Friendship and expectations.

I was considering a saying ‘ good men bear burdens while bad men cast them aside’ when I paused mid thought.
Was it correct? Must we be shackled by our roles and expectations to be considered good? Are those who are true to themselves bad for walking away from the expected path? Many have broken under the weight of their responsibilities while others have lost themselves, never finding their way back.
Evolution/change doesn’t happen by staying the same. However safety and stability cannot be found on ever shifting sands.
However my thoughts shifted to friendships (yeah I’m a random sort of person) and wondered if it was possible to have a friendship without expectations.
By its very nature a friendship can be said to be a social contract in which favors are exchanged for the mutual benefit of the parties involved.
So… it’s not exactly possible for there to be a friendship without expectations. I mean hoping to enjoy their company is an expectation in itself.
But how much is reasonable, and how much is too much?
Admittedly, I have been the kind of individual that has failed/ disappointed quite a few people in my lifetime, and have also been disappointed in turn.
But I wondered is the fault on those who were expected or the ones expecting?
Some cases are easy. If a promise was made n broken it’s the fault of the one making it. If none were made its the expectees fault for not making themselves clear.
However some cases aren’t so simple. If I befriended a son of a rich man, is he expected to give me a loan when I’m broke? If I befriend a person with disabilities, to what extent is it good to give assistance?
Some times its clear, others ambiguous.
Just some ramblings I needed to let out.


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