My Opinion on OP characters

I was thinking about the concept of overpowered characters.
You know characters who are incredibly strong for their level or have so many skills and abilities that they can steamroll through opponents with ease.
I will not name any particular character because this is sort of a subjective tag placed on characters.
And I think having an OP character is not necessarily bad, it’s just like certain complex recepies you have to know what you’re doing or the dish will turn out poorly.
In my personal opinion, there are three general Paths to writing OP characters. The First is putting them up against OP antagonists of a different nature. This is interesting as both parties are powerful but have placed their focus on different areas forcing each other to adapt to the others strength/weakness. Good examples of this are:
Superman vs Lex luthor/Brainiac. Superman is an alien with godlike physical abilities who could wipe the floor with most adversaries but cannot against Lex or Brainiac.
why? Lex is a businessman/mad scientist with traditionally good public reception and political control over the city. As a law abiding hero (mostly) Superman cannot just crash in and clobber Lex. He has to bring conclusive evidence that Lex is up to no good or Lex would never face justice. No matter what Lex does, if Superman cannot prove he did it, Lex goes free and Superman’s credibility falls.
The second thing is to give them a distinctive flaw, oddity or weakness. No individual is perfect including our OP character. There are going to be things that he/she is bad at or actively cannot tolerate. This can serve to humanise them and give them something to overcome. it can be as simple as allergies to certain things, unhealthy relationships, phobias, or even just a lack of self restraint.
As long as these cause issues for the him/her/it, it keeps the OP character interesting.
Thirdly, The more powerful the character, the more interesting his/her personality needs to be. The thing that makes a lot of heroic tales exciting is seeing the hero overcoming great odds.
The thing is that element is intrinsically missing from the stories of OP characters. They don’t have a lot of active threats to their power by their very nature and their losses have to be managed carefully to be convincing.
Thus instead of focusing on their power, isn’t it better to see what makes them tick?
When well done it can create powerful human stories with huge climatic battles as the spice to the story.
well that’s just my tots on the subject.


A rant of isolation 2017 edition.

This isn’t the most pleasant or even coherent of posts. But I wanted to post it here as a sort of memoir I guess. I don’t know about anyone else but when I get depressed my mind really gets grumpy and cranky. But I kinda feel it’s needed to make my blog… more honest, so let’s get on with it. so… there’s a saying that ‘if you want to have people in your life, you have to make space in your life for them.’
that’s absolutely true. Human relationships in all its intricacies and variants are two way streets in that in any good relationship, be it customer and trader, boyfriend and girlfriend, parent and child, best friends e.t.c. all have one exchange favors or skills with each other. it doesn’t have to be of equal importance, it just has to be what they desire from that relationship.
thinking about myself and how my life has been lately, I have come to realise that I have grown to put more value in my hobbies than in human relationships. I would like to believe that rather than me being a sociopath of some degree or even being on a spectrum of autism, it’s due to me feeling or at least not believing in the permanence/long term importance of human relationships.
Ok I was always a bit of a nerdy kid, an introvert, an odd duck and the fat guy so… to some extent it was obvious that I wasn’t a social butterfly.
it wasn’t like I had no friends, I did. it’s just that often more than not, the relationship ended once we left the context of where it started. honestly I should have tried harder to keep these connections.
But sadly I became used to being alone for long periods of time. As anyone would note hobbies like games and comics are a pale comparison to actually being with other human beings
There’s the thing, I think I’ve ruined myself to some degree. to some extent I really no longer care about a lot of our human relationships. maybe it’s due to being an overweight, Pervy , nerd that not many people were interested in befriending. maybe it’s the fact that I wasn’t into what most people were fans of and vice versa? maybe I was just simply emotionally stupid and didn’t get people as well as I wanted. or maybe I disappointed too many people and got manipulated by others too many times?
No matter the reason, I seem to have become a paradoxial figure, in which I am fully dependent on others yet cannot become invested in them. it’s become bad enough that I don’t even try to keep people in memory because I automatically assume I wouldn’t see them again.
A lot of people would then say that I need to stop isolating myself, lose Weight and make something of myself…to some extent I know that but still ask what then? it’s not like those talking are that much happier…in fact they are often more stressed and pissed half the time.
others would say talk to someone about these thoughts….I’m not very good at talking about myself and honestly I’ve been burned a bit on this aspect. basically the person you tell uses it as ammunition against you later on, which predictably doesn’t make you too eager to talk about yourself.
I guess me preferring solitude of sorts is a mix of how transient relationships can be (from my POV), fear of disappointment and failing others, both not feeling adequate and not trusting others opinions of myself, seeing how pointless things can actually be, and being a bit bitter about how things turned out for me.
maybe if I was smarter I would have dodged a lot of these issues I have now but one can’t be sure.
I am putting this in writing not to sound douchy or whiny or elicit some sort of pity but to put a record of some of my thoughts on who I am at the point of writing.
I hope to fix this and become a better person who can at least be more pleasant to be around. But this version of me deserves to at least have a bit of a rant.

