A lil bit of a may rant

When I created this blog some months ago, I had a simple plan for it. Put up some stories I had been working on, show the world the art I was capable of and take note of a few things that interested me.
As it turns out, life often has plans of its own and it’s amused by your misery.
I had hoped to at least update this blog on a weekly basis but it wasn’t to be.
A few reason exist for this.
Firstly work stress. I’ve been helping out at my dad’s NGO (Benola.org check the site) for two years now. It’s a wonderful initiative but it’s immensely stressful. That means on my time off I’m either too burnt out to update or not in the mood to.
Secondly home /family stress. Honestly due to my slacker nature it’s mostly my fault. However one thing must be said. If one can help it never work with your parents while living with them. The stress from that is just incredible.
As a result difficult days become horrible and bad ones become unbearable.
Plus I broke my laptop two weeks ago.
As a result, I’ve been m

oody and resentful of late.
As a result my art and my blogging has suffered immensely.
However I’m still here and will update as much as I can.
Even if fate goes against me, I shall still post.


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