Gaean Knight 10.2

Sandwiched in between a plant in the shape of a girl and an Illienze huntress and surrounded by a horde of bright sparkling fairies, Jide Omoyemi wondered to himself why he had the sinking feeling that confrontations like this would quickly become pretty mundane.
That and being caught in his boxers by hostile forces.

“What is going on?”

Jide anxiously whispers to the sour faced Illienze who had her daggers drawn in front of her, muscles tensing.

“I’m not sure… Maybe they smelt something that didn’t belong here.”

“Oh be serious! These…erm…”

“Wild nature Fairies, or just faries Jiji…”

“Thank you Hibee, stop joking around Sunny these nature fairies seem to want us dead.”

“I am serious. You exude this aura, this smell that just screams foreigner, intruder, invader…these fairies are especially sensitive to that. And…”

Sunny taps Jide with the tip of one of her daggers still watching the hostile crowd buzzing around them.

” You being a Gaean are about as foreign as they come. Keep still and quiet and maybe… we won’t have to fight our way out.”


Jide nodded nervously as Hibee’s fingers wrap themselves around his.

“It’ll be OK.”

Hibee whispers as she gives his hand a brief squeeze, watching the horde of fairies surrounding them.
Giving them a closer look, Jide could see that on a general level, they were kinda cute little things. Apart from the enraged expressions on their faces and the crackling of energy around their outstretched fingers they were the cutest action figures Jide had ever seen.

Why action figures? They were the exact same size as a standard one and their limbs and torso were segmented, kinda like an insect. Their skin tones varied from light blue to deep purple with bright translucent golden wings. Their antennae twitched as the various individual fairies fluttered about, dressed in nothing but one piece dresses.

” Why… You… Here?”

One with white hair and bright blue skin finally speaks out, as sparks of flame spurt out of its outstretched hands.

“We’re travelers just passing through. I am Sunny, an Illienze guide to the two behind me.”

Sunny replies while keeping a wary distance from the leader? of the group whose eyes widen in suprise.

“Illenze? You?”

“That I am.”

Using her magic, Sunny creates a solid block of earth in front of her, which seems to wow the fairies.
After a few moments of the faries buzzing about excitedly chattering the leader? Comes out with an expectant look on its face as the others drop their guard seemily relieved.


“Hhmmm? What is the problem that you need me for?”

Sunny asked, sheathing her blades as Jide sighed in relief and Hibee withdrew her vines.

“We…Lose…Family… Hunted…Killed… Hidden.”

The leader made a difficult face as it’s antenae drooped. Pointing at Sunny it continued.


Folding her arms and nodding her head, Sunny stares at the fairy as it pleads.

“Ok if I get what you’re saying, you want me to find the creature that’s been killing your people so that you can kill it right?”


Rubbing her forehead while sighing, Sunny slowly nodded her head as her comrades gasped out loud.


She’s interrupted by a strong grasp on her arm. Turning to see an annoyed Jide who stares at her questionably.

“What are you doing?”

He asks her making a point to whisper.

“I’ve decided to help them out.”


” Something’s hunting their people down Jide, And I can help them.”

“Not to sound like I don’t care, but we have our own thing we’re dealing with.”

Pulling her hand free from his grasp, Sunny glares at him before walking towards the fairies.

“This is an immediate issue. Yours can wait for a few hours.”

Directing her attention to the leader of the fairies, the Illienze gave a gentle smile as she asked.

“Do you have anything of the missing ones that I could use?”

For a moment the crowd was still before a particularly small pink fairy came forward with a piece of cloth in its hands.
Taking the cloth in her hands and stirring it between her fingers, Sunny closes her eyes as she seems to be meditating. For a brief moment her hair glows bright and a crack in the earth appears, starting from her feet and continuing into the thick jungle.

“I’ve found it. Follow me.”

She says as she withdrew her blades and started leading the fairy horde.

“WAIT!!! What are we supposed to do?”

“Ehn? You can wait here. I trust this won’t take too long.”

Sunny shrugged as she disappeared into the depths of the jungle, leaving the human and the florin puzzled.

“Didn’t think she’d have this kind of nature.”

Jide remarked as he sat on the grass head in hands.


Hibee asked as she began spreading her vines in the area around them, wrapping them around the trees and rocks, creating a cage of vines which surrounded the duo.

“Her ‘save the victims’ persona. I thought she didn’t just like me. Seeing this I finally realize that…girl thinks she’s making some major sacrifice making sure I don’t cause any problems… erm…what’s with the vines?”


The florin states as she takes a seat next to Jide sighing and wiping non-existent sweat from her brow.

“So…tell me more about your world. I want to know everything!”

Meanwhile deep in the jungle, Sunny’s olive green hair glowed softly as she tracked the path her powers had made while the horde of fairies who were following her closely began chattering about amongst themselves.
It was irritating.

“Would you keep quiet!”

She snapped and understanding the situation the fairies complied leaving a low buzz that echoed in the forest.
As much as she was annoyed with the creatures that her chief had commanded her to guide on their journey, she was having the time of her life.
She was out of that suffocating town at last! Sorry Pettie, but spending her life stuck in that never changing home of theirs was becoming a nightmare. She needed to see what was out there in the big bad world not just relying on the words of wandering merchants.
Recasting her tracking spell, Sunny smiles as she pushes some branches out of her view.
She never expected that she’d be chosen by the elder himself. Though it was possible that she was only chosen because she was in the right place at the time.

“Ugh…. what’s that smell?”

Sunny noted as she and the fairies entered a zone that had a festered fermented odor, so thick it caused her to wince.
Taking a closer look, Sunny observed that like a border line the grass on her side was green and healthy while in front of her the grass lay brown and withered.
And in that pungent withered zone was where the tracking crack led to.

“Its here. Get ready. Terra mura: Second skin.”

Sunny muttered dust gathering around her body adhering itself to her skin and pores, her blades glistening as they’re drawn out of their sheathes and taking a fighting stance.
Flares and sparks erupt as the fairies prepare their own magics.
Heart beating hard and fast, Sunny inches closer to the area were the healthy and dead grass intersect.
As her feet touch the dead grass…


Several sharp vines tear through the bush aiming at the intruders. Dodging left and right, Sunny slices off the vines that come her way, unfortunately, some of the fairies were not so lucky.
Three were ripped in half, spewing purple blood and guts and the leader losing a hand as it was sheared off.
Enraged, the rest of the fairies blasted several spurts of fire and electricity burning away the bushes and revealing the identity of their attacker.
It was a tick brown mass of leaves,moss and vines. At its roots, lay the rotting bodies of several fairies and the bones of other small animals. A foul creature called the Kashiri. It kills and uses corpses as compost to accelerate it’s growth. With its powerful and sharp vines, it’s a deadly foe that would be impossible to deal with if fully grown.

“I’m killing you quick.”

Dashing forward, Sunny attempts to slash at the Kashiri only to be forced back by the rapid strikes of the foul smelling plant. Creating a small shield from the earth she blocks a particularly vicious vine slam that knocks her into a nearby shrub.
As she’s breaking free of the shrub’s branches, the Kashiri is being peppered by the sparks and flames of the fairies as they dodge and dart around its vines.
Finally getting back to her feet, Sunny grabs her blades and runs into the conflict shearing apart the vines that tied to pierce through her.
Suddenly the Kashiri expels a thick purple smog that encases the whole zone.

“What the? I can’t see! Fairies?”

A wave of dread washes over the illienze as she dropped to the ground and the screams of the fairies shook her to her core.
As the smog began to clear, Sunny slowly rose to her feet to see their battered bodies laying around her most of whom were unconcious.
The kashiri’s vines had doubled both in number and thickness, as the plant drained the life around it to power up.

