Interlude/ Gaea’s Knight chapter 7

This is the tale, story, myth or fable that was told to Jide Omoyemi on a bright slightly humid day, two weeks after he had arrived in the world of Terr.
Due to the constant interruptions, backtracking and the occasional clarification, the tale will be told in its most direct and basic form.
This is the Tale of Terr, told by Brisbane the Elder of the forest town of Illien.
In the beginning, there was nothing. No life, no energy, absolutely nothing. Then the creative force came to be. Its origins are unknown but even an imbecile would understand it’s impact on the empty due to be occupied.
As the Sun, stars and other celestial bodies came into existence, the creator came to create the world that we come from.
After creating and shaping the world to his satisfaction, the creative force began to populate it with a wide variety of life. From the stone Goliaths of Creme, the sensual Irreedans, the burning fernus tribe of the red sands to the great oliphants of the savannas, life blossomed on the planet he created.
Pleased with his work, the creative force went about making the custodians, the Administrators of his will and order.
Avia, Deity of life and power. Symbolized by a bird of fire, personified as a golden woman with brightly glowing red hair was to watch over the living creatures that had been created.
Lupiros, Deity of the weather. Symbolized by the wolf clad in shadows and personified as an old man with white hair and gray skin was the caretaker of the forces of nature.
Caris, Deity of Law, Order and magic. Symbolized by the tribrid cub and personified as an androgynous child was responsible for the balance of magic, the laws of civilizations and the order of life in the world.
Debond, Deity of sacrifice and death. Symbolized by an armored skeleton and personified by a large bearded man with long dark hair and pitch black clothes was responsible for those who died and the kingdoms of the dead.
Gaea, the Deity of the earth. Personified as a woman with silver skin,and dressed in leaves and branches was responsible for the land and seas.
Finally satisfied with its work, it is unknown whether the creative force dissipated, left to pursue other ventures or stayed silently observing what it had made.
For a period, the relationship between the Guardian deities was cordial as they carried out their duties and guided creation.
However something happened which would change everything.
A race emerged unknown to the Guardian deities after the departure of the creative force. Humanity.
A race without a natural connection to either mana, magic nor an element was a unique oddity that had appeared in the world.
This posed a problem for the guardian deities. As this race was not naturally created by their maker but emerged on its own thus not fitting into the natural order of things, it was a question of whether their existence was to be validated.
Avia and Luprios strongly advocated that this race was an abomination and should be destroyed utterly before they tainted the rest of creation.
Gaea however defended humanity saying that their emergence was just another sign of the abundant creative essence of their “father”. Infact in a way humanity served as a shadow to their father as they were capable of creation despite their lack of natural powers.
Caris intervened stating that Humanity deserved a chance to prove itself and should be granted time to integrate with the rest of creation.
The Guardian deities agreed on this action and gave three generations to watch and see what would happen if humanity would co exist with the other races. But as soon as the agreement was made, Avia took actions ensuring the failure of the exercise.
Using her authority the other races were influenced to become actively hostile to humanity leading to as many as six wars in a single generation.
Between being actively attacked, kidnapped, enslaved and massacred, Humanity seemed doomed to a quick extinction.
However, the Deity Gaea who had developed a soft spot for this forsaken race, had decided to take action to protect this race. By taking certain humans and empowering them, she created the Dread knights, powerful and brutal creatures that served as champions for the human race.
This action enraged Lupiros and caused a deep quarrel between the deities that later descended into a full on battle between Gaea and the duo of Avia and Luprios.
Horrified at the deaths being caused by their battle, Caris went to Debond seeking help in defusing this quarrel.
With Debond’s Help Caris was able to stop the fighting and put up a solution.
Why don’t the Deities do what the creator did with the realms of the living and the dead. Separate realms for humanity and the rest of Avia’s races.
After considering the option before them the guardian deities split the one world into two. One supplying the other with mana and magic in turn rendering it null of any mystic energy.
The Guardian Deities gave the citizens of the world a choice.
Either lose your magic and stay on Gaea’s null world or go to Terr and face new dangers and new opportunities.
With the inhabitants of the world having chosen their destined worlds the Deities were free to do as they wished.
On Terr, the world was redivided and shared amongst creation with Avia, Lupiros and Caris as its Deities while on the null world all evidence and trace of magic was erased to allow humanity to develop on its own terms with Gaea staying as a silent observer of the world she facilitated making changes where she saw fit.
However the two realms weren’t totally disconnected. They could be transversed by the truly talented or the most desperate of souls as it was a dangerous endevour. If one traveled from the Null world to Terr, one risked being a powerless prey in a land of predators. On the other hand a traveler from Terr risked a painful and deliabitating death if he came to the null world as his very mana was ripped from his bones.
However the Deities have been known to periodically borrow individuals from one world to the other to fulfill certain tasks or roles. If one finds his/herself in the world of the other, it is very likely that they have an immense purpose to fulfill.


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