Hibee 2018

Hibee 2018! She’s a fun loving gal who loves the Sun, swimming, and cop shows. She however dislikes rats, petroleum based products and Apple products.
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Made a smile.
It’s been a long day. Tired and exhausted she sits. Is she stressed? Is she simply resting? Interested you make your move. A compliment here, a joke there and a bit of concern there, she begins to relax. Everyone deserves to hear a nice thing now and again.
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Lukewarm consideration

As she stands waiting, she begins to wonder about her life before now. The choices she made, the pain she has endured, the rush of thrill and success…so far was it worth it?
As she sees her companion, she decides that the past is the past, and the present is all that matters.
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The three Paths of Terra.

In the world of Terra, there are only three Paths to take if you wish to live or die well on the plain.

Firstly is the path of power whose patron is a goddess of war. In this path you will meet conflict and death, with victory and accomplishment sacrifices to her. In return as rewards for service and worship in life she may grant you your full physical potential or just transform you entirely into an disiple of war. In death a shadow of you in your prime will forever exist as an apostle of her will.

The second path is that of the mystic, one who wishes for domination and control. This path is presided by a deity curious as yet cruel. Going on this path poses great risks both to body and soul as a single mistake may cripple oneself, turn thee mad or even reap one’s life. As one grows in knowledge and skill the path’s patron may give thee spirits to further strengthen and guide thee. Unlike the goddess of war the mystic deity considers the study and the power gained as rewards in themselves and will only grant gifts to those he finds amusing/interesting. It is believed that the spirits of magic he grants are what remains of mages after death, Tho some mages skilled enuf have been able to transcend their original states to something else, often monstrous.

The final Path is that of Community or civilisation itself. This path may be seen as weak or even less notable than the others but it is the path every living being able to communicate begins. The patron of this path is noted as a playful gentle spirit. But do not take that as a sign of weakness because it is also vengeful when crossed. This path has the most variety in worship from healing, farming, learning to even hexes, curses and charms.

Any which claim to have a path other than these three is a cruel charlatan seeking your death in this plain. Consider you life and pick a path which suits it.

Character Themes and Social Politics.

 Tho the recent months have been difficult for me financially and socially but I have done my best to 

follow the issues of the comic community. And now that things are a little better for me I felt I should make a comment on one of them.

Whenever I hear someone shout on youtube or write on a blog or reddit “Don’t  bring your politics into our comics.” there’s  the immediate response that “comics have always been political” and once both sides have been riled up, we go straight to name calling and flame wars.  

I thought  about it for a bit and came to a simple, conclusion. Not saying its the right conclusion, but this makes the most sense to me. 

It all depends on the theme/general ideology of the characters/comic book in question.

For example, Spider-man is all about personal responsibility. A lot of his stories focus on the fact that despite what happens to us we are ultimately responsible for the actions/decisions we make.

Batman’s tends to be about Justice, Punisher vengence, Hulk inner demons and the power fantasy of being able to lash out /overcome oppressors/ threats.

So from what I’ve listed , we can already guess that some political topics are a natural fit for some characters. 

Now the stories stated as “political” are simply stories that do not work with the original themes of the character/comic. They are not an evolution nor a growth, but simply a betrayal of the ideas behind the creation of the character. 

For example, a story featuring Sherlock holmes as a pimp…….. would not be taken well by anyone I’ld expect. Neither would a story about a stupid, crybaby Batman.  

personally the best example of this would be one more day. 

My reason for hating this story is that it betrayed the core theme of self responsibility. Peter Parker, the amazing spider-man was a character that screwed up ….a lot. But his story was about him getting back up from his mistakes and making restitution for those mistakes.  

This was him making a deal with the devil to erase a mistake….He ran from the consequences of his choices and went the easy way out. 

A divorce which would have hurt, would have grown the character and made him a lot more relatible ( I mean aren’t alot of American people divorced at least once.) and its a more natural story than the crap we got.

Now the current dilemma seems to be that modern comics in particular marvel, seem to be more concerned about making a point over telling a story. 

Instead of picking a character/creating one that fits the point they are trying to make, they try to bend popular existing characters to fit their point despite how nonsensical the result turns out to be. 

Conversely Superman rebirth worked so well because it restored the theme of superman which had been damaged by the new 52 and in particular the truth arc (while I didn’t hate the truth arc, it was really depressing to see superman depowered for several months with his id exposed by lois lane of all people.) Now hes back to being classic Superman, champion of earth, married to Lois, with the pleasant addition of a natural son jon kent the new superboy! (still waiting for conner’s return so that I can see them interact)

So basically the question is not whether comics are political, its whether the writer understands the character he/she is writing so that whatever issue/point the writer wants to make fits within the themes that the character represents.  

Marvel Originals

Decided to do some fanart of the Marvel heroes and their legacy counter parts, why? Cuz despite the stuff that marvel tends to do, they have the most popular human heroes in comic history. Here we have Iron Man, Spider – man,  Captain Marvel, Hulk, Thor and Wolverine! 

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My thoughts on superhero comics no killing rule.

So this isn’t going to be too long. I have always been a fan of superheroes since i was a kid. My favorite heroes were batman, superman and spiderman. Batman for his crime stories, Superman because of his awesome displays of might and Spidey for how the superhero life complicates normal social life (something marvel seems to forget, he has to have a social life to be disrupted. Its not about being young or about being down on your luck. Its the juggling of his parker life and his spidey life thats interesting)
Ok just watched the injustice 2 story mode on youtube. While the game play itselfwas quite excellent…but a bit too mkish, the story left me a bit cold. I’m not here to talk about the obvious issue…..coughbatwankcough……its about their intepretation of the no kill rule.
According to batman (or at least more moral superheroes in marvel/dc) a hero must never kill or else they’d run the risk of becoming villains too.
A sort of man becomes the monster he fights trope.
But this reason for it rings hollow and is a bit insulting.
First it kinda mocks people who work in law enforcement and the military who sometimes are forced to kill while in action. No reasonable person likes to kill, however some enemies/threats are so dangerous or the situation itself so dicey that sometimes the trigger needs to be pulled.
Secondly using this reason for why heroes dont kill is pretty arrogant in itself. I may be wrong but to me it implies that the hero in question is above the law. And that his choices carry more weight than they actually do.
Thirdly it makes heroes seem far more mentally fragile than i would like. Every other genre of action hero ( pulp, supernatural,cyberpunk,war) realises that there are peeps who need to be taken out. That make them bad in fact when they do we celebrate their badass actions. So why are superheroes the ones that will go crazy when they take a life? It feels weak especially since the real reason is (comic book publishers) to keep a set of rotating villains that the hero can fight over and over without worrying that he’d run out of peeps to punch.
So I reasoned out a different reason for the no kill rule that makes me at least feel a little better.
Heroes don’t kill because they aren’t allowed to. Either by overt laws or unspoken understanding.
Superheroes are a mix of first responders and heavy artillery that assist the existing law enforcement in protecting or enhancing society.
Understandably superheroes need a certain level of freedom in order to be effective which society grants in exchange for a promise/set of guidelines.
One of which is never to kill a suspect. This is naturally due to the fact that society should be the one to judge the criminals not vigilante justice.
So any superhero who kills maliciously loses all privileges and is treated as a criminal in order to prevent others from following such actions.
This I feel both ties the heroes closer to the societies they work in and makes a better case for why superheroes shouldn’t kill rather than you’ll get a taste for blood after killing.
Anyhow am I making sense or am I just over thinking this.
Wow this was longer than I thought for a random musing.