My thoughts on superhero comics no killing rule.

So this isn’t going to be too long. I have always been a fan of superheroes since i was a kid. My favorite heroes were batman, superman and spiderman. Batman for his crime stories, Superman because of his awesome displays of might and Spidey for how the superhero life complicates normal social life (something marvel seems to forget, he has to have a social life to be disrupted. Its not about being young or about being down on your luck. Its the juggling of his parker life and his spidey life thats interesting)
Ok just watched the injustice 2 story mode on youtube. While the game play itselfwas quite excellent…but a bit too mkish, the story left me a bit cold. I’m not here to talk about the obvious issue…..coughbatwankcough……its about their intepretation of the no kill rule.
According to batman (or at least more moral superheroes in marvel/dc) a hero must never kill or else they’d run the risk of becoming villains too.
A sort of man becomes the monster he fights trope.
But this reason for it rings hollow and is a bit insulting.
First it kinda mocks people who work in law enforcement and the military who sometimes are forced to kill while in action. No reasonable person likes to kill, however some enemies/threats are so dangerous or the situation itself so dicey that sometimes the trigger needs to be pulled.
Secondly using this reason for why heroes dont kill is pretty arrogant in itself. I may be wrong but to me it implies that the hero in question is above the law. And that his choices carry more weight than they actually do.
Thirdly it makes heroes seem far more mentally fragile than i would like. Every other genre of action hero ( pulp, supernatural,cyberpunk,war) realises that there are peeps who need to be taken out. That make them bad in fact when they do we celebrate their badass actions. So why are superheroes the ones that will go crazy when they take a life? It feels weak especially since the real reason is (comic book publishers) to keep a set of rotating villains that the hero can fight over and over without worrying that he’d run out of peeps to punch.
So I reasoned out a different reason for the no kill rule that makes me at least feel a little better.
Heroes don’t kill because they aren’t allowed to. Either by overt laws or unspoken understanding.
Superheroes are a mix of first responders and heavy artillery that assist the existing law enforcement in protecting or enhancing society.
Understandably superheroes need a certain level of freedom in order to be effective which society grants in exchange for a promise/set of guidelines.
One of which is never to kill a suspect. This is naturally due to the fact that society should be the one to judge the criminals not vigilante justice.
So any superhero who kills maliciously loses all privileges and is treated as a criminal in order to prevent others from following such actions.
This I feel both ties the heroes closer to the societies they work in and makes a better case for why superheroes shouldn’t kill rather than you’ll get a taste for blood after killing.
Anyhow am I making sense or am I just over thinking this.
Wow this was longer than I thought for a random musing.

Looking for peace of mind.

I’ve been in a black mood lately. Things haven’t exactly been going well. In fact they’re kind of miserable.
The Paradox of the situation is that the most obvious solution to some of the issues facing me is the most difficult thing to acknowledge.
As I wandered through the corridors of Wrath, Fright and Procrastination, I found and brought to light several of these thoughts that are plaguing my mind at the moment.

• Sometimes one burns bridges because he/she is fearful or ashamed of when others cross over said bridges for a visit. Better to be alone than to face the possible disappointment/pity from peers.

•Sometimes the lesson you teach isn’t the moral that is learnt.

•If one is always deemed wrong, how can one be trusted to make decisions?

