Peeping Tom/ Paranoid Jane?

I was planning on putting up another chapter of my Gaea’s knight story up today but reality has offered something else to talk about.
I woke up this morning to hear shouts of annoyance and accusations of acute perversion.
Being the busy body that I was, naturally I went to find out what happened. Apparently a lady in the family compound had accused the driver of peeking on her while she was bathing.
From her POV she went to bath in the boys quarter of the main house (think of it as guest/staff resting area of a house). She said she had noticed someone peeking over her stall twice as she bathed. When she called out asking who was there, she received no answer. Now pissed she had opened the toilet stall to see the driver there.
From the driver’s POV he had simply been pressed and had no choice but to use the loo beside the bath stall. He had heard her call but didn’t bother to answer as he was “clearing his bowels”.
As one could fairly predict the lady was not impressed with that excuse and had begun screaming her lungs out.
Upon hearing the full story (at least both sides of the story) I went to see my mother who had acted as judge to this case.
Her verdict? Basically Ban the driver from the toilet area and commissioning locks on the main bathroom door so that those within could lock it from within.
My opinion? I dunno. But her judgment seemed okay. When I asked her why, she merely said that the average man is a pervert that will take any opportunity that he gets and it’s the job of the woman to protect herself.
I’m putting this up to ask if you agree with my mum’s viewpoint or you think she’s wrong please share your thoughts.


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