Designing the Gigans

So to be perfectly honest, I seriously wanted to update my stories….not that I was reading a new discovery light novels……
Never mind that, to be honest I’ve been a casual fan of the show power rangers. when I say casual, I mean I’ve watched more than a few episodes of each season of the show. I’ve laughed, sighed and even face-palmed at the highs and lows the show has gone through over its twenty year run. so decided to draw a few designs of superheroes vaguely in the ranger nature called the Gigans. They are as follows:

POWERS: Superstrength, flight, energy absorption, durability.

gigan yellow

POWERS: Speed, stealth, Equipped with several demon slaying blades

blue gigan

POWERS: possesses a powerful wraith like entity that allows for energy projection, matter degradation and hard light constructs

red gigan

POWERS: armed with an array of Bombs and guns, mainly a support for the previous trio.

green gigan

The story i had in mind was them being a city’s extra security force employed by the mayor to defend it from threats too powerful to be handled by the regular law enforcement.

I wonder if I’ll do a short on them in the future.


GDT: Second colour 1

It’s a chilly night as quiet as could be in a certain village. Houses are locked down, fields and roads are deserted and even the few shops are locked down. The whole village is asleep.

The only activity taking place at this time is at the forbidden forest, where if anyone was awake, they would have noticed the flickering and dashing lights coming from there.
Edirin the golden etern was dashing between trees as fast as she could in her humanoid form while Taiye was shooting at her switching between guns, bow and arrows and slingshots.

Ever since their near death experience at the hands of the red dog beast etern, Taiye and Edirin had been training each other in order to prepare for the next Etern who would be coming to hunt them.
Three weeks had passed and it was nearly time. Why were they targeted? Well from what Taiye could understand, in the world of eterns creatures composed of energy, having color was a thing of status, the brighter the color the more respected you were. Thus etern society was ruled by the families of color so to say. Periodically an etern is born with a golden color who will rule as king over the families. There was no problem with the system as long as the golden etern was born within the families of color.
Edirin however was born colorless and had one random day become golden. That was an issue. If a golden one wasn’t born from the “families” it had to die.
Edirin however had escaped to the human realm and become bonded to Taiye and as a result he was also dragged into this situation.
As a result of him being brought into the situation. The eterns had decided that over a period of four months, Taiye and Edirin would fight representatives of the four families on a monthly basis. If they defeated all of them, the families would leave Edirin and Taiye alone.

That was enough motivation for Taiye and considering the beating he got from dog beast, he really wanted to become stronger and more skilled so as to survive this experience.
Noticing the early arrival of the morning, Taiye called off their training and Edirin, cheery as a child was absorbed into his body.
As he snuck out of the forest and walked the short journey to his grandfather’s house. Edirin remarked that their combined skill had increased remarkably. Taiye agreed noting that any day now their next opponent would arrive and put a test to that training.
Entering the small house through the back, quickly entered the toilet for a quick bath. One of the benefits of being in a symbiotic relationship with an etern is a reduced need for sleep, leaving him a lot of free time at night to train.

Looking out the window, watching the sun rise, Taiye realized he had spent six weeks in this little village, three and a half since they both met Edirin mentally added. Another convenience of being combined was being able to converse mentally. Yes he was seen as a little odd by the villagers for staring into space frequently, but it was much better than being assumed mentally ill. Besides planting crops, weeding, chasing away pests…. Life is hectic enough for him without unneeded issues.
Before he could ponder any further, grandfather called out to him. Since he was awake already, Taiye was asked to accompany his grandfather to the farm for some weeding and to repair the barbed wire around it.
The day passed on as with any other, except for one very unusual event. After a hard day at the farm, after grandfather had gone ahead for a village meeting, Taiye and his cousin Ade decided to go to the market. Though he had been exiled to this nowhere village by his parents, he still got a decent allowance which he used to make himself a little more comfortable.
While haggling fruit prices with a trader, Edirin mentally alerts him that he was being watched. Surprised Taiye turns to see a young dark skinned girl with odd plaits staring in the middle of the busy market.
Realizing she had been seen, the girl runs off dropping her bags in full view of the shocked crowd.
Ade hissed loudly wondering what was wrong with the strange girl. Taiye agreed quickly buying the fruit and going home.

Later in the evening, while sitting on the toilet, Edirin manifested herself, saying that that girl of earlier could be a problem. Mostly unconcerned, Taiye inquired why and Edirin responds while rolling tissue paper that she suspects that the girl could see her or at least could sense her.
Taiye accuses her of being careless but Edirin protests that it wasn’t her fault, some people were more sensitive to eterns than others. Taiye for instance could sense eterns due to his high compatibility with her. People like Ade, as long as she kept herself hidden and used the barest minimum of power, would never notice her. However that girl was different. She was born with a high level of awareness, which would eventually leave her with 4 choices. Either she becomes a nomad, takes control of an etern, possessed by an etern or death.
Taiye uneasy with what Edirin just said notes that if the girl could see eterns, she would naturally keep away right?
Meanwhile the girl being discussed about shivers in her bed, scared out of her mind but also fascinated by what she saw. A young man with yellow eyes surrounded by a golden aura. He was no ordinary individual that was for sure. Looking at her swollen fingers where she had been flogged by her mother, she let out a small gasp.

“What is he?”