Instagram, inktober and other things

A lot of the time what keeps me from making regular posts is a mixture of insecurity, laziness and a pinch of perfectionism. While consulting with one of my few real life friends, I was given the simple advice “just write, as you keep writing, the kinks will work themselves out.

And so I shall.

A few months ago I got on the social app instagram (yes I’m a late bloomer and my head has been under a rock.. . I get it.) and had quite a bit of fun with it.
There are a lot of interesting people,some who I followed and a few (too few) that followed me.

Recently I engaged in a activity called #inktober, a 30 day art thingie that occurs every october. I, myself decided to do an artwork a day for the whole month.

Honestly… I failed. But I can say that I did 22 days out of 30. Sooo close! However there’s always a next time for everything under the sun.

My Instagram ID’s radraplus. Go check it out and hopefully follow me. I promise to follow you back.

And last but not the least, my inktober sketches!

Might have forgotten one or two but I hope you enjoy the pics more than I did drawing them.

Enjoy your day.


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