!

I’m trying out a new series on this blog both to record my thoughts on my favorite comic book and manga properties and hopefully entertain/get some comments on my musings.
In this second of (hopefully) many posts in this series,I am going to say a few words about why I like certain properties, things I have disliked over the years, things i’ld like to see again and if possible my own take on the property.
So who’s next?

The Dark knight, The greatest dectective! The protector of Gotham city! The Batman!
He’s one of the most loved if not most loved superheroes ever created.Everyone knows his backstory, Everyone digs his determination to stop crime in his City. And most people say he’s the most relatable hero in superhero comics.

Thing is….I don’t dig Batman that much.(controversial ain’t it.) I admit his stories are quite good, he has a cool costume and gadgets and he’s a very smart character when used right. However he’s far from my favorite Super hero. I’ll go into more details later but I feel the bulk of his popularity and great stories come from the simple fact that Batman is a fairly easy character to write for. No superpowers means that there is rarely an issue of power scaling. Him being a playboy billionaire means that no one expects anything from his civilian guise and that he has the cash for all his Toys. And his stories are more or less crime drama/action. Take any random plot from law and order or even criminal minds and apart from adding some more action scenes Batman would fit right in.
(to be honest I watched the first few seasons of criminal minds imagining the bau squad as an alternate take on the batfamily…and it fits to a fairly reasonable degree…not perfect mind you but enough for it to be fun.)

Tho I say this, I also admit that Batman did a lot to making cool stories and adding human elements into the wacky World of superhero media

Things I’ved liked reading in Batman:

1. His many, many enemies. In fact He has the most varied and memorable villains galleries in comics. Tho as I said this is a result of him being more of a superhero take on Sherlock Holmes and thus it’s easier to make threats for him than with other Heroes. Still two face, Dr freeze, joker, penguin, poision Ivy,bloom, court of owls are still amazing and well thought out threats for the master detective.

2. The Batfamily. To be honest I actually prefer nightwing, Damien Wayne and red hood to the big bat himself. why? Because they feel more human than Batman. They get angry feel lonely and actually show their appreciation of their relationships with others. reading.

3.The gadgets. I’ll admit it. Anytime the bat brings out a cool Toy to play with is an interesting experience. Because essentially Batman is supposed to be the dude that’s ready for anything seeing him bring out or create Tech to deal with certain villains and environmental effects is pretty nice.

4. The detective noir/ crime procedural nature of his stories. Batman is always at his best when solving a mystery. While he’s no science whiz nor an expert in magic, he is very versed in human nature. This can be expanded beyond normal human or low level metahuman crimes tho. As long as you make it a mystery about beings with minds, you can set Batman there. Cosmic, demonic or even time travel as long as there’s a mystery to be solved I feel the Bat can be placed in the story.

Things/ Elements I dislike reading in Batman:

1. I think to a certain level that Batman is overrated. Why? Because of the Batgod phenomenon. The belief that Batman can beat anyone with just enough prep time (which has some measure of truth) sorta irks me. Yes he can defeat a lot of other characters but as a normal unenhanced human, there are certain foes he just cannot face. He’s the guy who finds out the weak spots of the enemy, allowing his more powerful Allies to get the critical hits in. Otherwise he’s limited to the traps he can set up.

2. Ironically tho I also feel like he’s also willfully weak. why? He’s more or less the king of Gotham City having owned more or less most of the city. Such a guy in the modern era of comic books would not be wearing just Spandex and kevlar. This is a guy who teams up with Superman and wonder woman on a fairly regular basis. Having a suit that protects him better from harm is not a difficult thing when you see alien or future Tech on the regular. To not do so can be fairly annoying.

3. His reason for the “no killing rule” Honestly I get it and do like it that superheroes don’t generally kill as part of their repertoire. however the reason the rule irks me so is the reasons they especially Batman puts up for it. because it would taint him morally. WHAT?! What about the dude you basically crippled on your way to stop the bombs that the villain of the arc sets up? Don’t you feel guilty about damning him to more severe poverty, physical disability and mental anguish?
I mean it’s just a selfish reasoning that serves to make characters like Batman seem moral (Tho whether they are is a whole other topic altogether.) Even if it damns the populace of his City and the world.

