2015’s first post / New glasses aquisition

Been awhile since I last posted here, *clears away cobwebs* but honestly as an African and particularly / specifically Nigerian, the holiday season of Christmas and the new year is serious business.
In addition to that there was a wedding and my birthday in between the two this basically meant lots of celebrations, after celebration cleaning up and the sober January mourning of our lost funds.
As a result, not much was done in either the writing nor the drawing department.
However, I shall finish the latest chapter of Gaea’s knight and last son of halios as soon as I can. Artwise, I have aquired certain art tutorials and will share my progress as long as it lasts.

The main issue at hand is….
My new pair of glasses purchased from Visions opticals!


A stronger prescription, a cleaner, sleeker look and a subtle yet important revitalization of my personal identity.
I therefore retire my old lenses which have worked hard since October 2013 till January 2015 only suffering two fractures in its years of service. It will be missed.


And welcome my newly aquired beauty purchased at a fair debt.


May our partnership be fruitful and help me to witness fantastic things.


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