Burning Metalwing Slugfest part 1

Hello there! Here I have a quick story to present. Nope it’s not any of the three ongoing stories i’m writing but it’s something a lil different

Basically a simple fight scene between the above characters.

Story time!
It starts with Ross standing in the middle of a factory in the middle of a deserted ghost town.
Adjusting his military grade optics, he scans the area one more time, checking to make sure that no lifeforms / fleshies/ organics were living in the factory’s immediate vicinity.

“No need for any more complications to an already unpredictable scenario…..”

the parasyte Golem sighed as he checked his system schematics.
This whole factory had been filled before hand with guns, energy cells and every kind of weapon his brethren could provide…..though it was highly expected that 65% would likely be destroyed before they could be used.
With his mana core charged at 100%, he was pretty confident no matter the outcome, the mission would succeed.
Suddenly his internal radio picked up a transmission. Checking it he hears a familiar voice.

“Ross….Rossi, U hearing me?”

“Yes I hear u Pike Autumn, Is there any problem on your side?”

Pike Autumn, she’s a beast kin orphan he picked up three years ago on his travels. He had found her alone in the ruins of Halios, a kingdom formerly known for peace but had become a war filled hellhole since the collapse of its royalty and the recent disappearance of the warlord who had taken over.
Being a beastman, specifically of the wolf tribe, she was easy to train, becoming a strong combatant in he own right. Though she wasn’t proficient in magic, her beastial strenght and martial skill couldn’t be compared to anyone of her age. Being gifted when it came to mechanics , she’s One of the few fleshlings he had trained and trusted to do his interior work.

“Of course there’s problem! It’s the fact that u signed on this suicide mission! Why would you do this?”

“Pike…..This scenario was inevitable. Members of the parasyte legion, my brethren have been assassinated melted n broken into slag and rubble. In order to head off this assassin, Doing this became the best option.”

The slight breath on the other end told him all he needed to know. She was upset. She wasn’t the type to cry, but he would have understood if she did…

“Rossi…..don’t die on me. Promise me you’ll find a way to win, or at least survive this.”

“I can’t make those kind of promises….Pike. Just make sure to be ready with the others for my broadcast.”

Switching off the radio, Ross looked at his surroundings contemplating his next action.
Just a few months ago, it seemed like the sky was the limit. Rossilier Brown was one of a unique set of Golems that had self awareness, in essence they were called the living Golems. Originally made to battle powerful terror class monsters, they had long outlived their original master’s and the 300 strong batch had been wandering the world. Recently a fellow ‘brother’ had gathered a hundred of them and had started a community.
Like a lit match that started a forest fire, a desert wilderness quickly became a mechanical city called Gearchain that stretched for miles. Many secrets about their creation were rediscovered and even upgrades like the mana radar and the long distance radio had come to be.
A wanderer like himself was naturally pleased at the development. It meant that there was a home for him to rest his head now.
However, as the humans who originally created us say ‘nothing goes the way you expect it to.’
It began with disappearances. One here, one there. At first the leadership at Gearchain assumed that it was due to either natural wear and tear and the dangers of the life lived.
However when the numbers increased, Gearchain became suspicious made a search for the destroyed golems… what they found worried them.
Each and every one that they were able to find were totally ripped apart, with parts melted and their Mind and mana cores totally destroyed. The destruction of either the mana core or the mind core meant were fatal wounds for a Parasyte Golem. For both to be obliterated, meant whoever killed them wanted there to be no chance of survival.
The organic kingdoms were at first suspected but the city of Gearchain was not public knowledge, and none of the kingdoms possessed either the magic nor the technology to track/ hunt them down so efficiently.
Plus overviewing the bodies of the deceased, it was discovered to be done by a single individual. Of the Winged Race. Messengers of light, said to be the closest existence to the gods. No wonder we didn’t have a chance. But still…
60 Golems in 4 months.
At the rate this assassin of light would wipe them all out before the year is done.
A gathering of all the living 240 Golems was held, the purpose was survival. An Idea was hatched, If the parasyte legion could convert their forms to homoculi, it was possible to avoid the wrath of the winged.
However that would only work if they understood how the winged assassin was finding them.
Pike was sitting on his lap during the meeting when he made the suggestion to set a trap for the winged. He would engage the winged in battle and when possible drain it’s mana and relay it to a nearby base which would analyse it’s data. No matter what method it used to find them with the data from its mana they could become invisible to the entire race.
Ross could hardly blame Pike for screaming obscenities when she realised he was going to fight the winged. Then she begged to fight alongside him. But he refused telling her she was needed to analyze the data when it came in.
The truth was he had his suspicions about who was doing this and He didn’t want pike caught up in it….
He barely sensed the winged seconds before it landed gracefully land in front of him.

