Gaea’s Knight 6

The rumbling of the earth below him snapped Jide’s eyes open as he sat up from his slumber in an abandoned dilapidated hut. Looking at his companion who was still sleeping peacefully, Jide briefly considered checking his phone for the time only to remember it was damaged.
But looking out the Window of their sleeping site, Jide mulled over the previous day’s events as he pulled out a yellow fruit from a makeshift bag that the florin had made from her vines.
He had faced some sort of panel yesterday with who he guessed where the town’s leaders. Taking a bite from the fruit, Jide got to his feet and walked out of the hut.
He had leapt about 30 – 40 kilometers last night before Hibee had dozed off on his shoulder and nearly fell off. So he had decided to stop at the nearest livable location and spend the night at an abandoned hut just at the edge of the forest. Swatting away insects as he trudged through the tall grass it was difficult to imagine that just a few days ago he was in class studying, playing videogames and watching wrestling.
Come to think of it, wouldn’t the royal carnage event be showing right about now? He sighed bitterly as he pushed the tree branches aside.

“There you are.”

He said as he came upon a small stream in the forest. A smile came across his face as he quickly undressed to his boxers and soaked himself in the water. It was so good to have a full bath, though the lack of soap meant there was a little something lacking.
After a quick washing, Jide stepped out of the stream and considered the clothes he had laid on the bushes.

“Ah…how am I going to dry off?”

He pondered as he rubbed his wet hair.

“You seem to be the type that doesn’t think things through.”

Jide spun in shock to see a tall figure standing just a few metres away leaning against a tree.

“If you couldn’t even set up a plan to dry your body after a swim, how were you expecting to take care of both yourself and the poor florin you’ve enticed?”

The Illienze Elder said his gray eyes staring at Jide rather coldly. Jide was getting pissed off just by his presence. Won’t these people let him be?

“Firstly what I do isn’t your concern. Secondly Hibee followed me of her own accord. If you’re here to convince me to go back to that village… that’s not going to happen.”

He states as he willed his transformation into metal, folding his arms as he watched the unconcerned intruder.

“Oh my. That is quite interesting. An infant dread knight. Never thought I’d ever see one in my life. The gods are kind these days to me.”

The elder spoke as he pushed himself off the tree he had been leaning against. The once cold eyes were gleaming with curiosity and interest.

“Why don’t we make a deal young dread knight, if you manage to impress me I’ll let you go on your way? If you disappoint me, you’ll be going back to the Illienze.”


Jide manages to say before a he’s suddenly knocked into the stream. Spitting out water, Jide leaps out of the way just before a large earth fist smashes beside him spraying water everywhere.
Rolling to his feet Jide grunted as he saw his opponent. The old Illienze had created six massive golems who all gathered around him ready to go into action.
Two large humanoid ones standing ready.
Two large snake-like one coiled around a tree.
And two huge spheres just pinning in place in the air above the elderly Illienze.

“How nice… two of everything.”

Ripping out a nearby tree, Jide sidesteps to the left dodging the one of the snake’s lunges, spinning in place and whacking it aside, tree trunk in hand.
However the second snake bites through the trunk, its teeth narrowly missing Jide’s torso as he dove out of its path.
Hearing the snake crash into the bushes behind him. Jide takes a quick look at the Illienze who was sitting comfortably on a chair while the humanoid golems rushed towards him.


Jide gritted his teeth as he parried a punch from one of the golems and swung it at the Illienze but it was promptly shot down by the spheres darting around him.

“Not bad… but is that all you can do?”

The Illienze said as he directed his creations against Jide.
Pelted by rocks, Jide instinctively covers up his head and shoulders, leaving his side vulnerable to an attack from the returned earth snake whose attack sent the both of them into the woods.
The two struggled for a bit before Jide managed to break the snake’s jaw ripping it in two. Seeing the remaining humanoid running towards him, Jide tensed his muscles. As the humanoid made a grab for him Jide went behind it, grabbed it by the torso and delivered a German suplex on it. It was a move he had seen hundreds of times on the television back home. The impact of the move shattered the humanoid completely, its pieces flying all over the place.
As Jide got to his feet, he smirked as he cracked his knuckles.
The Elderly Illienze watched the forest carefully, as his two spheres spun right around him.
Sensing the destruction of his creations he braced himself for any possible attack that the dread knight could throw at him….
He surely wasn’t expecting several uprooted tree trunks flying in his direction. Though bewildered he set his spheres into action shooting the trees down before they could reach him. The elder groans as he sees a massive rock being flying in his direction.

“By the gods!”

Transforming the spheres into giant fists, the elder catches the rock midair only for it to shatter into hundreds. Of pieces as the metal dread knight crashed into him.
As the dust clears, the Elder finds himself lifted by the collar by Jide, who glared as he clenched his fist.

“Impressed yet old papa?”

Jide asked as he eyed the old Illienze who was curiously enough not struggling against his grip.

“Very much so child, very much so. But would you let go of me now? I’m not as young as I used to be.”

“I don’t see why I should.”

The elder nonchalantly points to the bush beside Jide. Turning his head slowly, Jide gasped as he saw Hibee hands and legs bound in solid rock, being pushed forward by a young female Illienze with emerald piercing eyes.
The dejected florin could barely look Jide in the face while the Illienze kept staring daggers at him as she held her prisoner in place.
Sighing loudly, Jide released the elder who simply readjusted his clothes nonchalantly.

“Dropped you old one. Guess you want to take us back to the village once more?”

“Not in my life!”


The elder absentmindedly creates several chairs and tables as the trio watches him in shock.
The young Illienze was the first to snap out of it. Brushing the hair from her face, her hand moving into a pouch on her belt she spoke gently to the elder, keeping Jide well in her sights.

“Elder Brisbane…. wasn’t their capture the whole point of chasing them? Are we going to…?”

“Don’t be stupid you muddit.”

Elder Brisbane snapped as he created a small hut surrounding the newly created furniture. Cooing at his creation, he motioned for the trio to come in and sit.

“I never wanted you and your florin friend to be delayed any longer than you had to.”

He said as the trio sat down on their assigned chairs.

“Do you know exactly what you are Jide? That’s your name isn’t it?”

Jide looking around in amazement at his newly constructed surroundings was gently nudged by Hibee.

“Oh… not really. But you have been calling me a dread knight a lot. I’m guessing you’re going to tell me.”

“Yes I will… but first you need to know some basic things about our world. And the most basic of all things would be our creation story. Listen closely young one.”


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