A lil bit of a may rant

When I created this blog some months ago, I had a simple plan for it. Put up some stories I had been working on, show the world the art I was capable of and take note of a few things that interested me.
As it turns out, life often has plans of its own and it’s amused by your misery.
I had hoped to at least update this blog on a weekly basis but it wasn’t to be.
A few reason exist for this.
Firstly work stress. I’ve been helping out at my dad’s NGO (Benola.org check the site) for two years now. It’s a wonderful initiative but it’s immensely stressful. That means on my time off I’m either too burnt out to update or not in the mood to.
Secondly home /family stress. Honestly due to my slacker nature it’s mostly my fault. However one thing must be said. If one can help it never work with your parents while living with them. The stress from that is just incredible.
As a result difficult days become horrible and bad ones become unbearable.
Plus I broke my laptop two weeks ago.
As a result, I’ve been m

oody and resentful of late.
As a result my art and my blogging has suffered immensely.
However I’m still here and will update as much as I can.
Even if fate goes against me, I shall still post.


GDT second color chapt 2

Taiye stood in the forest at midnight, his body tense from the apprehension and the possibility that he could be dying tonight.
Hearing the sounds of the nocturnal creatures scurrying around and away from them, Taiye had Edirin create a bubble around them for protection which let out a soft yellow glow.
Taiye had been lying in bed when the sliver light had appeared in front of him, informing him that his first battle was about to begin and asked where he wanted it to start.
That’s how he and Edirin had found themselves in the now familiar forest. Taiye complained aloud that the white Etern hadn’t told them anything about their opponent other than their color. Edirin noted that for this purpose it would have to do. Blue. Speaking telepathically, she explained that Blue eterns were capable of storing large amounts of essence which it could fire at will.
Almost on cue a bolt of lightning hits Edirin’s defensive bubble, the force of the blast throwing taiye off his feet and rolling into the bushes. Spitting out grass, Taiye quickly gestures and Edirin enhances his body, allowing him to quickly evade a second lightning bolt fired from the darkness.
Conjuring a pistol in his hands Taiye fires off a few shots before hiding behind a tree. Peering from hiss hiding spot Taiye sees a large orb of blue energy floating towards their position.
Taiye remarked sourly that essence apparently meant electrical bolts, while Edirin ignoring his comment shot at the Orb her limbs turning into blades.
Dancing around the blue orb, Edirin dodge and weaved through its attacks, slashing the orb several times, bouncing from tree to dirt to rock as she was unrelentless in her approach.
However the blue orb is no joke either, though it had yet to get in a solid it, Edirin’s energy form was frayed at the edges from the incessant blasts.
Worse still, quite a few of the blue etern’s blasts had started some small fires in the bush.
Deciding to stop being a spectator in the fight, he mentally warns Edirin to get ready to switch while a translucent golden gun appears in his hand.
Though he and Edirin had practiced with a variety of ranged weapons the gun was the one he felt most comfortable with. Edirin often nagged that the only reason he favored that shape was that it was the one that killed the dog beast.
Raising it to aim at the blue etern who was being distracted by Edirin, Taiye noted why change what worked. Taking a shot, Taiye immediately remembered the gun’s drawback.
With Edirin out there fighting, the source of the gun’s ammo would be his own energy reserves. As the round materialized and left the gun, Taiye suddenly became very woozy, leaning against a tree for support.
But it worked. The bullet tore or better yet shreds into the etern, tearing off a large part of its mass and forcing it to scream in pain.
What no one expected though was for the orb to divide into several tiny orbs that started exploding one after the other.
Her expression one of alarm and fear, Edirin flies over to Taiye, remerges with him and in a burst of inhuman speed gets the two of them out of the burning forest.
After reaching a safe distance, Taiye panting wonders out aloud if the blue etern had perished only for Edirin to materialise beside him, shaking her head slowly. Asking what was going to happen now as he watched the orange glow of the fire stain the night sky Taiye could only hear the sound of his partner sighing.
The forbidden forest’s fire was big news the next day as all the village elders had gone to the site of the fire to check out and see if the village was still fortified. Taiye’s Grandfather being one of those elders naturally went leaving Taiye and Ade with an unusual free day.
Taiye found himself forced to join Ade in cleaning the house even though he was very wary of what could be happening right now. The blue etern was recovering from its wounds, it would not be easy to catch it off guard. The only thing that calmed him was the fact that eterns are mainly nocturnal creatures. Example, the currently dormant Edirin.
After they finished with the cleaning chores, Ade got a ball and calling over some of the local boys began playing an impromptu game of street football.
It was a rowdy yet fun game as every one pushed and shoved for their opportunity to get the ball.
However the fun was cut short when a dog wandered unto the street/pitch and collapsed. Everyone’s stunned at the random action and one of the boys goes to check on it, revealing that it was alive but it wouldn’t wake up.
As the boys all looked in the direction that the dog came from, they saw numerous birds and lizards all lying motionless on the ground. Horrified at the sight all the boys started running some praying, some saying incantations.
Taiye while being pulled away by Ade realizes that he may not have the luxury of just waiting for the blue Etern to appear.
The young dark skinned girl with the odd dark plaits was returning home from school when she found the two room bungalow that she shared with her mother eerily quiet.
Ordinarily her mother, a hot tempered woman would either be shouting at some kids or sharing gossip at this time.
Dropping her bag she cautiously enters the bungalow. As she quietly searches for her mother she hides behind a drawer when she hears a loud unusual electrical crackle as she sees a blue light dart past her leaving behind a strange smell.
Waiting till she was sure of the light’s departure, the odd plaided girl looks around to finally find her mother unconscious and barely breathing. After repeated attempts to wake her with no success, she covers her mother with a blanket and rushes out of the house.
She’s going to find help.