“Hallo Rossilier, didn’t expect to find you here..”

The speaker was a blond, golden eyed, slender humanoid, dressed in brightly glowing white clothes with some plated armor on the chest and shoulders. On its back were flaps from which wings of golden light sprouted from. Floating just inches above the grassy plain, it was armed with a broadsword.
It’s smiling face falters as it sees Rossilier’s body crackling with Mana.

“So you’ve found out…..”

“I know now, Shimel…. The question is why.”

“Why? Why is it me or why is our kind getting involved in hunting yours down?”


The Winged’s face switches from being sad to a grim expression, folding its arms as golden hair blows about in the wind.

“You should know, I am not in the least glad to be doing this. It is the Job I was given. You of all individuals should be able to understand…”

The grass beneath the winged begins to dry up and smolder.

” There’s a natural order, a pyramid, levels of existence that has existed for eons. Your kind, your kin’s creation interrupts that flow, breaks that order ….that is absurdly dangerous. Apart from being torn apart/ starved of mana your kind has no natural weaknesses… your ability to use any form or level of magic and your life draining powers are beyond anything we know. If u actually could reproduce, there’s a chance that all creation may be wiped out or enslaved.”

“So you’re killing us because ure afraid of what we might do?”

Ross summons several magic circles around himself while short bursts of mana flow from his eyes. Shimel shaking it’s head sadly crosses it’s arms.

“Ross….this doesn’t have to end here… I can give u time…”

Shimel’s eyes widen as Ross vanishes from his front….
And reappears beside him RPG in hand….

” I’ve heard enough.”

The resulting explosion rocks the entrance of the factory, causing a huge cloud of dust and rubble to to erupt.
Flying out of the dust, Shimel cursed out loud only to see a elephant sized serpent of flame flying at it. Unsheathing the blade the winged slashed out firing off an intense light beam that obliterates the serpent and creates a huge crescent crater in the ground.
Ross teleports above the enraged shimel with two large guns firing bursts of explosive rounds at the winged.
Finding those guns ineffective , Ross quickly leapt to the side as another light beam grazed his left arm, decimating the building beside him.
As Rock lands on the earth discarding the guns he detects a large energy mass and quickly weaves a magic shield just before a massive energy fist smashes against it.
Casting an magic circle, seven swordsmen of the earth take form, leaping to the sky to battle the winged.
A furious Shimel hacks and slashes through the swordsmen as it darts and spins through the air. Decapitating the last one Shimel looks down to see the golem preparing yet another magic circle.

“Oh no you don’t!”

Intending to interrupt the spell,Shimel dives towards Ross smashing into…..
A wall of water which freezes around the winged.
Ross teleports onto a building as he viewed the frozen winged.
So far so good. The battle has been rougher than predicted but all things considered, it was going well.
Though he had used up to 65% of his mana, He had barely sustained any damage so far, a single dent in his left arm. Using magic to straighten it out, he prepared to continue his onslaught.
Just a little more…
Ross thought to himself as he wove three magic circles from which erupted an electric dove and a water serpent which crashed into the frozen winged while a rock duplicate waits just out of impact range.
Falling to its knees, Shimel groans out loud while panting. His once spotless body covered with bruises and scars was a miserable sight from the attacks the winged had endured.
The rock duplicate leapt at the opportunity but it’s promptly slashed in two. Sword in hand Shimel gets to its feet, a fierce expression worn.

” impressive. There aren’t many alive that have beaten me to this level. But really Rossi, I know you to be a more hands on kind of guy. Don’t dissapoi….”

It’s speech is interrupted by a left hook that drives the winged into the ground. Almost immediately the winged retaliates slashing it’s attacker in two only for the two pieces to reform as two duplicates.
Shimel blasts the both of them for the rubble to reform as even more duplicates,which begins a brutal brawl as Shimel slashes at the duplicates wildly as it suffers a variety of grabs, jabs and hooks. When the swarm dogpiles on the winged beating on him, Shimel finally releases a huge burst of energy……the explosion destroying several acres and the majority of the factory.
As the smoke clears, the exhausted winged staggers about, weary and weakened by its injuries. As it swings it’s sword about firing lasers here and there, that’s when ross strikes.