•If one’s happiness can only be granted by oneself, then why are the majority of one’s happiest moments in the presence of others?

•One loves the concept of life, but not life itself. Relationships,victories, growths are all envied and logically appreciated but are not experienced.

• when one is repressed for a long time, what comes out when it is finally free?

• An ideal is simply a desirable state of being not a mandate on what life should be.

• If everyone is different, why are we trying to assume there is a single way of life for all humans to follow?

• A lot of the time we simply do what we want and justify our actions afterwards.

Laying out the issues in my mind made me wonder, what exactly do I want. And what will it take for me to be content. Not happy but content.
I will spend some more time wandering these mental hallways.

The seven deadly sins

Seven Deadly Sins : Evil traits or Survival instincts.
It’s a common belief in christianity that indulging in the seven deadly sins would send your soul on a fast track to hell.
However, when you look at these sins, they seem pretty basic to human nature don’t they?
I might say without these so called ‘sins’ Humanity would not have survived so long on this planet.
Em…. because in essence they are our survival instincts. Those traits that help us to live and prosper and avoid or overcome threats.
How? Here’s the List.
1. Wrath: when you feel threatened, cheated or even just offended what do you feel? Anger of course! It’s your self defense mode in order to protect oneself from precieved threats. There are occasions where anger has helped in allowing people to make a meaningful change in their lives or to give a much needed boost in energy to overcome a threat.
2. Lust: Simply put we can call this the reproductive instinct. It’s a natural push to creating future generations of a species. It is also said to boost emotional connection between mates. I don’t think we need much more elaboration on this.
3. Greed: This is hoarding and stockpiling instinct. We could say it is the drive for future security. Knowing of the seasons of plenty and drought, it is reasonable to expect that this drive exists in order to insulate oneself from the harshness of such dry periods. I.e. The more you stockpile, the more you get to enjoy later.
4. Sloth: Without a whole bunch of laziness there would be no technology. Every innovation in technology to some extent was based on the desire for an easier, more comfortable alternative. Cars, television, Internet, video games all have an aspect of making certain activities easier.
5. Gluttony: This is related to greed in the sense that while greed is outward stockpiling, Gluttony is more inward.
In uncertain periods of human history it was not uncommon for people to gorge themselves whenever they found food, because they were never sure of when they could get another meal. Basically delaying the effects of starvation.
6. Pride: this could be the leadership/ambition/ confidence drive. Any idea needs the confidence to back it up. In order to get things done or to convince others of a particular choice/action, confidence in oneself is needed.
7. Envy: This could be called the competitive spirit. This is the reason sports as a whole exists. Some say that having a rival can enhance your skills and push one to greater achievements. This is one trait that helps humanity push forward and advance.
Yes over indulging in these traits can be a a very bad thing, as morality tales and quite a few religions state.
In my own opinion this is because to a certain extent these sins aren’t society friendly. What I mean is, these ‘sins’ are very self centered in nature.i.e. Gluttony and greed can restrict the availability of resources preventing others from accessing them. Lust can lead to broken hearts, resentment and jealousy amongst rivals or even between the supposed “harem” or even the offspring. Anger clouds judgment, envy can be destructive, pride can limit progress and problem solving, sloth leads to passiveness.
I guess the point to this little talk is that like all other “things” there are good and bad sides to it.
So what do you think? Am I just saying nonsense or do I have a point. Comments would be appreciated.

Heyo there! I’m back!
2016 was a bloody mess of a year in which I was forced to go offline for extended periods of time. No. More.
Weekly posts are to be expected.

Troubles and delays.

Seriously, this has been a difficult period for me. For the past 5 months, I’ve had issue after issue which has interrupted my art and kept me off writing.

First my family’s had some staffing issues which meant I had to play nanny to my younger brother Olaoluwa who has cerebral palsy. Love the guy, but the reality is that the daily routine of his care is very time consuming and tiring.

My Internet situation’s been a mess as well. For the first three months i’ve had no Internet at all. Had to live a nanny’s offline life.

Then my laptop charger and phone broke in the same week.

Thankfully they’ve both been fixed but the general situation wasn’t conducive to my creative spirit.

I’m still going to draw and write as much as allowed but I just needed to rant a bit.