Burning metalwing slugfest 2

Yay part 2’s up enjoy.

“I’ve never liked you, Never understood why Ross ever enjoyed your company. I just keep wondering how often he had to clean out feathers from his gears.”

Said the Demi elemental Muse, her entire body enveloped in her unique black flame, floating just above the winged being Shimel.

“I guess the feeling’s mutual then. I’m surprised you didn’t corrupt his essence and put a brand on him considering your demonic lineage.”

Shimel replies her brow twitching in annoyance.

” I’m not the turkey who almost killed the person it claimed to care about!!”
It’s wings of light fully spread out and glowing, the winged grinds it’s teeth at the Demi elemental’s accusation.

“I have no excuse for what I’ve done. It was my duty, my mission. Creatures like you would never understa….”

“SHUT UP!!! I’m not here to argue with you. I made a single thing clear when we last met. I was going to kill you if you ever hurt Rossilier Brown.

I am here to keep that promise.”
With that said the two beings in the now ruined factory gathered their auras for their duel. Shimel’s blinding light aura and Muses Dominating black aura sent shock waves across the field, demolishing the few buildings left standing.

Like a spark of a lit match, both combatants dash towards each other, their clash creating an explosion that could be seen and heard for miles.

An hour earlier, the Demi elemental known as Muse was residing in her castle at the centre of her barony. The daughter of a fire elemental and a shadow demon, she had come to the mortal realm decades ago to get some space from her more savage kin. Along the way she took over a territory along the borders of the Human and demihuman countries and made it her own. Sitting in her throne room made of dark, glistening stone with detailed tapestries hanging along the walls, a pretty three headed bear fur rug on the floor, her throne is a polished and beautifully carved green jade stone. A plush pillow is laid in the seat and against the chair’s back.

Looking through a bunch of documents, the baroness twirled her blue hair in between the horns on her clear white forehead, the traits she inherited from her father.

Over the last few weeks, she had been highly irritated and unfocused. No amount of exercise or herbal tea had curbed this her foul mood.

It began when she had gone on one of her ‘wanderings’ whereby she’ld leave her barony for a few weeks, generally to explore and let off steam.

This time she went to meet someone who she could call a kindred spirit. This special existence chose to live in a seaside demihuman community working as a part-time bounty hunter/adventurer and mechanic. Shadowporting to an alleyway just beside the shop, the baroness quickly made her way in, doing her best to avoid detection.

On the shelves were different types and assortments of magic tools and mechanical parts of brand new and fairly used variety.
Sitting on the desk polishing a jeweled gauntlet with gold filled eyes is a demihuman of the wolfkin variety. With brown smooth skin, a spotless face slightly curvy body and pointy golden hair, the fairly attractive teen would be a good catch if she ever strayed out of the shop Muse thought to herself as she silently walked towards her.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

Despite the stealth magic her lamia retainer placed on her earlier today that damned dog could still smell her? And what’s with that irritated expression?

“This is annoying, who the hell would…. Oh by the Gods! Baroness of the wild county! I had no idea you were coming today! Erm…..”

The suprised wolfkin girl searched the shadows of the shop warily as she paid respects.

“My sisters aren’t with me today. Where’s Rossilier? I wanted to show him something.”

Smiling warmly Muse patted her head, chuckling inwardly as she saw the girl visibly relax, her tail beginning to wag. What was her name again?

“Sure baroness! He’s at the back, I’ll go call him right now!”

??? Said, dropping the gauntlet on the table.

“Please do.”

Muse watched as the girl ran off to the back of the room and exited slamming the door behind her. Being a little curious the baroness activated ‘heighten perception’. It’s just to learn the girl’s name. Just that.
Hearing the clanging of metal, then the snap opening of a door, Gosh she could even hear the panting of the wolfkin and the steady humming of Ross’s movement.

“Hullo Pike, any customers?”

Oh her name was Pike huh?

“No Rossi… it’s just that scary demon Lady who keeps sending out icky phermones like she’s marking the place.”

What In The Nine Hells? That poodle needs to be strangled! Muse thought as unconsciously started emitting wisps of black flame when she next heard a smack!

“Why did you knock me, Rossi?”

” If you’re really scared of Muse you’ld remember she has very high perception skills.”

Muse relaxed smirking as she heard a frightened yelp.