Emerging from the earth below, Ross slaps away the blade, sending it spinning until it hits what was left of a roof. Grabbing the winged by the throat, Ross activates the parasyte function.
With a crackling sound, an immense quantity of mana is sucked out of the winged into the Golem.

34%, 56%, 78%, 90%, 100%!!

With his Mana tank completely full, the Golem continues draining, while firing an energy beam upwards to the heavens.


Clawing weakly at the face and arm of the golem, Shimel’s body quickly loses its aura and began turning a sickly shade of gray.
Looking away from the agonised face of the winged, Ross doesn’t let up until the winged is completely sucked dry.
Confirming that the winged had been completely emptied, the Golem laid it carefully on the grass.
The Individual Shimel was considered a good friend to him, no… a great companion. Until now He had always been happy to recieve the winged’s visits. They’ld talk while he admired the form that he deemed close to perfect.
Running his hand through its hair and wings, the golem let out a audible sigh as his body was still crackling with fresh living mana.
There was a question he wanted to ask, but he just couldn’t. It’s better not getting an answer in this kind of situation, he thought to himself.
Getting up and walking away from the husk….a slightly bitter Ross makes a radio call.
An anxious voice comes through the line.

“Rossi?…. is that you?…please let it be you?”

“Of course it’s me Pike! Did u get the data?”

“ROSS!!!! Of…Of course we got it! Thank the moon! You’re alive! I can’t believe it!”

“My mana core’s got some damage, moderate joint and gear damage in the limbs but apart from that I’m fine. Interestingly we might have a body to perform an autopsy on…..”

Suddenly Ross’s arm flies into the air landing on the nearby grass twitching lifelessly.

“ROSS!!! ROSS!!! WHAT’S happening!!!”

Pike screamed through the radio as the disoriented Golem spun around to receive a punch that knocks him across the decimated ruins, breaking his head open, sending pieces all over.

Landing on his back, Ross rolls to his feet only to grabbed by the neck and lifted by a the winged who’s eyes and wounds were glowing, as its body began to heal at an accelerated rate. Tears streaming from the now feminine Shimel, it rips off Ross’s other arm and both legs in a precise manner.

“Ross… You bastard… I knew you were talented but heh… to actually put me in this position. I wish I didn’t have to kill you…”

As it begins to disembowel him stripping him piece by piece with various wires, gears and metal being ripped out and thrown to the ground. By the time it stops to sigh sadly, Ross is reduced to just his skeletal frame, battery core, mana core, and mind core which was exposed and blinking.

“There were other options Ross, Yet you chose this….. now this is how you chose to get erased.”


Ross manages to mutter.

“We gain our power from the light, as long as light can reach where we are we cannot be slain…goodbye Ross. You were a great friend.”

As she reached to smash his mind core, their shadows begin to vibrate expanding beneath the two as a black magic circle expands outward from it.

“Get your stanky feathers off Our ROCKHEAD!!”

First out is a shadow demon named Misa, who shadow uppercuts Shimel into a building. As she shuffles around with her hands raised, her twin Mona next emerges grabs what’s left of ross’s body and drags him into the shadows. As Shimel bursts out of the rubble, she growls as she sees misa stick her tongue out at her and leaping into shadow, leaving the winged stunned.

“You think you can run, I already can track him no matter where you put him…”

“Then I have to make sure you’re no longer an issue for him.”


Shimel turned around to see an enraged demi elemental bathed in black all consuming flame floating just a few meters away.


“I told you… That if u touched him that I will roast you and serve u up for thanks giving….”

Alright…That’s the end of round one and the start of round 2! Thanks to my friend @witchybiscuits for allowing me to use her characters Muse, Mona and Misa in this.

Comments and tips are very very much welcomed.


GDT Second color conclusion

*sigh* it’s been awhile but I’ve returned to the blog. Due to several real life issues I wasn’t able to update. However I’ve been able to find and apply solutions that will in time fix them.
Anyhow here’s the conclusion to the second arc of GTD.