“Ish! That almost got me. ”

Sunny barely dodges a sudden strike of its vines which left a large gash on the earth where she previously stood.
At the moment, everything in her body told her to run. This fight was already lost.
But the sight of the wounded fairykin around her rooted her to this battlefield. If she fled all of these creatures will perish and become fertilizer for the Kashiri.
Slashing off a vine that attempted to grab a pink haired fairy, Sunny grunted as the effort produced a large crack on her fingers.

” Ish… Maybe I should have convinced the Gaean child to come with me. He would make a good shield.”

She muttered dashing toward the Kashiri not knowing that the number of fairies present had dropped by 1.
“Hehe that’s pretty interesting.”

Hibee remarked sitting on a large rock, her flower fluttering it’s petals as she nodded.
She and Jide had been discussing for the past hour and the sun had started to set, turning the sky a shade of fiery orange.
Surrounded by her ready made cage, the florin had little worry about being caught unguarded by a wild beast. But still, she couldn’t dispel the sense of unease that she was feeling.
That’s when she felt a small bump on her cage, too small to normally bother about, but with the discomfort swelling within, Hibee stood up with a frown on her face as she began to concentrate her senses outside.

“What’s wrong? Anything happen?”

Jide now dressed in a loose shirt and trousers remarked as he notice the florin’s dramatic change.

“Sorry Jiji…”

Hibee responds as she makes her cage open up, her vines carrying a badly beaten wild fairy whose wings were twitching weakly.

” I think Sunny’s in trouble..”


With a single hit, Sunny’s umpteenth earth shield had shattered, the impact of the blow sending the illienze bouncing along the grass till her momentum is stopped by a tree.
As the leaves drop down, Sunny tries to sit up, groaning as flakes fall off her cracked skin.
She had been struggling against the Kashiri for the past few minutes and the only thing she had gained other than delaying the death of the fairies she guided here were the various injuries she had gained.
Unlike other living creatures that gave birth, laid eggs or even split off, the Illienze were molded. Two adults who cared for each other went to the riverside and using their magic created an offspring.
That individual is born with barely any features almost like a faceless mask that developed more features the older he/she got.
As a result, the illienze didn’t bleed or burn like other species. They cracked,baked, broke and crumbled. As a result they were referred to as the living statues, mudlings or even the false ones.
Her left arm had been chipped in several places with her fingers broken off. There was a large fracture along her leg which seemed about ready to snap right off. Sunny was in a bad way.
Pushing against the tree, trying to get to her feet, Sunny desperately considered her options.
Her blades were nowhere to be found, most likely embedded in some tree somewhere. The Gaean and the florin were back by the stream and she had no way of calling them over. And her earth magic was pathetic.
As she saw the vines of the foul plant waving above her, she formed several blades out of the earth and threw them with her working arm.
As the Kashiri smacks the earth blades aside, Sunny groaned as she barely dodges a vine that pierces the tree behind her.

“Winged cripsies…”

She muttered as pain wracks her body. This is it. Her body has reached its limit.
As she sees the Kashiri prepping it’s vines for a death strike, Sunny closes her eyes, tensing as she braces herself for death.

“I’ve been really stupid…”


“That’s something I can wholeheartedly agree with.”



Opening her eyes, Sunny sees the Gaean in his bronze and chrome form leaning over her protectively as the kashiri’s vines ineffectually strikes his back.

“How…did you find me?”

“Oh that? One of those bugs… sorry fairies came over severely wounded. Didn’t take much for hibee to figure out that you had gotten into some trouble and find you.”


Jide nonchalantly points with his thumb to a bush where a familiar set of vines were carefully drawing the injured fairies away from the battlefield. After pulling the last one into the bush, a green hand pops out giving the thumbs up.

” Just relax Sunny, I’m tagging in.”

Standing up, Jide walks over to the Kashiri.

Smack!! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!
Smack! Smack! Smack!

The Kashiri strikes Jide over and over again all over his body to no effect as he calmly step by step approaches it.
Struggling to stay conscious, Sunny was amazed at the durability of the Gaean’s metal form.
Now In front of the attacking plant, Jide catches some of the vines in his hands and in swift, sharp motions starts tearing them off.
As spurts of whitish green fluid spurts out, splashing on the chrome and bronze frame as Jide rips out vine after vine, reducing the once terrifying plant to a ragged stump.
As the “trimming” takes place, a few of the unconscious fairies begin to wake up. Chattering amongst themselves and pushing out of the bush where they were hidden, the fairies let out gasps of surprise and shock.

“Jiji’s amazing isn’t he?”

The fairies pushing aside stray leaves all collectively stare at the brown haired florin who’s standing while giving a gentle stare at her metal friend.

“Damn…. it’s still moving how do I kill this weed?”

Jide snaps as he keeps ripping out vines only for new sprouts to desperately pop up to replace them.

“You have to dig out it’s core!”


“It’s a little crystal orb… rip it out and it’ll wilt.”

Smashing his fist into the stump, Jide grimaces as he briefly searches the Kashiri’s insides. With one tug and a large spurt of sap, jide rips out a small brownish crystal and the plant creature finally stops twitching.

“He’s strong… really strong…”

A fairy remarks tending to numerous wounds as it sits on the florin’s shoulder.
Struggling to keep herself awake, Sunny tries to sit up but groans in pain, quickly giving up the attempt.

“Guess I should have made more of an effort to bring you guys along.”

“And we should not let you go off on your own anymore.”

“True enough.”

Sunny admitted to Hibee as the two looked at the metallic man who was desperately trying to wipe away the goop from his body as the surrounding wild fairies sprayed him with water.


Gaea’s Knight 10.1

So I finally continue one of my stories. Hopefully there won’t be any hiatus in the future. Enjoy.

Have you ever thought of how the old mamas and pastors try to talk about how the days of old were a purer, more natural existence for mankind and that technology was killing us all?
That is a pile of steaming bull.
For the past several days the human / child of Gaea Jide Omoyemi, the plant humanoid /Florin Hibee and the Illienze mudling Sunny had been traversing the thick jungle forest that surrounded the homeland of Illien.
To say progress was slow would be an understatement. Jide walking slowly at the back of Hibee and Sunny was in a bad mood.
First off was the humidity and the heat. He had gotten a little used to it but it wasn’t fun walking in a sweat soaked shirt.
Secondly, He hadn’t had a good bath in days. That might not have been such an issue if he hadn’t been walking through leaves, mud and what must not be guessed.
Thirdly the fact that they had been camping outdoors meant two things. One was continually sleeping on grasses and rocks which did the ‘wonders’ of severe neck and back pain. The second was the sheer difficulty in obtaining and preparing food. Sunny being an Illienze, could generally sleep on trees and eat only once a day if needed. What a wonderful constitution. And Hibee once told him while smiling cheekily that as long as there was fertile ground and a good amount of water she didn’t need food, though she liked the taste. Jide, being the only human of the trio was the only one who needed to concern himself with a regular supply of food and hygiene.
Basically, he was the only one that was really suffering on this trip.
Wiping his sweaty grime covered face with his sleeve, he carried the bags as Hibee skipped behind him and Sunny cut down the foliage around them with a blade.

” How long is it to civilisation?”

Jide grunted as he kicked a stone off the grassy path.
Squinting as she carefully pushed through some branches, Sunny sighed as she brought out a small map from her pocket.


She says looking through it.
“There should be a small village called Juvi around here. It shouldn’t take more than a days walk to find it.

“And then Jide!”

Hibee chips in as she gives him a friendly nudge.

“You get to rest and clean your stinky self!”