An Hour later in the dining room, Muse and Ross were talking loudly with several items spread around on the table in front of them. Muse at first was enjoying herself but she soon noticed that Ross dressed in worker’s overalls was acting a little strangely. Neither side of Muse’s bloodline was ever known for their patience so she went straight to the point.

” What is the problem?”

The golem froze at the question, turning his purple eyes away from her.

“It’s just a little nuisance, Muse. Nothing for you to need to get involved in.”

Her eyebrow raised, Muse reached out to Ross’ face turning it in her direction.

“If it really isn’t such a big deal you’ll talk to me about it right?”

She said sending some of her aura into him, smirking as his eyes briefly turned black before returning to a light shade of purple.

For a race without faces, in the Demi elemental’s opinion the living Golems were surprisingly emotive. Especially Ross. They had known each other for 2 and a half decades now, so she could easily tell.

“Fine. It’s not like I intended to hide it from you. I just didn’t want you to overreact.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Ross told her about finding a community of his own batch models and the fact that one by one, over 60 of his brethren had died at the hands of a mysterious assailant, who was recently discovered to be a Winged. He even told her about some suspicions that he had. Though he didn’t give any names, Muse was sure of one of the suspects.

“It’s Shimel isn’t it?”

” She’s a suspect but she could still be uninvolved.”

“Uninvolved? For one built to be the ultimate bodyguard / assassin, you are freaking naive.”

Slamming her fist into the table, small sparks fly out leaving a burn mark on the wooden table’s surface.

“That bird’s been using you since the first day you’ve met. Even if ‘it’s’ not the one who killed your brethren, It definitely helped the one who did. You know the saying ‘wings always fly in the direction of the flock’, they don’t have the free will you do. Everything is for the mission at hand.”

Softening her features, she caressed the side of his face while muttering.

“Let me help you deal with this.”

“No… I can’t.”

Gently pulling her hand from his face, the Golem sighed regretfully.

“If it was just me… I would have been pleased to ask. But this is Gearchain’s problem. We cannot afford to be indebted to anyone so early on, even if it is you… No especially you. ”

He shook his head as he stared intently at Muse’s hurt expression. Without another word she gets up and shadowported back home.

And many weeks later staring at the weapons hung on her wall, she was still pissed. All that frustration was replaced by worry when her sisters, Misa and Mona rushed to her with news of Ross battling Shimel. As the trio shadowported to his location, she feared the worst. Luckily Misa and Mona reached there in time to save him. They may be irreverent jokers but they too cherished the Golem in their own way.

And that brings her here in this field of battle, facing her much despised foe.
Getting back to her feet, Muse realized that the force of their collision had thrown her several miles away.

Taking to the skies, the demi elemental spies her opponent sitting stunned from the impact as it cradled it’s head.
Conjuring several fireballs, Muse smirks as she hurls them at the downed winged.
As if warned by a sixth sense, the winged dives out of the way, barely avoiding several crater creating explosions behind it.
It retaliated by sending a variety of light spikes that were swatted away into the ground.


Shimel barely dodges as the black flame clad form of Muse smashes into the spot it was previously in.
As the dust clears, Muse gets up from a kneeling position.


Muse mutters as she searches around her.
“Seems like you’re not as fast as Rossi, that gives me a chance.”


Feeling the sudden surge of mana, Muse fires off a firebolt in its direction, just before a powerful punch knocks her off her feet. As she soars in the air, she’s hit by a blitz of blows from all directions.

As the attacks finally relent, her head is mercilessly grabbed, first slammed on the ground and thrown into into the air where she’s hit with a focused beam of light.
As she crashes into the ground, she hears high pitch shrieks of laughter. Spitting out dirt from her mouth, the demi elemental had to admit that the winged wasn’t such a push over as Ross made it seem. Maybe that’s how the difference in perception and speed works?

Sensing another attack, Muse made to defend her head and neck as shimel’s form darted at high speed around her.

“She’s stupidly fast…”

Muse grunted as she’s hit all over with strikes that each one would have killed a tanki demon in one shot.

Shimel smirks as it ran circles around the demi elemental hitting her at random parts. Conjuring a blade of light, the winged wished to end the abomination before it. Stabbing the elemental in the gut, victory was in it’s hands it thought until she looked at the elemental’s face.


Muse let out a malicious grin as she grabbed the winged’s wrists with one hand while she prepared the other hand for a punch.