Taiye’s grandfather was coming out of the house in a foul mood. Last night, a large part of the forbidden forest had been set ablaze. That ordinarily would be a serious issue for the village’s local government, but to find out this morning that several of the forest animals and even Mama Ajifa’s chickens had been found to have entered a mysterious coma was worse.
Locking his door, he grumbled about his suspicions that evil spirits had become involved. How else was he supposed to explain things like this?
He grumbled aloud as he began walking to the city centre. Suddenly a loud explosion shocked him and everyone on the street. The men staggered, the women grabbed their children and made way into their houses as several more explosions rang out.
Recovering from the shock, the old man put his hands into his pocket only to see the obliterated scraps of what used to be a warning charm. Alarmed, the old man stared back at the direction of the forest. Seeing the orange flames and smoke in the evening sky, the old man wondered just what was going on and if anyone was hurt.
Meanwhile Taiye diving through a bush narrowly avoids a direct blast of lightning that sets several trees ablaze. Tearing off his shirt which was burning, Taiye shrieked at Edirin that the difficulty of this fight just spiked intensely.
This was only number two of the five death matches the pair were to engage in for their freedom and at the moment they were out matched. Unlike the previous night where they had the advantage, the blue etern had jacked up it’s power to an all new level.
The main orb of energy now the size of a cow was surrounded by several smaller orbs, all of which were crackling loud and bright.
Taiye materializing a golden gun fired off three shots at the Orb only to see them shot down by lightning.
Edirin materialising a huge axe tries to slip through the orbs but her form is quickly dissipated by the sheer number of attacks.
Reforming beside her partner, Edirin notes Taiye coughing from all the smoke produced by the fire.
Taiye, clearing his throat with tears in his eyes remarked that as this fight was going, their enemy had them out gunned and was very likely aiming to outlast them by burning down the forest.
As Edirin wondered out aloud if there was any chance of victory, Taiye smiled bitterly while admitting it was a so so situation.
At least they weren’t carrying his cousin’s unconscious body during the fight, He noted as he and Edirin released futile attacks that were quickly shot down.
A fair distance away, groaning and panting, the odd plaited girl had finally dragged Ade to the pathway just out of the forest.
Placing Ade on the dusty ground, she stared back at the forest, wondering aloud if the golden boy who entrusted this boy to her was alright.
Seeing the smoke and flames in the distance, she was scared. But the golden boy and his spirit partner were fighting in there. For some reason she felt pressured to go back in. She had to bear witness to whatever was going on, as she stepped back into the forest.
With a the largest explosion yet, Taiye was thrown into the air. Landing on his back, he gasped as Edirin quickly materialized and rolled him out of the way of an particularly intense blast.
Trying and failing to get up, Taiye screamed at Edirin who stops, shielding him from yet another blast as he rolled into a tree.
Getting unto his feet, Taiye tells Edirin to ‘do the dog’. Looking at him for a moment, Edirin’s expression brightens and she steps out to face the blue orb.
Focusing her energy, she creates copies of herself, lots and lots of copies, which quickly swarm the blue orb, stabbing and slashing at it with all her might.
The orb dances around in the smoke and darkness, blasting and dodging the duplicates until it’s completely covered.
The next moment an explosion occurs that’s essentially blinding to anyone who witnessed it.
Taiye groaned as he saw a slightly smaller orb emerge from the smoke, floating just in front of him.
Taiye cursed under his breath as the orb humming in satisfaction brightened in preparation to blast him.
Almost on pure reflex, Taiye was able to create a massive shield that deflected the first blast.
And the second. And the third. And the fourth. As the blue orb relentlessly blasted away at him, his shield began to chip away piece by piece, until it shattered totally, the force throwing Taiye into a tree.
Feeling his cracked ribs, Taiye could only groan as the blue orb centered itself right in front of him preparing to finish him when suddenly a golden spike pierces right through it.
A horrible shriek emerges from the orb as it bursts into hundreds of bright specks, it’s essence being mostly absorbed by a materialising Edirin.
As Edirin makes a short victory dance, Taiye grumbles about her being late. Edirin apologizes but admits that she needed to strengthen the spike enough for a 1 hit kill, since they had no other chance to get a definite hit.
Hearing that, Taiye hissed and relaxed on the tree as Edirin was absorbed back into his body. As his body slowly began to heal, Taiye passed out his strength finally leaving him.
Next thing he knew, he awoke on his bed, in his room with the odd plaited girl sitting opposite him.
The girl is pleased about his awakening and tells him about what happened while he was unconscious.
Firstly, everyone survived the incident. Though there were several injured, no one lost their life.
Secondly, due to the mysterious fires over the past two days, no one is allowed to be around the forest area and the riverside.
Thirdly, the Elders of the village are convening to seek out answers and a solution to the mysterious incidents.
Taiye taking in the information is grateful for the news.
The girl remembers something and gets up telling Taiye that she’ll be back in a bit.
Before she’s able to exit the room, Taiye asks for her name.
“Oh… My name’s Dolapo.”
She said as her bracelet unseen by taiye began to glow a faint blue.