4. Too much joker! wow. I mean yes he’s to Batman what Lex Luther is to Superman but it’s almost like he’s the only villain that matters. At this point he’s less of a character and more of a bomb to clear the slate for the next story arc.

Done with that section now moving on to…..

What would I do If I could create my own version of the character:

1. For Batman the first and major change I’ll make is having Martha Wayne survive the shooting but being disabled in some way or in a comatose state. Why? we’ve seen more or less what happens when Bruce’s father Thomas Wayne survives the shooting ala flashpoint and the recent edition of the earth two comics. However we haven’t seen what happens when the mother survives. I’m not counting her flashpoint incarnation because seriously? While shocking yes It didn’t work for me. I don’t see her going that crazy.
Any how her surviving yet in a coma or severely disabled allows Batman to go off on his training yet not totally abandoning home. for instance if she was comatose, her coming around would be reason enough for Bruce to come home. Or finding technology that heals her would bring him home quickly to test it on her. After he returns he becomes Batman.
with that as a setup, it would be interesting to see how his mother might make things more difficult for Bruce to be Batman as she would also have control over Wayne enterprises. This can make us more involved with the Bruce persona of Batman as he has to deal with his now recovered parent possibly not approving of his dealings as batman. Plus I wanna see Alfred in a hard spot between his loyalty to Bruce and his cause as batman and to Martha Wayne.
I considered giving Batman a sibling instead but seeing as I sorta did that for my version of Superman, that might be a tad repetitive. plus the only real difference between having his mum survive and his sibling is that he’s more likely to beat up his sibling.

2. There’s been a bit of a debate between fans that prefer his original spandexy ninja look and those who like his more armoured swat Style armored look. While I can understand the viewpoint that Batman is a ninja an such such armaments make him too bulky and slightly OP (overpowered), I am on the bulky and Tech heavy side. firstly his tagline is the dark knight so a bulky Batman is actually what works with that tag. Secondly Batman to me has never seemed suicidal. obsessed with fighting crime, yes. so why wouldn’t he arm and protect himself as much as possible given that he’s a billionaire. Thirdly Batman has always been more in line with samurai than a ninja with his riches, sense of justice and sweet tools.
3. I see Batman as a guy who appropriates Tech that he comes across, either reworking it to suit his purposes or creating counters for it. He lives in a world where Superman exists. As the prepared one, the more tools the better.
4. Ok this may be a bit controversial but the idea of the waynes having orphanages and him picking up his protégés from them can be a fairly Dark twist to his Robin recruitment scheme. I mean he can’t just accidentally meet three orphans from nowhere can he? Plus it’s a way of training who he feels could be the next Batman. I mean he’s bigheaded enough to believe that Batman will always be needed but he’s rational enough to believe that he himself won’t always be Batman.
5. I see Batman as the kind of guy who after seeing the greater dc universe wouldn’t just be concerned with only Gotham but the earth itself. His paranoia would make him eager to be involved in the big issues rather than do it on his own. I see Batman as the guy who sees a crisis, comes in and tells those involved that he’s here and knows how to deal with it. He’ll be a ake charge sort of leader.
6. Batman should and would be more friendly with other human, Tech/science type heroes and meta humans powered by Tech or science. He should however be wary of alien or magic based Heroes. I know it makes him seem a bit biased but he’s a guy who lost his family to random violence and then worked hard to find ways to control and manage such violence. so I feel that with alien Tech/ powered Heroes he is cautious until he understands it and with magic…. he’s not a fan of it due to its unpredictable nature.

I think that’s my thoughts and take on Batman so far. Any comments or disagreements with what I’ve said are very welcome.

Verse Amor Ethis deviant mode.

Introducing you to Verse Amor Ethis! Barbarian deviant with the power to craft tools out of pure shadow flame! Her deviant form boosts her physical powers and also grants her control over all types of flame.
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