‘magnify explosion’

The blow that connected to the winged’s guts resounded for miles. coughing out yellow blood, the winged desperately tried to release herself from Muse’s grip but a second blow to the guts immediately weakens it.

The blood spilled on Muse’s body immediately evaporates as she upper cuts Shimel into the air, flying after it to kick the winged to the ground before following her to crash into the now glassed over ground.
Removing her fist from the yellow mess that used to be shimel’s face, the demi elemental sighed as she watched the blood evaporate from her fist and torso.

Floating away from the crater she had just made, Muse looked around to see the destruction caused by their fight. Where used to be a factory with several small bungalows had been reduced to a sandy plain with patches of glass.

The heat given off in the fight was immense, thought Muse, she was glad that Ross had been shadowported straight to her castle.

Suddenly what seemed to be a croak came from the crater. Looking down she could see stirs of movement.

“Still alive huh, who would have guessed?”

‘infinite link boost’

A single beam of light hits the crater blinding the elemental for a moment. As her sight clears, there stands Shimel fully healed with a crazed look in her eyes.

“Twice in one day, such scandalous disgrace… You will…”

Shimel’s rant is interrupted by a fireball to the face with Muse tackling it to the ground and punching it’s face for good measure.

“Oh No I’m not doing this all over again! You. Die. Here. Now.”

Muse growled conjuring a ball of writhing shadows, pressing it into the struggling winged’s chest.

Almost immediately the shadows wrapped themselves around the winged until Shimel was completely engulfed by the shadowy fog.

Getting up from the struggling package on the ground Muse closed her eyes to focus on the act she was going to do.
Slowly, She reverted from the blackfire form to her plain humanoid form as the black flames retreated from her body flowing across them to a single point above her palm. Grunting as she was compressing the energy, she sighs as she finally creates a small marble sized orb floating above her palm.

Willing it to move, the demi elemental watched carefully as the orb floated down to the quivering mass of darkness on the ground, drilling it’s way into the shadows wrapping the winged.

Almost immediately the mass begins to jerk around erratically, as the mass begins to let out smoke. It keeps jerking around for close to a minute before it comes to a standstill. A few seconds later it deflates, dissipating to nothingness once it reached the size of an egg.

Muse gave a sigh of relief as she took one last look at the area where her foe used to lay. The two skills she used shadow bind and star heart were created as the epitome of her lineages. Shadow bind was the ultimate prison, where light, sound and even touch were restricted. It could only be dispersed by the caster or broken from the outside. Star heart on the other hand was the most destructive move she could muster. Focusing all her energy she could create an all consuming flame that would reduce it’s target to ashes no exception. It’s major draw back was the weariness that plagued her bones. She didn’t even have the energy to even float, so she started walking through the open field, as the temperature was still too hot for anyone who didn’t have immunity to high temperatures.
That meant neither of her sisters could shadowport here.

“Urgh… I’m going to have to do some walking then. Rossilier Brown, you’re owing me a massive favor when I get back…What should I make him do?”

She muttered as she started walking through the newly formed desert plain. An hour of walking later, Muse saw a figure in the distance. As she got closer she began to recognize the features of the person sitting on the ground.


The wolfkin girl was sitting on the ground staring intently. On her body, especially her arms, were several burns of varying degrees of severity.
Muse winced upon the sight as she approached the girl.

Even if she was a brat, she had such good skin…

Muse thought to herself as she got to the wolfkin’s position. Watching as pike raised her head, Pike’s bloodshot eyes widened in surprise.

“Bar… Baroness? What are you doing here?”

” I got myself involved in clearing up the mess here. It’s over.”

“Is… Master alright?”

Muse gave a warm smile as she knelt to the wolfkin’s level and started petting her on her furry head.

“He’s going to need some serious repairs, but that’s why you’re here aren’t you?”
“Thank you, Baroness… Thank you.”

Hearing that Pike’s eyes swelled and she broke down sobbing as the demi elemental hugged her continuing to pet her head.

“Let’s go home and get your injuries healed, you know Ross wouldn’t be happy to see you so hurt.”

Muse remarked as the figures of Misa and Mona appeared out the shadows letting out sighs of relief.


Dunno if I’ll continue writing about these characters but I had fun. Now gotta focus on some RL issues then work on Gaea’s Knight and last son of Halios.