Giggling as she dodges an annoyed strike by jide, she skips along beside Sunny as they made their way towards the village.
Meanwhile, a few hours walk away, two fairies are chattering around a shallow brook, splashing water on each other as they darted about on their glittery wings.
Unknown to them however, a presence was watching them, it’s tendrils moving stealthily across the the stones, grass and mud.
Unaware of the looming danger, the two pink and blue fairies float down to the brook to take a drink their minute hands casting bubble magic to bring the droplets of water into their mouths.
Without warning several tendrils fire from the nearby bushes, wrapping and instantaneously snapping the bodies of the fairies like twigs.
As the lifeless bodies hung limply in the grasp of the tendrils, a low guttural growl emanates from the bushes as the successful predator drags it’s prey from sight.
“Thank GOD a stream!!”

An hour later a the same location, Jide had burst out of the foliage, throwing off the bags, undoing his shirt, trousers and boots before jumping into the shallow stream.

“Jide!!! Be more careful with the bags! What if you break something!”

Said Sunny as she pushed through the bushes following the human.
Seeing the scattered bags and clothing with Jide happily washing himself in the stream, a crack appears on Sunny’s tanned brow.

“Stupid, selfish human! Hassling and whining about how backwards we are yet who’s bathing like a thirsty treant?”

Muttered Sunny as she started dragging the bags together beside a nearby tree. Looking back at the stream, she saw Hibee already on the bank of the stream soaking her feet while Jide by now was washing his clothes.

“Didn’t even notice her pass by. Maybe I should just let them relax for a bit.”

Sighing as she climbs the tree, carefully testing the branches, Sunny sits hidden by the leaves.

“Having fun Jiji?”


Laying in the brook and soaking himself in the flowing waters, Jide looked up questionably at his florin companion.

“Its your new nickname! It’s something that friends do right? Give each other names to show we’re close?”

Hibee kicks the water sending splashes everywhere.

“Yeah, sure. They do.”

Jide shrugged as he closed his eyes. Hearing a splash and someone snuggling up beside him, he opens his eyes and stares at the green skinned yellow eyed offender laying beside him.

” Any problem?”

He asked nudging her to shift away.

“None at all Jiji. Just wanted… to ask something.”

Hibee replied ignoring his nudging and shifting even closer. Looking at the florin, Jide had to admit she was quite cute, green skin and all. If not for some obviously inhuman behaviors like eating dirt she seemed adorable.
Growing a yellow fruit out of of one of her vines Hibee gave it to Jide who munches it quietly.

“About your family…the ones you came here for. What are they like?”

Hibee frowned as she saw the sad thoughtful expression that appeared on her friend’s face.

“If you don’t feel like talking about it…”

“No it’s okay. I do need to tell you anyway.”
Jide said as he attempted a warm smile which caused Hibee to giggle.

“They’re my cousin Kunle and my sister Bisi. I don’t know how they ended up here but, I’m here to bring them back. Kunle’s been the big brother I’ve always needed, the smart guy who knew how to solve issues and made everything okay.”

Sighing softly, Jide’s smile weakened as his body tensed up.

“My sister Bisi’s another matter entirely. She’s really smart, like exceptional but our relationship as siblings was really messed up. I was jealous of her so…. I made life difficult for her.”

Covering his face with his hands, he didn’t see the delicate expression the florin had on her face.

“She grew to hate me and we had a big fight that caused me to move away from the family house for some time. So for Kunle, it’s to pay him back for everything he’s helped me with. My sister, it’s to apologize…ehn?”

Jide exclaimed as Hibee suddenly hugged his naked chest tightly her wet hair tickling his nose. He at first wanted to push her off him but the serious, determined expression on the florin’s face froze him in place.

“I’ve…been on a journey to find my home. Us florins live together till we’re of age, then us sprouts leave to find where we belong. It may take years, but the dream of every florin is to find a nice spot to set our roots and become something more.”

Smiling softly, Hibee placed her hand on his chest.

“Until I find such a place, I’ll be your companion and help in finding your family no matter how long it takes. You won’t be alone.”

Hearing her earnest statement, Jide became embarassed as he awkwardly cupped water in his hands and washed his face. If he was fairer skinned he would have blushed.

“Thanks…I’ll keep that in mind.”


The two stiffened as they heard the Illienze’s alarmed cry.

Hibee was the first to react, pulling a stunned Jide out of the brook and thick thorny vines busting from her arms.

“What’s…. going on? What’s happening?”

Jide stuttered as Sunny lands beside him blades drawn as her olive hair fluttering in the wind.

“Fairies. Wild ones.”

Sunny mutters as a loud buzzing noise emerges all around them. Coming out of the bushes are close to a hundred fairies who surround the trio while glowing with murderous intent.

Burning metalwing slugfest 2

Yay part 2’s up enjoy.

“I’ve never liked you, Never understood why Ross ever enjoyed your company. I just keep wondering how often he had to clean out feathers from his gears.”

Said the Demi elemental Muse, her entire body enveloped in her unique black flame, floating just above the winged being Shimel.

“I guess the feeling’s mutual then. I’m surprised you didn’t corrupt his essence and put a brand on him considering your demonic lineage.”

Shimel replies her brow twitching in annoyance.

” I’m not the turkey who almost killed the person it claimed to care about!!”
It’s wings of light fully spread out and glowing, the winged grinds it’s teeth at the Demi elemental’s accusation.

“I have no excuse for what I’ve done. It was my duty, my mission. Creatures like you would never understa….”

“SHUT UP!!! I’m not here to argue with you. I made a single thing clear when we last met. I was going to kill you if you ever hurt Rossilier Brown.

I am here to keep that promise.”
With that said the two beings in the now ruined factory gathered their auras for their duel. Shimel’s blinding light aura and Muses Dominating black aura sent shock waves across the field, demolishing the few buildings left standing.

Like a spark of a lit match, both combatants dash towards each other, their clash creating an explosion that could be seen and heard for miles.

An hour earlier, the Demi elemental known as Muse was residing in her castle at the centre of her barony. The daughter of a fire elemental and a shadow demon, she had come to the mortal realm decades ago to get some space from her more savage kin. Along the way she took over a territory along the borders of the Human and demihuman countries and made it her own. Sitting in her throne room made of dark, glistening stone with detailed tapestries hanging along the walls, a pretty three headed bear fur rug on the floor, her throne is a polished and beautifully carved green jade stone. A plush pillow is laid in the seat and against the chair’s back.

Looking through a bunch of documents, the baroness twirled her blue hair in between the horns on her clear white forehead, the traits she inherited from her father.

Over the last few weeks, she had been highly irritated and unfocused. No amount of exercise or herbal tea had curbed this her foul mood.

It began when she had gone on one of her ‘wanderings’ whereby she’ld leave her barony for a few weeks, generally to explore and let off steam.

This time she went to meet someone who she could call a kindred spirit. This special existence chose to live in a seaside demihuman community working as a part-time bounty hunter/adventurer and mechanic. Shadowporting to an alleyway just beside the shop, the baroness quickly made her way in, doing her best to avoid detection.

On the shelves were different types and assortments of magic tools and mechanical parts of brand new and fairly used variety.
Sitting on the desk polishing a jeweled gauntlet with gold filled eyes is a demihuman of the wolfkin variety. With brown smooth skin, a spotless face slightly curvy body and pointy golden hair, the fairly attractive teen would be a good catch if she ever strayed out of the shop Muse thought to herself as she silently walked towards her.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

Despite the stealth magic her lamia retainer placed on her earlier today that damned dog could still smell her? And what’s with that irritated expression?

“This is annoying, who the hell would…. Oh by the Gods! Baroness of the wild county! I had no idea you were coming today! Erm…..”

The suprised wolfkin girl searched the shadows of the shop warily as she paid respects.

“My sisters aren’t with me today. Where’s Rossilier? I wanted to show him something.”

