Gym facts

So I’ve joined a gym in the past few weeks. Why?. I’m essentially a pretty sedentary person who was getting seriously overweight. And since I wasn’t interested in getting any bigger i decided to join a gym.
The particular gym is a small one adjoined to a hotel near my family’s dwelling. I’ve been going there for a few weeks and these are the things I’ve learned from this on going endeavor.

1. The routines and regimens are always more difficult than it seems (at first).
When I started up I assumed that the elliptical machine would be fairly easy to do. All I needed was to use it for a set amount of minutes right? Wow was I wrong. within the first five minutes I was wheezing and panting already sweaty and tired. My first aerobics session was even worse as I fell behind a couple of times as my co ordination was crap.
However a few weeks in I’m starting to get the hang of this exercise thing and my stamina is getting better bit by bit.

2.The after session pain and tiredness is horrible.
The day after my first gym session, I could barely get up from bed. Not only was I tired, my body was sore all over from the barely used muscles being suddenly forced into extended action. Honestly I was in a low energy mode for the the whole day, only fully recovering the day after. But as my stamina increased, these periods of tiredness reduced and so far instead of a whole day, I currently need only a few hours to recover.

3.Though fairly expensive/ painful, having a personal trainer is a good idea.
Generally being the lazy git I was, my parents figured that there was close to no way that I would push myself seriously in any regimen. So having a member of the gym staff help out during the exercise regimen would help to have some serious benefits.

4.You kinda have to lose your sense of shame when you’re at it.
As with a lot of larger or plus sized people, we tend to have a bit of a complex about the bodies we are in. In my case it wasn’t self hatred per say, it was more not wanted to be mocked or made fun of by others. Especially when you’re huffing and puffing during routines. Thankfully the gym staff was quite understanding and I soon became fairly comfortable. But I could easily imagine it being much more awkward.

5. In the end one still needs to go on a diet.
I once did a diet, and it kinda worked. I lost a bit of weight and things were looking good.But I got tired and went back to my old bad eating habits and regained most of it. Now that i started up on the gymming experience when I was told a frank truth. I had to start a diet or all of my exercise would be a waste of time. Not only that but whatever routine I had started must become a lifetime habit for me if I’m to lose/ keep the weight off.
Sigh… that’s annoying but doesnt make it untrue.

Well just wanted to let off some steam in regards to the matter at hand. thanks for hearing me out….


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