Benola is two!

So, yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of my workplace, the NGO Benola.
Due to the election fever currently going on we didnt feel like doing any large scale celebration. However i did do some artwork to mark the event.

benola banner

benola celebration 6

please check the NGO by the following websites:


Last Son of Halios 4

Finally I’ve uploaded another chapter of this series. Hopefully i can speed up the updates of my original stories.



Screamed a figure as it crashed into the earth, the force creating a crater sending debris in all directions.
The figure coughing up blood, struggled to get on his feet as pieces of his broken armor fell off him.
He was Randall Horace a Knight of the green vale, actually the last surviving one.
A week ago the people of the green vale were presented a message from a group calling themselves the kingdom of Osiririon. The letter had basically demanded the immediate surrender of the land of the green vale with the execution of the royal house within two days.
The Green vale had long been wary of the barbarians who had been pillaging and conquering its neighbors over the preceding three years and were alarmed to see this letter.
With immediate haste a squadron of the land’s strongest and most skilled fighters, warriors and mages was assembled in order to send a message to the barbarian horde.
The band of thirty made their way to the enemy camp where they encountered something astonishing. Instead of a mob or rather an army, there was a single woman standing alone in the woods.
Hair white as silk, brown skin like that of the finest ebony, the beauty sighed as if she was bored of waiting for someone.
She was only a single lady to their thirty, but her presence was overbearing. Armor rattled loudly and staves shook as experienced warriors and mages unconsciously understood what it felt like to be prey seeing a hungry predator on the prowl.
Andros, the brave fool he was attacked first and was the first to fall as a single swipe of her wrist tore him in two splattering his remains all over the foliage.
As golden armor materialized on her body, the woman smirked as she considered the twenty nine strong group.
Randall, enchanted blade in hand, had only one thought in mind as he and his comrades prepared to fight this individual.
They were all going to die here.
The massacre was swift as it was bloody. Reflected spells burned up trees and shrubs and the sheer impact of the blows tore up the land creating numerous craters where unfortunate bodies were partially buried under.
Randall himself had been thrown by one of these impacts over several miles. He was only alive because of his armor which used to have special protective enchantments as it was falling apart.
The time for self-reflection was over when he heard a crash behind him.

“Found you! I knew there should be one of you knights still alive. ”

Pulling out his sword from the ground Randall groaned as bruised skin rubbed against broken, dented armor.
As the knight braced himself, raising his blade, the lass… no the creature who had just massacred the green vale’s best, causally took a few steps forward, her blood stained armor glittering in the sun.

“Any last words knight of the green vale? I always give the last survivor a chance to get things off his chest. One hears the strangest things during those times.”

Stopping in her tracks the white haired demon stared at Horace quizzically as she waited for his reply.
Sword shaking in his hands, Randall Horace’s heart beat like a crazed jack rabbit. Everyone else in his group had already fallen to her hand. As much as he desired to run, it was both a disgrace to his fallen comrades and he doubted he’d get far anyway.

“I have… no words for you witch. I am a proud knight of the vale, fighting till I drop is my vow!”

The demon’s mouth twisted into a smile.

“That makes things a lot simpler!”

As she dashed towards him, Randall had one final thought before everything went black.
He really should have spent the night gambling.


Adora the living cavern was having a difficult morning. At first her current master who preferred to call himself Gax had locked himself up for weeks in the study reading and conducting experiments long into the night. He seemed to be a quiet man. Polite though. It wasn’t easy reading someone when all he does is read, tinker with his gear and sleep. At least he wasn’t like her original master.
Y the skull faced witch. She was one of the most vicious beings to ever walk the continent. Unmistakably evil, she was a genius when it came to transfiguration. Ever so curious she always wondered what would happen if some creature was combined with another. Thus she rarely ever killed her victims, rather she enjoyed their screams of pain as she modified and altered their bodies.
Today was set to be just another day of her observing her new master and his spectral ally when she was alerted to visitors at the entrance.
Adora herself was created as a maid connected to the very mortar of the lair. Though she could mould the arrangement of the lair and its environs as an extension of herself, as a result she couldn’t leave it herself.
Assembling a body out of the walls of the entrance, she was surprised to see two familiar figures.
W, a mountain of a man, 7 foot tall and covered in a mass of bandages and scars glared down at her while smoking a pipe.
His companion P, was a thin individual who carried a large metal box and wore a skull as a cap.

“Open the door and call your master.”

W says with an irritated expression as he spits on the sides of the cave.
P leans close to Adora eyeing her closely as a hissing noise came from the box he carried.
These two were students, disciples of her former master, neither was as talented as the six armed witch but their cruelty made up for it. Adora figured the recent rash of ritual deaths outside Orbia were their handwork.

“My master does not wish to be disturbed. Could you return some other…?”

Adora’s speech is interrupted by her she’ll being shattered by a blow from W.

“You exist to clean and open doors, not to talk. LET US IN!”

W bellowed, his bulging monstrous muscles straining his bandages.
Slowly the door opened and out stepped the Individual who called himself Gaxis Mur. Taking a deep breath and folding his arms Gax glared at the two intruders.

“I am the master of this domain, Gaxis Mur. I do not take kindly to strangers causing a ruckus on my property. If you have any business with me say it now. If not leave.”


W gasped at the individual standing before him with an expression of rage plastered all over his face. Before he could do or say anything, P places his hand on his comrade’s chest.

