Feeling Old

Been feeling quite old and regretful the past few months. With the one year anniversary of my late aunt, to the weddings of my older and younger cousins, my kid bro thinking of changing his job,to the upcoming wedding of an old school mate, it hit me that I’m a lot older than I felt I was. 

I am a little bitter at present circumstances but what has happened has happened. Staying cooped up in the past and wasting the present is a horrible thing to do to oneself.

Though I am quite uneasy about where my next actions might take me, it would be nice to do something new for a change. 

Leaving you with a pic of Celest Summerfrost!


Happy valentines!

Another valentine’s day has arrived!
Whether you’re a member of the forever alone alliance, the club of dates, the institution of wedlock or even the league of the separated, it is a day where you’re expected to be at least a little caring.
Let’s hope to show a little love both to ourselves and to others.

Ten things I’ve learnt from taking care of my disabled brother.

For the last six months I’ve been taking care of my junior brother who has cerebral palsy,is fully dependent and non verbalhonestly, it has been difficult. However it has been quite the learning experience. Here is a short list of things I have learnt while on the “job”.

  1. Patience is key. It is one of the most vital traits you need to survive the experience.
  2. It can be exhausting, both emotionally and physically. The long hours, the physical lifting and the stress can tire one out. 
  3. One learns to appreciate the little things. A lot of the time we take stuff for granted and feel that we deserve more or are owed something by the universe. Seeing my younger brother with his limitations still smiling and happy does tell me that I’m lucky to have what I do have.
  4. Empathy. Ok this is more as a result of being his brother than the six months of nanny work but having a brother with disabilities does force you to see the flaws and weakness of others, and if you’re not some sociopath you’ll learn to feel for them and in time understand them. 
  5. Your social life does suffer a lot. Not being able to hang out with friends does limit what support and encouragement you get. Though good friends can and will contact you on the job.
  6. To be honest there is no off period. One is always on call. In case of any kind of complications or issues one must always be ready. 
  7. You will get used to and get tired of the routine. In my case my bro’s life is severely regimented from the minute he’s awake to the time of sleep. What he eats, what medications he gets, his therapy, his sitting and resting periods, you will get this regiment drilled into your soul. 
  8. As said before there is a routine. However there’s a lot of chaos within it. Sometimes the routine is carried out perfectly.  Some days, there are colossal screw ups. In others small but needed changes are introduced. So one is never sure of what the next day will bring. 
  9. Your charge/ward is a living breathing Human being. He will express pleasure and displeasure. Love and hate.  Boredom and excitement. He will show you what he needs and what he wants and god help you you fail to realise that. 
  10. Lastly you learn to do things not because of what you’ll gain but out of love. Taking care of a sibling with disabilities is a heavy duty. A labor of love. And is one of the few acts of mankind that separates us from the feral animals out in the wild. 

And that’s that. A short list of what I learned and continue to learn caring for my bro. However wanna get back to writing my stories.  

P.S. here’s a superman  pic for ya.

TV Interview at home.

Today was interesting. We were visited by a news crew from the programme health matters of the TV Continental channel. In case you had not been informed, my father is the head of an NGO named BENOLA focused and childhood disability specifically Cerebral palsy. The inspirationfor the NGO is my little bro Olaolu who suffers from the condition.

The news crew came to interview us as a family living with Cerebral palsy and were eager to question us.
My mother talked about the difficulty, lonliness and the lessons learned from being a parent of a child with CP.
My father talked about how he was affected, the things he discovered and how Olaoluwa inspired him to create BENOLA.

My younger brother Dayo talked about how Olaolu was in most instances just like any other brother, being playful, naughty, annoying, understanding and so loving.

When it was my turn, I talked a bit about some limitations faced by being a brother of a child with Cp.

Finally it was Olaolu’s turn to shine in the spotlight.
The interviewers watched as Olaolu took medicine through a tube and said a few words.
when the whole thing was done, we shared snacks and talked a bit offline.
I’m glad they came, because people need to realise that Cerebral Palsy isn’t a shameful thing. It’s just a condition that like aany other can be lived with.
Here are some pics.


2015’s first post / New glasses aquisition

Been awhile since I last posted here, *clears away cobwebs* but honestly as an African and particularly / specifically Nigerian, the holiday season of Christmas and the new year is serious business.
In addition to that there was a wedding and my birthday in between the two this basically meant lots of celebrations, after celebration cleaning up and the sober January mourning of our lost funds.
As a result, not much was done in either the writing nor the drawing department.
However, I shall finish the latest chapter of Gaea’s knight and last son of halios as soon as I can. Artwise, I have aquired certain art tutorials and will share my progress as long as it lasts.

The main issue at hand is….
My new pair of glasses purchased from Visions opticals!


A stronger prescription, a cleaner, sleeker look and a subtle yet important revitalization of my personal identity.
I therefore retire my old lenses which have worked hard since October 2013 till January 2015 only suffering two fractures in its years of service. It will be missed.


And welcome my newly aquired beauty purchased at a fair debt.


May our partnership be fruitful and help me to witness fantastic things.