My thoughts on superhero comics no killing rule.

So this isn’t going to be too long. I have always been a fan of superheroes since i was a kid. My favorite heroes were batman, superman and spiderman. Batman for his crime stories, Superman because of his awesome displays of might and Spidey for how the superhero life complicates normal social life (something marvel seems to forget, he has to have a social life to be disrupted. Its not about being young or about being down on your luck. Its the juggling of his parker life and his spidey life thats interesting)
Ok just watched the injustice 2 story mode on youtube. While the game play itselfwas quite excellent…but a bit too mkish, the story left me a bit cold. I’m not here to talk about the obvious issue…..coughbatwankcough……its about their intepretation of the no kill rule.
According to batman (or at least more moral superheroes in marvel/dc) a hero must never kill or else they’d run the risk of becoming villains too.
A sort of man becomes the monster he fights trope.
But this reason for it rings hollow and is a bit insulting.
First it kinda mocks people who work in law enforcement and the military who sometimes are forced to kill while in action. No reasonable person likes to kill, however some enemies/threats are so dangerous or the situation itself so dicey that sometimes the trigger needs to be pulled.
Secondly using this reason for why heroes dont kill is pretty arrogant in itself. I may be wrong but to me it implies that the hero in question is above the law. And that his choices carry more weight than they actually do.
Thirdly it makes heroes seem far more mentally fragile than i would like. Every other genre of action hero ( pulp, supernatural,cyberpunk,war) realises that there are peeps who need to be taken out. That make them bad in fact when they do we celebrate their badass actions. So why are superheroes the ones that will go crazy when they take a life? It feels weak especially since the real reason is (comic book publishers) to keep a set of rotating villains that the hero can fight over and over without worrying that he’d run out of peeps to punch.
So I reasoned out a different reason for the no kill rule that makes me at least feel a little better.
Heroes don’t kill because they aren’t allowed to. Either by overt laws or unspoken understanding.
Superheroes are a mix of first responders and heavy artillery that assist the existing law enforcement in protecting or enhancing society.
Understandably superheroes need a certain level of freedom in order to be effective which society grants in exchange for a promise/set of guidelines.
One of which is never to kill a suspect. This is naturally due to the fact that society should be the one to judge the criminals not vigilante justice.
So any superhero who kills maliciously loses all privileges and is treated as a criminal in order to prevent others from following such actions.
This I feel both ties the heroes closer to the societies they work in and makes a better case for why superheroes shouldn’t kill rather than you’ll get a taste for blood after killing.
Anyhow am I making sense or am I just over thinking this.
Wow this was longer than I thought for a random musing.


Troubles and delays.

Seriously, this has been a difficult period for me. For the past 5 months, I’ve had issue after issue which has interrupted my art and kept me off writing.

First my family’s had some staffing issues which meant I had to play nanny to my younger brother Olaoluwa who has cerebral palsy. Love the guy, but the reality is that the daily routine of his care is very time consuming and tiring.

My Internet situation’s been a mess as well. For the first three months i’ve had no Internet at all. Had to live a nanny’s offline life.

Then my laptop charger and phone broke in the same week.

Thankfully they’ve both been fixed but the general situation wasn’t conducive to my creative spirit.

I’m still going to draw and write as much as allowed but I just needed to rant a bit.

Instant Karma?/ Happy 2016

Hullo everyone! It’s been awhile. My first post of the year and I’m glad to be here writing.

I really did think for a bit that I wouldn’t be able to continue writing at all, but even when Life’s a vicious bastard, it sometimes let’s a few nice things happen. Thus I’m going to zealously update my three tales this year.

But at the moment let’s get to the topic of this post.

Basically there were two guys who used to work for my family, named Barnabas and Joseph. Their job was to assist the nurses as they took care of my younger brother Olaolu who has CP (cerebral palsy) and thus fully dependent.

So three days before Christmas, these guys took their holiday leave and we expected them to go to their home towns celebrating the season with their families.

That was not what happened.

A few days ago we got a call from Joseph. In an anguished tone, Joseph told us a tragic tale filled with shame and sorrow.
Apparently, ever since he started working with us, he has been giving his money to Barnabas to keep for him since of the two, Barnabas has a bank account.