“Gaxis Mur you say? You say that you’re the new master of the Adora Hollow. Can I assume that the six armed sorceress is no longer with us?”

P stared coldly at while dropping his metal box on the ground.

“Yes she is. I took her out myself. As a result, everything of hers is mine to use as I please.”

Gax shrugs as he touches the trinket wrapped around his wrist.


“I see. Then there’s no further need for discussion. We will kill you here and now to require our teacher’s property.”

P states as he begins to unfasten his box which began creaking and hissing loudly.

“You can try.”

In an instant W strikes a blow at Gax and the entrance of the hollow explodes in a shower of dust and rock.
Flying out of it and landing side by side W and P glared into the dust waiting for their opponent to show himself.
They didn’t have to wait long. Out of the dust walked out Gax who had transformed into his AGU form.
A month of tinkering had changed its appearance greatly. Instead of it being a darker variant of his predecessor’s armor, it was a black body tight suit with golden plating and golden gauntlets.

“A Seridian AGU?”

Screamed W as the bandages around his upper torso fell off revealing that his numerous scars had begun to glow.
P simply grunted as he dashed towards the AGU who responded in kind.
Their collision shook the very stones of the valley as Gax stuck with a massive sword and P blocked the attack with his metal box. The AGU retreated as a large serpent bursts out of it chasing the warrior up the sides of the valley, tearing through the rock and soil as it attempted to catch its prey.

“Weapon mode M”

The serpent finds itself ensnared in massive spiked chains with the AGU stabbing it’s skull with the two sickles on each end.
With a high pitched screech the serpent bursts into a pile of goop as the AGU lands on the blood soaked earth. But before he could rest, he’s forced to block a punch from W that sends him flying.


As the AGU catches himself with his chained sickles, he’s forced to dodge yet another attack from W which created a large impressive crater.

“Weapon mode L”

Twin broad swords appeared in the AGU’s hands as he and W began to trade attacks while also avoiding the serpents and sneak strikes from P.
As the fighting continued, Adora had long reassembled her physical form and watching the fight intently.
She sighed as the wispy figure of the dark warrior appeared beside her.

“Are you not supposed to be supporting your avatar?”

The wraithlike being simply shrugged.
“My role is simply to supply him with power, everything else is up to him.”

“I see.”

“What of you?”

“Master Gax seems to be handling the situation well enough. He doesn’t need my help.”

“But do you want to help? That is the question.”

The dark warrior said as he placed a hand on Adora’s shoulder.

“Wickedness may have created you, but I can see a soul who can shine in the right conditions. Child of stone, you have to play a part to create the conditions of your shining.”

W flexes as his scars glow, firing out numerous energy attacks that Gax is forced to dance around as he fights the serpents that P summons through his metal box.

“Weapon Mode S”

With a single swing the serpents are sliced in half as he immediately strikes at P who blocks the blow with his box. But W grabs the AGU and hurls him into a wall.
Landing on his face, the stunned AGU is barely able to perceive P’s next attack.
Suddenly a rock spike emerges from the ground forcing P back.


Her small form assembles itself before him with a fierce look in her eyes.

“How can I help you, Master?”

Gax nods his head as he watches W and P preparing for another set of attacks.

“Just defend me. If you can do that then this will be over quickly…And thank you.”

Grabbing the massive sword by the hilt, Gax leaps over the rock spike.
W sends a wave of energy locusts which are encased in a column by Adora as Gax slashes him in the chest.
P leaps in to protect his comrade summoning the highest number of serpents that he had ever done in the fight.

“Weapon mode C”

A small box with a circular hole appears in Gax’s arms sucking all the serpents into it with a pop as it finished.
Astonished P tries to jump back but finds his feet stuck in the ground.

“Weapon Mode K”

A giant spear impales P right in the gut. As the spear disappears, blood begins pouring out of the wound leaving him gasping for breath.


W screamed as he rushed at Gax.

“Weapon S”

W’s arm flew into the air as it was separated from his body. However, W sped past Gax and right for his comrade whom he grabbed with his remaining arm.

“This isn’t over AGU! We’ll settle this another time!”

He said as he leapt high into the air a heavily bleeding P in tow.

“Should we go after them?”

Adora asked as she assembled herself before Gax.

“No. We have a lot of work to do. If these guys could give me so much trouble, I need to get much stronger.”

“Erm… master I may not understand why you’re in need of power but I think I can help with that…”

A random spoilt/ rotten situation.

So, consider that you had a child. This child. Probably 10 years old but at most 12.

good boi

pretty cute isn’t he? well lets say for some reason whatsoever, you had to go on a 3 month trip. It could be work, self discovery, hiding from the mafia whatever.

You had to leave this cute kid with the relatives while you sorted things out during the period. 3 months later you return expecting to see your loved child only to see this.

bad boi

Now here comes the question, after the initial shock has passed what are you going to do about what has happened to your child?

Happy Valentine’s

So how has everyone’s valentine? did you confess to the one youve been crushing on? did your significant other get you a gift for the season? Did you take your love out, stay in or have a special arrangement of some sort?
Or were you one of the loveless individuals that sulked as friends and family exchanged pleasantries?

Either way, here’s a few pics to commemorate the occassion for the loved and the loveless.

nothing  1


cherub hearts