Instant Karma?/ Happy 2016

Hullo everyone! It’s been awhile. My first post of the year and I’m glad to be here writing.

I really did think for a bit that I wouldn’t be able to continue writing at all, but even when Life’s a vicious bastard, it sometimes let’s a few nice things happen. Thus I’m going to zealously update my three tales this year.

But at the moment let’s get to the topic of this post.

Basically there were two guys who used to work for my family, named Barnabas and Joseph. Their job was to assist the nurses as they took care of my younger brother Olaolu who has CP (cerebral palsy) and thus fully dependent.

So three days before Christmas, these guys took their holiday leave and we expected them to go to their home towns celebrating the season with their families.

That was not what happened.

A few days ago we got a call from Joseph. In an anguished tone, Joseph told us a tragic tale filled with shame and sorrow.
Apparently, ever since he started working with us, he has been giving his money to Barnabas to keep for him since of the two, Barnabas has a bank account.

A month before leaving Barnabas convinces Joseph to get accommodation in the city so that they can search for new jobs, rather than just going home.
Joseph agrees, expecting to finally live the life of a city boy…..

…..Well that didn’t happen.

What happened was that Barnabas met a guy and decided to pool their money together to purchase a Keke (three wheel taxi) and start a business. And in case you were wondering, yes He used Joseph’s money as well.

Now on the day that they left the house Joseph had asked about the accommodation, a question Barnabas wasn’t eager to answer.

Long story short, Barnabas had been duped. His so called business partner had run off with the taxi.

So now they have been broke, stranded and hungry for the past two weeks.

Dunno if they’ld come back but it’s a little amusing yet sad that a year of effort has gone to the winds just because of misplaced trust and greed.