Last Son of Halios chapter 6

” Warrior beyond the shadows, grant me a form of power, One to grant my desires and to manifest my hopes! AGU gear Ominous Blacksmith!”

With the activation chant recited, the dungeon is filled with an immense burst of light that stunned all who bore witness in the chamber. As the three artificial beings recovered their sight, the black and golden form of Gax’s Agu armor stood before them, arms raised and ready for a fight.
It’s eyes glowing madly, the shaggy haired creature who had just been released from its binds snarled as it lunged at Gax, it’s arms having transformed into massive claws.
Dodging it’s first attack, rolling out of the creature’s way, Gax had a better opportunity to see the creature that had just demolished the wall where he used to be.

“It’s such a pity.”

He noted as he watched its body morph back to normal revealing the faded stitch marks and the varied patches of colored flesh all over its body which was female. His first thought on seeing this was that she had been ripped apart and her body was put together with random parts, using magic to force them to assume her original humanoid shape.

” I am not here to hurt you… But if you don’t calm down I will be forced to defend myself.”

He said leaping over another swipe from the individual who had partially transformed into a hulking creature.

“Adora! Exit! Now!”

“Yes master!”

Hearing her master’s command, Adora shifts the earth around the roof of the underground chamber, creating a tunnel to the surface.
As the creature rampages after Gax in the enclosed chamber, it suddenly trips on some rocks. This was no accident. Those same rocks arrange themselves around the creature, muffling it’s roars as they formed a makeshift bullet that’s immediately fired out of the chamber through the tunnel.
The bullet shatters high above the lair’s valley dropping the creature who crashes into the hard ground. Crawling out of the crater it created, the creature spits out blood from its mouth.
Leaping to the surface and sliding down the side of the hill, Gax manifests a large sledgehammer. Watching the creature regain it’s surroundings his grip on the sledgehammer tightens.

“Master what are you planning to do?”

“Hopefully nothing. It all depends on what this chimera does next.”

Gax sighed at the creature growling and snarling at him. Reaching it’s level, He uses the sledgehammer to anchor himself stopping his descent.

” Hey. Whomever or whatever you are I have freed you from your prison where you have been rotting. You have three choices. One, you can leave. You are free to do as you wish and return home/or wherever you lay your head. Two, you can stay and work under me, Find a purpose, make something of yourself. Or three die by my hand.”

Gax softens his tone, hoping that the creature would listen to reason. However things rarely end that smoothly. Writhing in what seemed to be pain, the creature finally let’s out a loud howl as huge spider legs suddenly grow out of its back.

“Why… Why… Why… You could have run.”

Gax muttered under his breath as he dashed forward, sledgehammer raised in readiness.
The creature leapt forward attacking with its newly formed arachnid limbs. Left, right, left, left. Gax parried it’s attacks while he sidestepped it. With a mighty swing of his hammer, he smacked the ribs of the creature sending it flying.
As it rolled on the rugged terrain due to the impact, the creature coughed up a significant amount of blood, a sure sign of serious damage as it tried to stand but fell to its knees as it held its side.
Spinning the hammer in his hand Gax walked casually towards the injured creature.

“Why don’t you run?”

He muttered under his breath, for a brief moment, he saw not the creature before him but a young emaciated man desperately holding a broken blade.
Pushing the vision out of his mind, he stepped forward, dodging a desperate strike and burying the head of his weapon in its gut.
The impact sends the creature spinning and bouncing a fair distance across the rocky valley plain.
Managing to roll unto it’s knees battered,bleeding and bruised creature gasps and pants, trying it’s best to catch some tortured breaths.
Gax sighed.

“Why are you fighting me? I ordered your release, I gave you the choice to either follow me or be free and you choose to fight me?”

All he received was a glare filled with hatred and malice. It’s leg muscles swelling the creature remade its hands into massive talons.

“Stupid choice.”

As the creature charged at him, Gax readied himself by planting his spread out feet firmly into the ground and holding his hammer in a two handed grip.
At first. Dropping the hammer Gax roared as he swung a hard jab that connected with a solid crunch on the chimera’s face.
With a thud, the bloodied creature collapsed unconscious as its body reverted fully to its female patch work form.

“Master, it would be wise to slay this creature for it has bared its teeth against you.”

Adora said as her form assembled beside Gax, her expression a mix between anger and embarrassment.
Dispelling his AGU form, Gax shook his head as he rubbed his left arm.

“No. It’s …She’s not in her right senses. Take her back to the lair and heal her. Inform me when her senses return. Ahhh yeah, what was her name?”

“My former Master called her Teruno. Is there a problem sir? You’re looking at me oddly.”

Adora who had carried the individual on her back was very odd sight as the servant was the size of a child and the chimera was fairly tall.
The result had the chimera’s legs dragging on the ground as Adora walked with a non chalant expression.
Gax wanted to comment on it but he decided against it.

” It’s nothing. Just tell that goop, Andros that for the trouble he’s given me, he doesn’t have a choice but to work under me.”

Watching her walk off into the distance, occasionally adjusting her load to keep it from falling, Gax couldn’t help but to chuckle slightly.

Meanwhile, the entity called Osiririon relaxes in the ruins of a once grand bedroom. Wearing a silver one piece and lying on the bed holding a glass in one hand while staring at a translucent orb in her other hand, she purred softly as she took a sip.
Her golden eyes narrowed as two aged men walked into the room, maneuvering through the rubble taking care not to disturb the chaos of the room.

“What do you want? I’ve said it numerous times, I don’t want to see anyone in person except if they have news about my Reis.”

Staring at the two with a raised eyebrow, she took another sip from her glass.

“Or do you?”

One of the men visibly shivering attempted to step back but his comrade stopped him, lightly pulling on his robes. Once the man had calmed down, the other cleared his throat.

“Daughter of the great god, the elders have found another area in need of your judgement. Please make arrangements for travel as soon as possible.”

Osiririon hissed loudly as she dropped her glass which shattered into shards on the ground.

“Your Old priests should seriously learn to get along with others. Not every disagreement must end in ‘judgement'”

Floating off the bed, Osiririon’s golden armor materialises around her as runs her gauntleted hands through her short hair.

“Who am I kidding? I’ll never refuse a chance to express myself. Tell the priests that I’ll join them shortly.”

With that the two men leave the room in great haste, probably relieved that the demigod was in a pleasant mood.
Osiririon stared at the orb she left on the bed with a conflicted expression before leaving the room.
As the orb begins to fade it’s contents like a fine mist take shape. A young chubby boy is searching desperately for when something catches his attention.
A girl similar in age with brown skin and white hair holds an amulet and gives it to the extremely pleased boy who immediately hugs her…