Gaea’s Knight 10.1

So I finally continue one of my stories. Hopefully there won’t be any hiatus in the future. Enjoy.

Have you ever thought of how the old mamas and pastors try to talk about how the days of old were a purer, more natural existence for mankind and that technology was killing us all?
That is a pile of steaming bull.
For the past several days the human / child of Gaea Jide Omoyemi, the plant humanoid /Florin Hibee and the Illienze mudling Sunny had been traversing the thick jungle forest that surrounded the homeland of Illien.
To say progress was slow would be an understatement. Jide walking slowly at the back of Hibee and Sunny was in a bad mood.
First off was the humidity and the heat. He had gotten a little used to it but it wasn’t fun walking in a sweat soaked shirt.
Secondly, He hadn’t had a good bath in days. That might not have been such an issue if he hadn’t been walking through leaves, mud and what must not be guessed.
Thirdly the fact that they had been camping outdoors meant two things. One was continually sleeping on grasses and rocks which did the ‘wonders’ of severe neck and back pain. The second was the sheer difficulty in obtaining and preparing food. Sunny being an Illienze, could generally sleep on trees and eat only once a day if needed. What a wonderful constitution. And Hibee once told him while smiling cheekily that as long as there was fertile ground and a good amount of water she didn’t need food, though she liked the taste. Jide, being the only human of the trio was the only one who needed to concern himself with a regular supply of food and hygiene.
Basically, he was the only one that was really suffering on this trip.
Wiping his sweaty grime covered face with his sleeve, he carried the bags as Hibee skipped behind him and Sunny cut down the foliage around them with a blade.

” How long is it to civilisation?”

Jide grunted as he kicked a stone off the grassy path.
Squinting as she carefully pushed through some branches, Sunny sighed as she brought out a small map from her pocket.


She says looking through it.
“There should be a small village called Juvi around here. It shouldn’t take more than a days walk to find it.

“And then Jide!”

Hibee chips in as she gives him a friendly nudge.

“You get to rest and clean your stinky self!”

Giggling as she dodges an annoyed strike by jide, she skips along beside Sunny as they made their way towards the village.
Meanwhile, a few hours walk away, two fairies are chattering around a shallow brook, splashing water on each other as they darted about on their glittery wings.
Unknown to them however, a presence was watching them, it’s tendrils moving stealthily across the the stones, grass and mud.
Unaware of the looming danger, the two pink and blue fairies float down to the brook to take a drink their minute hands casting bubble magic to bring the droplets of water into their mouths.
Without warning several tendrils fire from the nearby bushes, wrapping and instantaneously snapping the bodies of the fairies like twigs.
As the lifeless bodies hung limply in the grasp of the tendrils, a low guttural growl emanates from the bushes as the successful predator drags it’s prey from sight.
“Thank GOD a stream!!”

An hour later a the same location, Jide had burst out of the foliage, throwing off the bags, undoing his shirt, trousers and boots before jumping into the shallow stream.

“Jide!!! Be more careful with the bags! What if you break something!”

Said Sunny as she pushed through the bushes following the human.
Seeing the scattered bags and clothing with Jide happily washing himself in the stream, a crack appears on Sunny’s tanned brow.

“Stupid, selfish human! Hassling and whining about how backwards we are yet who’s bathing like a thirsty treant?”

Muttered Sunny as she started dragging the bags together beside a nearby tree. Looking back at the stream, she saw Hibee already on the bank of the stream soaking her feet while Jide by now was washing his clothes.

“Didn’t even notice her pass by. Maybe I should just let them relax for a bit.”

Sighing as she climbs the tree, carefully testing the branches, Sunny sits hidden by the leaves.

“Having fun Jiji?”


Laying in the brook and soaking himself in the flowing waters, Jide looked up questionably at his florin companion.

“Its your new nickname! It’s something that friends do right? Give each other names to show we’re close?”

Hibee kicks the water sending splashes everywhere.

“Yeah, sure. They do.”

Jide shrugged as he closed his eyes. Hearing a splash and someone snuggling up beside him, he opens his eyes and stares at the green skinned yellow eyed offender laying beside him.

” Any problem?”

He asked nudging her to shift away.

“None at all Jiji. Just wanted… to ask something.”

Hibee replied ignoring his nudging and shifting even closer. Looking at the florin, Jide had to admit she was quite cute, green skin and all. If not for some obviously inhuman behaviors like eating dirt she seemed adorable.
Growing a yellow fruit out of of one of her vines Hibee gave it to Jide who munches it quietly.

“About your family…the ones you came here for. What are they like?”

Hibee frowned as she saw the sad thoughtful expression that appeared on her friend’s face.

“If you don’t feel like talking about it…”

“No it’s okay. I do need to tell you anyway.”
Jide said as he attempted a warm smile which caused Hibee to giggle.

“They’re my cousin Kunle and my sister Bisi. I don’t know how they ended up here but, I’m here to bring them back. Kunle’s been the big brother I’ve always needed, the smart guy who knew how to solve issues and made everything okay.”

Sighing softly, Jide’s smile weakened as his body tensed up.

“My sister Bisi’s another matter entirely. She’s really smart, like exceptional but our relationship as siblings was really messed up. I was jealous of her so…. I made life difficult for her.”

Covering his face with his hands, he didn’t see the delicate expression the florin had on her face.

“She grew to hate me and we had a big fight that caused me to move away from the family house for some time. So for Kunle, it’s to pay him back for everything he’s helped me with. My sister, it’s to apologize…ehn?”

Jide exclaimed as Hibee suddenly hugged his naked chest tightly her wet hair tickling his nose. He at first wanted to push her off him but the serious, determined expression on the florin’s face froze him in place.

“I’ve…been on a journey to find my home. Us florins live together till we’re of age, then us sprouts leave to find where we belong. It may take years, but the dream of every florin is to find a nice spot to set our roots and become something more.”

Smiling softly, Hibee placed her hand on his chest.

“Until I find such a place, I’ll be your companion and help in finding your family no matter how long it takes. You won’t be alone.”

Hearing her earnest statement, Jide became embarassed as he awkwardly cupped water in his hands and washed his face. If he was fairer skinned he would have blushed.

“Thanks…I’ll keep that in mind.”


The two stiffened as they heard the Illienze’s alarmed cry.

Hibee was the first to react, pulling a stunned Jide out of the brook and thick thorny vines busting from her arms.

“What’s…. going on? What’s happening?”

Jide stuttered as Sunny lands beside him blades drawn as her olive hair fluttering in the wind.

“Fairies. Wild ones.”

Sunny mutters as a loud buzzing noise emerges all around them. Coming out of the bushes are close to a hundred fairies who surround the trio while glowing with murderous intent.