Smiling warmly Muse patted her head, chuckling inwardly as she saw the girl visibly relax, her tail beginning to wag. What was her name again?

“Sure baroness! He’s at the back, I’ll go call him right now!”

??? Said, dropping the gauntlet on the table.

“Please do.”

Muse watched as the girl ran off to the back of the room and exited slamming the door behind her. Being a little curious the baroness activated ‘heighten perception’. It’s just to learn the girl’s name. Just that.
Hearing the clanging of metal, then the snap opening of a door, Gosh she could even hear the panting of the wolfkin and the steady humming of Ross’s movement.

“Hullo Pike, any customers?”

Oh her name was Pike huh?

“No Rossi… it’s just that scary demon Lady who keeps sending out icky phermones like she’s marking the place.”

What In The Nine Hells? That poodle needs to be strangled! Muse thought as unconsciously started emitting wisps of black flame when she next heard a smack!

“Why did you knock me, Rossi?”

” If you’re really scared of Muse you’ld remember she has very high perception skills.”

Muse relaxed smirking as she heard a frightened yelp.

An Hour later in the dining room, Muse and Ross were talking loudly with several items spread around on the table in front of them. Muse at first was enjoying herself but she soon noticed that Ross dressed in worker’s overalls was acting a little strangely. Neither side of Muse’s bloodline was ever known for their patience so she went straight to the point.

” What is the problem?”

The golem froze at the question, turning his purple eyes away from her.

“It’s just a little nuisance, Muse. Nothing for you to need to get involved in.”

Her eyebrow raised, Muse reached out to Ross’ face turning it in her direction.

“If it really isn’t such a big deal you’ll talk to me about it right?”

She said sending some of her aura into him, smirking as his eyes briefly turned black before returning to a light shade of purple.

For a race without faces, in the Demi elemental’s opinion the living Golems were surprisingly emotive. Especially Ross. They had known each other for 2 and a half decades now, so she could easily tell.

“Fine. It’s not like I intended to hide it from you. I just didn’t want you to overreact.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Ross told her about finding a community of his own batch models and the fact that one by one, over 60 of his brethren had died at the hands of a mysterious assailant, who was recently discovered to be a Winged. He even told her about some suspicions that he had. Though he didn’t give any names, Muse was sure of one of the suspects.

“It’s Shimel isn’t it?”

” She’s a suspect but she could still be uninvolved.”

“Uninvolved? For one built to be the ultimate bodyguard / assassin, you are freaking naive.”

Slamming her fist into the table, small sparks fly out leaving a burn mark on the wooden table’s surface.

“That bird’s been using you since the first day you’ve met. Even if ‘it’s’ not the one who killed your brethren, It definitely helped the one who did. You know the saying ‘wings always fly in the direction of the flock’, they don’t have the free will you do. Everything is for the mission at hand.”

Softening her features, she caressed the side of his face while muttering.

“Let me help you deal with this.”

“No… I can’t.”

Gently pulling her hand from his face, the Golem sighed regretfully.

“If it was just me… I would have been pleased to ask. But this is Gearchain’s problem. We cannot afford to be indebted to anyone so early on, even if it is you… No especially you. ”

He shook his head as he stared intently at Muse’s hurt expression. Without another word she gets up and shadowported back home.

And many weeks later staring at the weapons hung on her wall, she was still pissed. All that frustration was replaced by worry when her sisters, Misa and Mona rushed to her with news of Ross battling Shimel. As the trio shadowported to his location, she feared the worst. Luckily Misa and Mona reached there in time to save him. They may be irreverent jokers but they too cherished the Golem in their own way.

And that brings her here in this field of battle, facing her much despised foe.
Getting back to her feet, Muse realized that the force of their collision had thrown her several miles away.

Taking to the skies, the demi elemental spies her opponent sitting stunned from the impact as it cradled it’s head.
Conjuring several fireballs, Muse smirks as she hurls them at the downed winged.
As if warned by a sixth sense, the winged dives out of the way, barely avoiding several crater creating explosions behind it.
It retaliated by sending a variety of light spikes that were swatted away into the ground.


Shimel barely dodges as the black flame clad form of Muse smashes into the spot it was previously in.
As the dust clears, Muse gets up from a kneeling position.


Muse mutters as she searches around her.
“Seems like you’re not as fast as Rossi, that gives me a chance.”


Feeling the sudden surge of mana, Muse fires off a firebolt in its direction, just before a powerful punch knocks her off her feet. As she soars in the air, she’s hit by a blitz of blows from all directions.

As the attacks finally relent, her head is mercilessly grabbed, first slammed on the ground and thrown into into the air where she’s hit with a focused beam of light.
As she crashes into the ground, she hears high pitch shrieks of laughter. Spitting out dirt from her mouth, the demi elemental had to admit that the winged wasn’t such a push over as Ross made it seem. Maybe that’s how the difference in perception and speed works?

Sensing another attack, Muse made to defend her head and neck as shimel’s form darted at high speed around her.

“She’s stupidly fast…”

Muse grunted as she’s hit all over with strikes that each one would have killed a tanki demon in one shot.

Shimel smirks as it ran circles around the demi elemental hitting her at random parts. Conjuring a blade of light, the winged wished to end the abomination before it. Stabbing the elemental in the gut, victory was in it’s hands it thought until she looked at the elemental’s face.


Muse let out a malicious grin as she grabbed the winged’s wrists with one hand while she prepared the other hand for a punch.

‘magnify explosion’

The blow that connected to the winged’s guts resounded for miles. coughing out yellow blood, the winged desperately tried to release herself from Muse’s grip but a second blow to the guts immediately weakens it.

The blood spilled on Muse’s body immediately evaporates as she upper cuts Shimel into the air, flying after it to kick the winged to the ground before following her to crash into the now glassed over ground.
Removing her fist from the yellow mess that used to be shimel’s face, the demi elemental sighed as she watched the blood evaporate from her fist and torso.

Floating away from the crater she had just made, Muse looked around to see the destruction caused by their fight. Where used to be a factory with several small bungalows had been reduced to a sandy plain with patches of glass.

The heat given off in the fight was immense, thought Muse, she was glad that Ross had been shadowported straight to her castle.

Suddenly what seemed to be a croak came from the crater. Looking down she could see stirs of movement.

“Still alive huh, who would have guessed?”

‘infinite link boost’

A single beam of light hits the crater blinding the elemental for a moment. As her sight clears, there stands Shimel fully healed with a crazed look in her eyes.

“Twice in one day, such scandalous disgrace… You will…”

Shimel’s rant is interrupted by a fireball to the face with Muse tackling it to the ground and punching it’s face for good measure.

“Oh No I’m not doing this all over again! You. Die. Here. Now.”

Muse growled conjuring a ball of writhing shadows, pressing it into the struggling winged’s chest.

Almost immediately the shadows wrapped themselves around the winged until Shimel was completely engulfed by the shadowy fog.

Getting up from the struggling package on the ground Muse closed her eyes to focus on the act she was going to do.
Slowly, She reverted from the blackfire form to her plain humanoid form as the black flames retreated from her body flowing across them to a single point above her palm. Grunting as she was compressing the energy, she sighs as she finally creates a small marble sized orb floating above her palm.

Willing it to move, the demi elemental watched carefully as the orb floated down to the quivering mass of darkness on the ground, drilling it’s way into the shadows wrapping the winged.

Almost immediately the mass begins to jerk around erratically, as the mass begins to let out smoke. It keeps jerking around for close to a minute before it comes to a standstill. A few seconds later it deflates, dissipating to nothingness once it reached the size of an egg.

