TV Interview at home.

Today was interesting. We were visited by a news crew from the programme health matters of the TV Continental channel. In case you had not been informed, my father is the head of an NGO named BENOLA focused and childhood disability specifically Cerebral palsy. The inspirationfor the NGO is my little bro Olaolu who suffers from the condition.

The news crew came to interview us as a family living with Cerebral palsy and were eager to question us.
My mother talked about the difficulty, lonliness and the lessons learned from being a parent of a child with CP.
My father talked about how he was affected, the things he discovered and how Olaoluwa inspired him to create BENOLA.

My younger brother Dayo talked about how Olaolu was in most instances just like any other brother, being playful, naughty, annoying, understanding and so loving.

When it was my turn, I talked a bit about some limitations faced by being a brother of a child with Cp.

Finally it was Olaolu’s turn to shine in the spotlight.
The interviewers watched as Olaolu took medicine through a tube and said a few words.
when the whole thing was done, we shared snacks and talked a bit offline.
I’m glad they came, because people need to realise that Cerebral Palsy isn’t a shameful thing. It’s just a condition that like aany other can be lived with.
Here are some pics.



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