A month before leaving Barnabas convinces Joseph to get accommodation in the city so that they can search for new jobs, rather than just going home.
Joseph agrees, expecting to finally live the life of a city boy…..

…..Well that didn’t happen.

What happened was that Barnabas met a guy and decided to pool their money together to purchase a Keke (three wheel taxi) and start a business. And in case you were wondering, yes He used Joseph’s money as well.

Now on the day that they left the house Joseph had asked about the accommodation, a question Barnabas wasn’t eager to answer.

Long story short, Barnabas had been duped. His so called business partner had run off with the taxi.

So now they have been broke, stranded and hungry for the past two weeks.

Dunno if they’ld come back but it’s a little amusing yet sad that a year of effort has gone to the winds just because of misplaced trust and greed.

Instagram, inktober and other things

A lot of the time what keeps me from making regular posts is a mixture of insecurity, laziness and a pinch of perfectionism. While consulting with one of my few real life friends, I was given the simple advice “just write, as you keep writing, the kinks will work themselves out.

And so I shall.

A few months ago I got on the social app instagram (yes I’m a late bloomer and my head has been under a rock.. . I get it.) and had quite a bit of fun with it.
There are a lot of interesting people,some who I followed and a few (too few) that followed me.

Recently I engaged in a activity called #inktober, a 30 day art thingie that occurs every october. I, myself decided to do an artwork a day for the whole month.

Honestly… I failed. But I can say that I did 22 days out of 30. Sooo close! However there’s always a next time for everything under the sun.

My Instagram ID’s radraplus. Go check it out and hopefully follow me. I promise to follow you back.

And last but not the least, my inktober sketches!

Might have forgotten one or two but I hope you enjoy the pics more than I did drawing them.

Enjoy your day.

Gym facts

So I’ve joined a gym in the past few weeks. Why?. I’m essentially a pretty sedentary person who was getting seriously overweight. And since I wasn’t interested in getting any bigger i decided to join a gym.
The particular gym is a small one adjoined to a hotel near my family’s dwelling. I’ve been going there for a few weeks and these are the things I’ve learned from this on going endeavor.

1. The routines and regimens are always more difficult than it seems (at first).
When I started up I assumed that the elliptical machine would be fairly easy to do. All I needed was to use it for a set amount of minutes right? Wow was I wrong. within the first five minutes I was wheezing and panting already sweaty and tired. My first aerobics session was even worse as I fell behind a couple of times as my co ordination was crap.
However a few weeks in I’m starting to get the hang of this exercise thing and my stamina is getting better bit by bit.

2.The after session pain and tiredness is horrible.
The day after my first gym session, I could barely get up from bed. Not only was I tired, my body was sore all over from the barely used muscles being suddenly forced into extended action. Honestly I was in a low energy mode for the the whole day, only fully recovering the day after. But as my stamina increased, these periods of tiredness reduced and so far instead of a whole day, I currently need only a few hours to recover.

3.Though fairly expensive/ painful, having a personal trainer is a good idea.
Generally being the lazy git I was, my parents figured that there was close to no way that I would push myself seriously in any regimen. So having a member of the gym staff help out during the exercise regimen would help to have some serious benefits.

4.You kinda have to lose your sense of shame when you’re at it.
As with a lot of larger or plus sized people, we tend to have a bit of a complex about the bodies we are in. In my case it wasn’t self hatred per say, it was more not wanted to be mocked or made fun of by others. Especially when you’re huffing and puffing during routines. Thankfully the gym staff was quite understanding and I soon became fairly comfortable. But I could easily imagine it being much more awkward.

5. In the end one still needs to go on a diet.
I once did a diet, and it kinda worked. I lost a bit of weight and things were looking good.But I got tired and went back to my old bad eating habits and regained most of it. Now that i started up on the gymming experience when I was told a frank truth. I had to start a diet or all of my exercise would be a waste of time. Not only that but whatever routine I had started must become a lifetime habit for me if I’m to lose/ keep the weight off.
Sigh… that’s annoying but doesnt make it untrue.

Well just wanted to let off some steam in regards to the matter at hand. thanks for hearing me out….