Muse gave a sigh of relief as she took one last look at the area where her foe used to lay. The two skills she used shadow bind and star heart were created as the epitome of her lineages. Shadow bind was the ultimate prison, where light, sound and even touch were restricted. It could only be dispersed by the caster or broken from the outside. Star heart on the other hand was the most destructive move she could muster. Focusing all her energy she could create an all consuming flame that would reduce it’s target to ashes no exception. It’s major draw back was the weariness that plagued her bones. She didn’t even have the energy to even float, so she started walking through the open field, as the temperature was still too hot for anyone who didn’t have immunity to high temperatures.
That meant neither of her sisters could shadowport here.

“Urgh… I’m going to have to do some walking then. Rossilier Brown, you’re owing me a massive favor when I get back…What should I make him do?”

She muttered as she started walking through the newly formed desert plain. An hour of walking later, Muse saw a figure in the distance. As she got closer she began to recognize the features of the person sitting on the ground.


The wolfkin girl was sitting on the ground staring intently. On her body, especially her arms, were several burns of varying degrees of severity.
Muse winced upon the sight as she approached the girl.

Even if she was a brat, she had such good skin…

Muse thought to herself as she got to the wolfkin’s position. Watching as pike raised her head, Pike’s bloodshot eyes widened in surprise.

“Bar… Baroness? What are you doing here?”

” I got myself involved in clearing up the mess here. It’s over.”

“Is… Master alright?”

Muse gave a warm smile as she knelt to the wolfkin’s level and started petting her on her furry head.

“He’s going to need some serious repairs, but that’s why you’re here aren’t you?”
“Thank you, Baroness… Thank you.”

Hearing that Pike’s eyes swelled and she broke down sobbing as the demi elemental hugged her continuing to pet her head.

“Let’s go home and get your injuries healed, you know Ross wouldn’t be happy to see you so hurt.”

Muse remarked as the figures of Misa and Mona appeared out the shadows letting out sighs of relief.


Dunno if I’ll continue writing about these characters but I had fun. Now gotta focus on some RL issues then work on Gaea’s Knight and last son of Halios.

Burning Metalwing Slugfest part 1

Hello there! Here I have a quick story to present. Nope it’s not any of the three ongoing stories i’m writing but it’s something a lil different

Basically a simple fight scene between the above characters.

Story time!
It starts with Ross standing in the middle of a factory in the middle of a deserted ghost town.
Adjusting his military grade optics, he scans the area one more time, checking to make sure that no lifeforms / fleshies/ organics were living in the factory’s immediate vicinity.

“No need for any more complications to an already unpredictable scenario…..”

the parasyte Golem sighed as he checked his system schematics.
This whole factory had been filled before hand with guns, energy cells and every kind of weapon his brethren could provide…..though it was highly expected that 65% would likely be destroyed before they could be used.
With his mana core charged at 100%, he was pretty confident no matter the outcome, the mission would succeed.
Suddenly his internal radio picked up a transmission. Checking it he hears a familiar voice.

“Ross….Rossi, U hearing me?”

“Yes I hear u Pike Autumn, Is there any problem on your side?”

Pike Autumn, she’s a beast kin orphan he picked up three years ago on his travels. He had found her alone in the ruins of Halios, a kingdom formerly known for peace but had become a war filled hellhole since the collapse of its royalty and the recent disappearance of the warlord who had taken over.
Being a beastman, specifically of the wolf tribe, she was easy to train, becoming a strong combatant in he own right. Though she wasn’t proficient in magic, her beastial strenght and martial skill couldn’t be compared to anyone of her age. Being gifted when it came to mechanics , she’s One of the few fleshlings he had trained and trusted to do his interior work.

“Of course there’s problem! It’s the fact that u signed on this suicide mission! Why would you do this?”

“Pike…..This scenario was inevitable. Members of the parasyte legion, my brethren have been assassinated melted n broken into slag and rubble. In order to head off this assassin, Doing this became the best option.”

The slight breath on the other end told him all he needed to know. She was upset. She wasn’t the type to cry, but he would have understood if she did…

“Rossi…..don’t die on me. Promise me you’ll find a way to win, or at least survive this.”

“I can’t make those kind of promises….Pike. Just make sure to be ready with the others for my broadcast.”

Switching off the radio, Ross looked at his surroundings contemplating his next action.
Just a few months ago, it seemed like the sky was the limit. Rossilier Brown was one of a unique set of Golems that had self awareness, in essence they were called the living Golems. Originally made to battle powerful terror class monsters, they had long outlived their original master’s and the 300 strong batch had been wandering the world. Recently a fellow ‘brother’ had gathered a hundred of them and had started a community.
Like a lit match that started a forest fire, a desert wilderness quickly became a mechanical city called Gearchain that stretched for miles. Many secrets about their creation were rediscovered and even upgrades like the mana radar and the long distance radio had come to be.
A wanderer like himself was naturally pleased at the development. It meant that there was a home for him to rest his head now.
However, as the humans who originally created us say ‘nothing goes the way you expect it to.’
It began with disappearances. One here, one there. At first the leadership at Gearchain assumed that it was due to either natural wear and tear and the dangers of the life lived.
However when the numbers increased, Gearchain became suspicious made a search for the destroyed golems… what they found worried them.
Each and every one that they were able to find were totally ripped apart, with parts melted and their Mind and mana cores totally destroyed. The destruction of either the mana core or the mind core meant were fatal wounds for a Parasyte Golem. For both to be obliterated, meant whoever killed them wanted there to be no chance of survival.
The organic kingdoms were at first suspected but the city of Gearchain was not public knowledge, and none of the kingdoms possessed either the magic nor the technology to track/ hunt them down so efficiently.
Plus overviewing the bodies of the deceased, it was discovered to be done by a single individual. Of the Winged Race. Messengers of light, said to be the closest existence to the gods. No wonder we didn’t have a chance. But still…
60 Golems in 4 months.
At the rate this assassin of light would wipe them all out before the year is done.
A gathering of all the living 240 Golems was held, the purpose was survival. An Idea was hatched, If the parasyte legion could convert their forms to homoculi, it was possible to avoid the wrath of the winged.
However that would only work if they understood how the winged assassin was finding them.
Pike was sitting on his lap during the meeting when he made the suggestion to set a trap for the winged. He would engage the winged in battle and when possible drain it’s mana and relay it to a nearby base which would analyse it’s data. No matter what method it used to find them with the data from its mana they could become invisible to the entire race.
Ross could hardly blame Pike for screaming obscenities when she realised he was going to fight the winged. Then she begged to fight alongside him. But he refused telling her she was needed to analyze the data when it came in.
The truth was he had his suspicions about who was doing this and He didn’t want pike caught up in it….
He barely sensed the winged seconds before it landed gracefully land in front of him.

“Hallo Rossilier, didn’t expect to find you here..”

The speaker was a blond, golden eyed, slender humanoid, dressed in brightly glowing white clothes with some plated armor on the chest and shoulders. On its back were flaps from which wings of golden light sprouted from. Floating just inches above the grassy plain, it was armed with a broadsword.
It’s smiling face falters as it sees Rossilier’s body crackling with Mana.

“So you’ve found out…..”

“I know now, Shimel…. The question is why.”

“Why? Why is it me or why is our kind getting involved in hunting yours down?”


The Winged’s face switches from being sad to a grim expression, folding its arms as golden hair blows about in the wind.

“You should know, I am not in the least glad to be doing this. It is the Job I was given. You of all individuals should be able to understand…”

The grass beneath the winged begins to dry up and smolder.

” There’s a natural order, a pyramid, levels of existence that has existed for eons. Your kind, your kin’s creation interrupts that flow, breaks that order ….that is absurdly dangerous. Apart from being torn apart/ starved of mana your kind has no natural weaknesses… your ability to use any form or level of magic and your life draining powers are beyond anything we know. If u actually could reproduce, there’s a chance that all creation may be wiped out or enslaved.”

