GDT Second color conclusion

*sigh* it’s been awhile but I’ve returned to the blog. Due to several real life issues I wasn’t able to update. However I’ve been able to find and apply solutions that will in time fix them.
Anyhow here’s the conclusion to the second arc of GTD.

Taiye’s grandfather was coming out of the house in a foul mood. Last night, a large part of the forbidden forest had been set ablaze. That ordinarily would be a serious issue for the village’s local government, but to find out this morning that several of the forest animals and even Mama Ajifa’s chickens had been found to have entered a mysterious coma was worse.
Locking his door, he grumbled about his suspicions that evil spirits had become involved. How else was he supposed to explain things like this?
He grumbled aloud as he began walking to the city centre. Suddenly a loud explosion shocked him and everyone on the street. The men staggered, the women grabbed their children and made way into their houses as several more explosions rang out.
Recovering from the shock, the old man put his hands into his pocket only to see the obliterated scraps of what used to be a warning charm. Alarmed, the old man stared back at the direction of the forest. Seeing the orange flames and smoke in the evening sky, the old man wondered just what was going on and if anyone was hurt.
Meanwhile Taiye diving through a bush narrowly avoids a direct blast of lightning that sets several trees ablaze. Tearing off his shirt which was burning, Taiye shrieked at Edirin that the difficulty of this fight just spiked intensely.
This was only number two of the five death matches the pair were to engage in for their freedom and at the moment they were out matched. Unlike the previous night where they had the advantage, the blue etern had jacked up it’s power to an all new level.
The main orb of energy now the size of a cow was surrounded by several smaller orbs, all of which were crackling loud and bright.
Taiye materializing a golden gun fired off three shots at the Orb only to see them shot down by lightning.
Edirin materialising a huge axe tries to slip through the orbs but her form is quickly dissipated by the sheer number of attacks.
Reforming beside her partner, Edirin notes Taiye coughing from all the smoke produced by the fire.
Taiye, clearing his throat with tears in his eyes remarked that as this fight was going, their enemy had them out gunned and was very likely aiming to outlast them by burning down the forest.
As Edirin wondered out aloud if there was any chance of victory, Taiye smiled bitterly while admitting it was a so so situation.
At least they weren’t carrying his cousin’s unconscious body during the fight, He noted as he and Edirin released futile attacks that were quickly shot down.
A fair distance away, groaning and panting, the odd plaited girl had finally dragged Ade to the pathway just out of the forest.
Placing Ade on the dusty ground, she stared back at the forest, wondering aloud if the golden boy who entrusted this boy to her was alright.
Seeing the smoke and flames in the distance, she was scared. But the golden boy and his spirit partner were fighting in there. For some reason she felt pressured to go back in. She had to bear witness to whatever was going on, as she stepped back into the forest.
With a the largest explosion yet, Taiye was thrown into the air. Landing on his back, he gasped as Edirin quickly materialized and rolled him out of the way of an particularly intense blast.
Trying and failing to get up, Taiye screamed at Edirin who stops, shielding him from yet another blast as he rolled into a tree.
Getting unto his feet, Taiye tells Edirin to ‘do the dog’. Looking at him for a moment, Edirin’s expression brightens and she steps out to face the blue orb.
Focusing her energy, she creates copies of herself, lots and lots of copies, which quickly swarm the blue orb, stabbing and slashing at it with all her might.
The orb dances around in the smoke and darkness, blasting and dodging the duplicates until it’s completely covered.
The next moment an explosion occurs that’s essentially blinding to anyone who witnessed it.
Taiye groaned as he saw a slightly smaller orb emerge from the smoke, floating just in front of him.
Taiye cursed under his breath as the orb humming in satisfaction brightened in preparation to blast him.
Almost on pure reflex, Taiye was able to create a massive shield that deflected the first blast.
And the second. And the third. And the fourth. As the blue orb relentlessly blasted away at him, his shield began to chip away piece by piece, until it shattered totally, the force throwing Taiye into a tree.
Feeling his cracked ribs, Taiye could only groan as the blue orb centered itself right in front of him preparing to finish him when suddenly a golden spike pierces right through it.
A horrible shriek emerges from the orb as it bursts into hundreds of bright specks, it’s essence being mostly absorbed by a materialising Edirin.
As Edirin makes a short victory dance, Taiye grumbles about her being late. Edirin apologizes but admits that she needed to strengthen the spike enough for a 1 hit kill, since they had no other chance to get a definite hit.
Hearing that, Taiye hissed and relaxed on the tree as Edirin was absorbed back into his body. As his body slowly began to heal, Taiye passed out his strength finally leaving him.
Next thing he knew, he awoke on his bed, in his room with the odd plaited girl sitting opposite him.
The girl is pleased about his awakening and tells him about what happened while he was unconscious.
Firstly, everyone survived the incident. Though there were several injured, no one lost their life.
Secondly, due to the mysterious fires over the past two days, no one is allowed to be around the forest area and the riverside.
Thirdly, the Elders of the village are convening to seek out answers and a solution to the mysterious incidents.
Taiye taking in the information is grateful for the news.
The girl remembers something and gets up telling Taiye that she’ll be back in a bit.
Before she’s able to exit the room, Taiye asks for her name.
“Oh… My name’s Dolapo.”
She said as her bracelet unseen by taiye began to glow a faint blue.


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