Designing the Gigans

So to be perfectly honest, I seriously wanted to update my stories….not that I was reading a new discovery light novels……
Never mind that, to be honest I’ve been a casual fan of the show power rangers. when I say casual, I mean I’ve watched more than a few episodes of each season of the show. I’ve laughed, sighed and even face-palmed at the highs and lows the show has gone through over its twenty year run. so decided to draw a few designs of superheroes vaguely in the ranger nature called the Gigans. They are as follows:

POWERS: Superstrength, flight, energy absorption, durability.

gigan yellow

POWERS: Speed, stealth, Equipped with several demon slaying blades

blue gigan

POWERS: possesses a powerful wraith like entity that allows for energy projection, matter degradation and hard light constructs

red gigan

POWERS: armed with an array of Bombs and guns, mainly a support for the previous trio.

green gigan

The story i had in mind was them being a city’s extra security force employed by the mayor to defend it from threats too powerful to be handled by the regular law enforcement.

I wonder if I’ll do a short on them in the future.


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