“So you’re killing us because ure afraid of what we might do?”

Ross summons several magic circles around himself while short bursts of mana flow from his eyes. Shimel shaking it’s head sadly crosses it’s arms.

“Ross….this doesn’t have to end here… I can give u time…”

Shimel’s eyes widen as Ross vanishes from his front….
And reappears beside him RPG in hand….

” I’ve heard enough.”

The resulting explosion rocks the entrance of the factory, causing a huge cloud of dust and rubble to to erupt.
Flying out of the dust, Shimel cursed out loud only to see a elephant sized serpent of flame flying at it. Unsheathing the blade the winged slashed out firing off an intense light beam that obliterates the serpent and creates a huge crescent crater in the ground.
Ross teleports above the enraged shimel with two large guns firing bursts of explosive rounds at the winged.
Finding those guns ineffective , Ross quickly leapt to the side as another light beam grazed his left arm, decimating the building beside him.
As Rock lands on the earth discarding the guns he detects a large energy mass and quickly weaves a magic shield just before a massive energy fist smashes against it.
Casting an magic circle, seven swordsmen of the earth take form, leaping to the sky to battle the winged.
A furious Shimel hacks and slashes through the swordsmen as it darts and spins through the air. Decapitating the last one Shimel looks down to see the golem preparing yet another magic circle.

“Oh no you don’t!”

Intending to interrupt the spell,Shimel dives towards Ross smashing into…..
A wall of water which freezes around the winged.
Ross teleports onto a building as he viewed the frozen winged.
So far so good. The battle has been rougher than predicted but all things considered, it was going well.
Though he had used up to 65% of his mana, He had barely sustained any damage so far, a single dent in his left arm. Using magic to straighten it out, he prepared to continue his onslaught.
Just a little more…
Ross thought to himself as he wove three magic circles from which erupted an electric dove and a water serpent which crashed into the frozen winged while a rock duplicate waits just out of impact range.
Falling to its knees, Shimel groans out loud while panting. His once spotless body covered with bruises and scars was a miserable sight from the attacks the winged had endured.
The rock duplicate leapt at the opportunity but it’s promptly slashed in two. Sword in hand Shimel gets to its feet, a fierce expression worn.

” impressive. There aren’t many alive that have beaten me to this level. But really Rossi, I know you to be a more hands on kind of guy. Don’t dissapoi….”

It’s speech is interrupted by a left hook that drives the winged into the ground. Almost immediately the winged retaliates slashing it’s attacker in two only for the two pieces to reform as two duplicates.
Shimel blasts the both of them for the rubble to reform as even more duplicates,which begins a brutal brawl as Shimel slashes at the duplicates wildly as it suffers a variety of grabs, jabs and hooks. When the swarm dogpiles on the winged beating on him, Shimel finally releases a huge burst of energy……the explosion destroying several acres and the majority of the factory.
As the smoke clears, the exhausted winged staggers about, weary and weakened by its injuries. As it swings it’s sword about firing lasers here and there, that’s when ross strikes.


Emerging from the earth below, Ross slaps away the blade, sending it spinning until it hits what was left of a roof. Grabbing the winged by the throat, Ross activates the parasyte function.
With a crackling sound, an immense quantity of mana is sucked out of the winged into the Golem.

34%, 56%, 78%, 90%, 100%!!

With his Mana tank completely full, the Golem continues draining, while firing an energy beam upwards to the heavens.


Clawing weakly at the face and arm of the golem, Shimel’s body quickly loses its aura and began turning a sickly shade of gray.
Looking away from the agonised face of the winged, Ross doesn’t let up until the winged is completely sucked dry.
Confirming that the winged had been completely emptied, the Golem laid it carefully on the grass.
The Individual Shimel was considered a good friend to him, no… a great companion. Until now He had always been happy to recieve the winged’s visits. They’ld talk while he admired the form that he deemed close to perfect.
Running his hand through its hair and wings, the golem let out a audible sigh as his body was still crackling with fresh living mana.
There was a question he wanted to ask, but he just couldn’t. It’s better not getting an answer in this kind of situation, he thought to himself.
Getting up and walking away from the husk….a slightly bitter Ross makes a radio call.
An anxious voice comes through the line.

“Rossi?…. is that you?…please let it be you?”

“Of course it’s me Pike! Did u get the data?”

“ROSS!!!! Of…Of course we got it! Thank the moon! You’re alive! I can’t believe it!”

“My mana core’s got some damage, moderate joint and gear damage in the limbs but apart from that I’m fine. Interestingly we might have a body to perform an autopsy on…..”

Suddenly Ross’s arm flies into the air landing on the nearby grass twitching lifelessly.

“ROSS!!! ROSS!!! WHAT’S happening!!!”

Pike screamed through the radio as the disoriented Golem spun around to receive a punch that knocks him across the decimated ruins, breaking his head open, sending pieces all over.

Landing on his back, Ross rolls to his feet only to grabbed by the neck and lifted by a the winged who’s eyes and wounds were glowing, as its body began to heal at an accelerated rate. Tears streaming from the now feminine Shimel, it rips off Ross’s other arm and both legs in a precise manner.

“Ross… You bastard… I knew you were talented but heh… to actually put me in this position. I wish I didn’t have to kill you…”

As it begins to disembowel him stripping him piece by piece with various wires, gears and metal being ripped out and thrown to the ground. By the time it stops to sigh sadly, Ross is reduced to just his skeletal frame, battery core, mana core, and mind core which was exposed and blinking.

“There were other options Ross, Yet you chose this….. now this is how you chose to get erased.”


Ross manages to mutter.

“We gain our power from the light, as long as light can reach where we are we cannot be slain…goodbye Ross. You were a great friend.”

As she reached to smash his mind core, their shadows begin to vibrate expanding beneath the two as a black magic circle expands outward from it.

“Get your stanky feathers off Our ROCKHEAD!!”

First out is a shadow demon named Misa, who shadow uppercuts Shimel into a building. As she shuffles around with her hands raised, her twin Mona next emerges grabs what’s left of ross’s body and drags him into the shadows. As Shimel bursts out of the rubble, she growls as she sees misa stick her tongue out at her and leaping into shadow, leaving the winged stunned.

“You think you can run, I already can track him no matter where you put him…”

“Then I have to make sure you’re no longer an issue for him.”


Shimel turned around to see an enraged demi elemental bathed in black all consuming flame floating just a few meters away.


“I told you… That if u touched him that I will roast you and serve u up for thanks giving….”

Alright…That’s the end of round one and the start of round 2! Thanks to my friend @witchybiscuits for allowing me to use her characters Muse, Mona and Misa in this.

Comments and tips are very very much welcomed.

GDT Second color conclusion

*sigh* it’s been awhile but I’ve returned to the blog. Due to several real life issues I wasn’t able to update. However I’ve been able to find and apply solutions that will in time fix them.
Anyhow here’s the conclusion to the second arc of GTD.

Taiye’s grandfather was coming out of the house in a foul mood. Last night, a large part of the forbidden forest had been set ablaze. That ordinarily would be a serious issue for the village’s local government, but to find out this morning that several of the forest animals and even Mama Ajifa’s chickens had been found to have entered a mysterious coma was worse.
Locking his door, he grumbled about his suspicions that evil spirits had become involved. How else was he supposed to explain things like this?
He grumbled aloud as he began walking to the city centre. Suddenly a loud explosion shocked him and everyone on the street. The men staggered, the women grabbed their children and made way into their houses as several more explosions rang out.
Recovering from the shock, the old man put his hands into his pocket only to see the obliterated scraps of what used to be a warning charm. Alarmed, the old man stared back at the direction of the forest. Seeing the orange flames and smoke in the evening sky, the old man wondered just what was going on and if anyone was hurt.
Meanwhile Taiye diving through a bush narrowly avoids a direct blast of lightning that sets several trees ablaze. Tearing off his shirt which was burning, Taiye shrieked at Edirin that the difficulty of this fight just spiked intensely.
This was only number two of the five death matches the pair were to engage in for their freedom and at the moment they were out matched. Unlike the previous night where they had the advantage, the blue etern had jacked up it’s power to an all new level.
The main orb of energy now the size of a cow was surrounded by several smaller orbs, all of which were crackling loud and bright.
Taiye materializing a golden gun fired off three shots at the Orb only to see them shot down by lightning.
Edirin materialising a huge axe tries to slip through the orbs but her form is quickly dissipated by the sheer number of attacks.
Reforming beside her partner, Edirin notes Taiye coughing from all the smoke produced by the fire.
Taiye, clearing his throat with tears in his eyes remarked that as this fight was going, their enemy had them out gunned and was very likely aiming to outlast them by burning down the forest.
As Edirin wondered out aloud if there was any chance of victory, Taiye smiled bitterly while admitting it was a so so situation.
At least they weren’t carrying his cousin’s unconscious body during the fight, He noted as he and Edirin released futile attacks that were quickly shot down.
A fair distance away, groaning and panting, the odd plaited girl had finally dragged Ade to the pathway just out of the forest.
Placing Ade on the dusty ground, she stared back at the forest, wondering aloud if the golden boy who entrusted this boy to her was alright.
Seeing the smoke and flames in the distance, she was scared. But the golden boy and his spirit partner were fighting in there. For some reason she felt pressured to go back in. She had to bear witness to whatever was going on, as she stepped back into the forest.
With a the largest explosion yet, Taiye was thrown into the air. Landing on his back, he gasped as Edirin quickly materialized and rolled him out of the way of an particularly intense blast.
Trying and failing to get up, Taiye screamed at Edirin who stops, shielding him from yet another blast as he rolled into a tree.
Getting unto his feet, Taiye tells Edirin to ‘do the dog’. Looking at him for a moment, Edirin’s expression brightens and she steps out to face the blue orb.
Focusing her energy, she creates copies of herself, lots and lots of copies, which quickly swarm the blue orb, stabbing and slashing at it with all her might.
The orb dances around in the smoke and darkness, blasting and dodging the duplicates until it’s completely covered.
The next moment an explosion occurs that’s essentially blinding to anyone who witnessed it.
Taiye groaned as he saw a slightly smaller orb emerge from the smoke, floating just in front of him.
Taiye cursed under his breath as the orb humming in satisfaction brightened in preparation to blast him.
Almost on pure reflex, Taiye was able to create a massive shield that deflected the first blast.
And the second. And the third. And the fourth. As the blue orb relentlessly blasted away at him, his shield began to chip away piece by piece, until it shattered totally, the force throwing Taiye into a tree.
Feeling his cracked ribs, Taiye could only groan as the blue orb centered itself right in front of him preparing to finish him when suddenly a golden spike pierces right through it.
A horrible shriek emerges from the orb as it bursts into hundreds of bright specks, it’s essence being mostly absorbed by a materialising Edirin.
As Edirin makes a short victory dance, Taiye grumbles about her being late. Edirin apologizes but admits that she needed to strengthen the spike enough for a 1 hit kill, since they had no other chance to get a definite hit.
Hearing that, Taiye hissed and relaxed on the tree as Edirin was absorbed back into his body. As his body slowly began to heal, Taiye passed out his strength finally leaving him.
Next thing he knew, he awoke on his bed, in his room with the odd plaited girl sitting opposite him.
The girl is pleased about his awakening and tells him about what happened while he was unconscious.
Firstly, everyone survived the incident. Though there were several injured, no one lost their life.
Secondly, due to the mysterious fires over the past two days, no one is allowed to be around the forest area and the riverside.
Thirdly, the Elders of the village are convening to seek out answers and a solution to the mysterious incidents.
Taiye taking in the information is grateful for the news.
The girl remembers something and gets up telling Taiye that she’ll be back in a bit.
Before she’s able to exit the room, Taiye asks for her name.
“Oh… My name’s Dolapo.”
She said as her bracelet unseen by taiye began to glow a faint blue.

G.T.D second color chapter 3

Taiye felt a huge lump form in his throat. That was to be expected as he was standing mere metres away from the scene of the incident that he himself had helped cause.
Himself and most of the youths in the town had been called to the edge of the forbidden forest by one of the elders. After the incident with the unconscious animals they had been brought together to clear the bush and see how severe the issue was.
Seeing the mass of burnt foliage and fallen trees as a result of the previous nights battle was a stark reminder of the danger of his situation.
As his cousin grumbled to his friends about having to clear up the burnt leaves and branches, Taiye was watching out for any unusual activity. The blue etern had escaped via this fire so it could be anywhere, seeking a chance to attack.
Several hours passed with the morning long gone and well into the midday when sounds of shouting roused taiye out of his leaf picking monotony.
Moving to the source of the noise, Taiye pushed aside shrubbery to see the other boys standing around a sobering sight.
Stacked one on top of the other in a pile were different animals such as lizards, bushrats, birds and a lost goat all lying silently still. Their strained breathing was the only thing that showed that they were still alive.
As the old man examined the animals, Edirin’s soft mental voice told Taiye that this was the work of the etern they fought.
Confused, Taiye mentally asked what was going on. Edirin in a sad tone replied that the etern must have been hurt really badly to be doing this. She further says that some eterns to sustain themselves or to heal can forcefully drain the life force out of others. But it usually takes a lot of fleshlings to completely restore an etern that way, as its an inefficient and needlessly cruel method. Edirin further noted that unless the Etern responsible was dealt with worse things could happen. Taiye noted that the blue must have taken its earlier loss quite seriously.
Taiye’s brought out of his daze by a tap to the shoulder. Ade notes that he should stop going into a trance or he could get injured one of these days. Taiye apologizes and follows his cousin as the youths animals in tow make their way out of the bush.
Meanwhile the odd plaited girl is running through a bush path when she bumps into one of the returning youths. He asks the girl what’s wrong but she’s only able to ramble incoherently. The youth shakes her a bit and asks again what’s going on. Now a little calmer, the odd plaited girl tells of her coming home to find her mother unconscious with a strange blue light hovering around her. The youth confused at first, figures that this must be related to the animals of earlier in the day.
As he’s telling her to follow him, a low gravelly voice tells them it won’t be any use. By sheer instinct the girl falls to her knees while blue spikes hit the trees which wither slightly and the youth who drops to the ground.
As she hears the voice grunt in annoyance, she makes a dash for the trees, she doesn’t stop running, especially as bolts of energy pass by her setting fire to the bushes and shrubs they hit.
Finally she reaches a nearby stream and dives into it, keeping her body below water…. for what seemed like ages until her pursuer, a blue ball of light floated into view.
As if in a fit of rage, the blue orb of light fires off several bolts of energy before slowly wandering off.
Slowly and carefully, the odd plaited girl emerges from the stream hiding herself amongst the bushes as she made her way slowly back to the path. Making her way to the fallen youth, she realises that the youth is in a deep slumber that despite several shakes and slaps, doesn’t wake up from.
Very distressed, the odd plaited girl decides to find the boy with the “golden aura”.
Meanwhile Taiye and Ade were walking on the road discussing the days odd events when Edirin suddenly screams out a warning.
Projecting a shield around Taiye, She sighed in relief as a blue spike bounced off it fading into the air, only to turn to see him staring in horror.
Right beside him lay Ade sprawled on the ground a blue spike embedded in his chest. Quickly falling to his knees and confirming that Ade was still breathing, Taiye glared at the blue etern who was making its appearance.
Three times larger than before and crackling menacingly emerging from the bushes to the setting sun, the blue etern hissed loudly upon seeing it’s prey.
In a split second, the bushes along the path were set ablaze, with Taiye narrowly escaping the flames with his cousin Ade in his arms. Having merged with him, Edirin was strengthening and accelerating his body as they sped away from the threat.
Narrowly dodging a blast aimed at his head, Taiye leapt onto some tree branches. Moving from tree to tree Taiye desperately tried to avoid the blue etern’s electrical blasts but fell when one of the branches he leapt on broke.
Pulling himself off the ground, golden aura all over his body, Taiye quickly checks on Ade’s unconscious body. Hearing a gasp from behind, Edirin quickly manifests, her hands becoming blades stretched towards the darkness.
Lighted by Edirin’s aura, was a young frightened girl with odd plaits, shivering from her still wet clothes.

“Errrr…. golden…boy…”

Last Son of Halios chapter 6

” Warrior beyond the shadows, grant me a form of power, One to grant my desires and to manifest my hopes! AGU gear Ominous Blacksmith!”

With the activation chant recited, the dungeon is filled with an immense burst of light that stunned all who bore witness in the chamber. As the three artificial beings recovered their sight, the black and golden form of Gax’s Agu armor stood before them, arms raised and ready for a fight.
It’s eyes glowing madly, the shaggy haired creature who had just been released from its binds snarled as it lunged at Gax, it’s arms having transformed into massive claws.
Dodging it’s first attack, rolling out of the creature’s way, Gax had a better opportunity to see the creature that had just demolished the wall where he used to be.

“It’s such a pity.”

He noted as he watched its body morph back to normal revealing the faded stitch marks and the varied patches of colored flesh all over its body which was female. His first thought on seeing this was that she had been ripped apart and her body was put together with random parts, using magic to force them to assume her original humanoid shape.

” I am not here to hurt you… But if you don’t calm down I will be forced to defend myself.”

He said leaping over another swipe from the individual who had partially transformed into a hulking creature.

“Adora! Exit! Now!”

“Yes master!”

Hearing her master’s command, Adora shifts the earth around the roof of the underground chamber, creating a tunnel to the surface.
As the creature rampages after Gax in the enclosed chamber, it suddenly trips on some rocks. This was no accident. Those same rocks arrange themselves around the creature, muffling it’s roars as they formed a makeshift bullet that’s immediately fired out of the chamber through the tunnel.
The bullet shatters high above the lair’s valley dropping the creature who crashes into the hard ground. Crawling out of the crater it created, the creature spits out blood from its mouth.
Leaping to the surface and sliding down the side of the hill, Gax manifests a large sledgehammer. Watching the creature regain it’s surroundings his grip on the sledgehammer tightens.

“Master what are you planning to do?”

“Hopefully nothing. It all depends on what this chimera does next.”

Gax sighed at the creature growling and snarling at him. Reaching it’s level, He uses the sledgehammer to anchor himself stopping his descent.

” Hey. Whomever or whatever you are I have freed you from your prison where you have been rotting. You have three choices. One, you can leave. You are free to do as you wish and return home/or wherever you lay your head. Two, you can stay and work under me, Find a purpose, make something of yourself. Or three die by my hand.”

Gax softens his tone, hoping that the creature would listen to reason. However things rarely end that smoothly. Writhing in what seemed to be pain, the creature finally let’s out a loud howl as huge spider legs suddenly grow out of its back.

“Why… Why… Why… You could have run.”

Gax muttered under his breath as he dashed forward, sledgehammer raised in readiness.
The creature leapt forward attacking with its newly formed arachnid limbs. Left, right, left, left. Gax parried it’s attacks while he sidestepped it. With a mighty swing of his hammer, he smacked the ribs of the creature sending it flying.
As it rolled on the rugged terrain due to the impact, the creature coughed up a significant amount of blood, a sure sign of serious damage as it tried to stand but fell to its knees as it held its side.
Spinning the hammer in his hand Gax walked casually towards the injured creature.

“Why don’t you run?”

He muttered under his breath, for a brief moment, he saw not the creature before him but a young emaciated man desperately holding a broken blade.
Pushing the vision out of his mind, he stepped forward, dodging a desperate strike and burying the head of his weapon in its gut.
The impact sends the creature spinning and bouncing a fair distance across the rocky valley plain.
Managing to roll unto it’s knees battered,bleeding and bruised creature gasps and pants, trying it’s best to catch some tortured breaths.
Gax sighed.

“Why are you fighting me? I ordered your release, I gave you the choice to either follow me or be free and you choose to fight me?”

All he received was a glare filled with hatred and malice. It’s leg muscles swelling the creature remade its hands into massive talons.

“Stupid choice.”

As the creature charged at him, Gax readied himself by planting his spread out feet firmly into the ground and holding his hammer in a two handed grip.
At first. Dropping the hammer Gax roared as he swung a hard jab that connected with a solid crunch on the chimera’s face.
With a thud, the bloodied creature collapsed unconscious as its body reverted fully to its female patch work form.

“Master, it would be wise to slay this creature for it has bared its teeth against you.”

Adora said as her form assembled beside Gax, her expression a mix between anger and embarrassment.
Dispelling his AGU form, Gax shook his head as he rubbed his left arm.

“No. It’s …She’s not in her right senses. Take her back to the lair and heal her. Inform me when her senses return. Ahhh yeah, what was her name?”

“My former Master called her Teruno. Is there a problem sir? You’re looking at me oddly.”

Adora who had carried the individual on her back was very odd sight as the servant was the size of a child and the chimera was fairly tall.
The result had the chimera’s legs dragging on the ground as Adora walked with a non chalant expression.
Gax wanted to comment on it but he decided against it.

” It’s nothing. Just tell that goop, Andros that for the trouble he’s given me, he doesn’t have a choice but to work under me.”

Watching her walk off into the distance, occasionally adjusting her load to keep it from falling, Gax couldn’t help but to chuckle slightly.

Meanwhile, the entity called Osiririon relaxes in the ruins of a once grand bedroom. Wearing a silver one piece and lying on the bed holding a glass in one hand while staring at a translucent orb in her other hand, she purred softly as she took a sip.
Her golden eyes narrowed as two aged men walked into the room, maneuvering through the rubble taking care not to disturb the chaos of the room.

“What do you want? I’ve said it numerous times, I don’t want to see anyone in person except if they have news about my Reis.”

Staring at the two with a raised eyebrow, she took another sip from her glass.

“Or do you?”

One of the men visibly shivering attempted to step back but his comrade stopped him, lightly pulling on his robes. Once the man had calmed down, the other cleared his throat.

“Daughter of the great god, the elders have found another area in need of your judgement. Please make arrangements for travel as soon as possible.”

Osiririon hissed loudly as she dropped her glass which shattered into shards on the ground.

“Your Old priests should seriously learn to get along with others. Not every disagreement must end in ‘judgement'”

Floating off the bed, Osiririon’s golden armor materialises around her as runs her gauntleted hands through her short hair.

“Who am I kidding? I’ll never refuse a chance to express myself. Tell the priests that I’ll join them shortly.”

With that the two men leave the room in great haste, probably relieved that the demigod was in a pleasant mood.
Osiririon stared at the orb she left on the bed with a conflicted expression before leaving the room.
As the orb begins to fade it’s contents like a fine mist take shape. A young chubby boy is searching desperately for when something catches his attention.
A girl similar in age with brown skin and white hair holds an amulet and gives it to the extremely pleased boy who immediately hugs her…