some stuff i’m working on.

so today of all days i closed my photoshop program and behold i had five works in progress i am at least proud to display.

i’m thinking of creating a mega poster featuring the characters displayed.

first is one half of a shadow demon duo, twins in fact. they possess quick wit, a tendency to annoy and abilities concerning shadows and darkness.they were created by a friend of mine and stolen affectionately by me.
mona mega pic1

this is mine. he’s an artifical human who was originally a golem until his body was destroyed in battle. now revived in a body of flesh and blood he seeks to avenge his loss…or something.
rosilier mega pic version

this individual is more or less the rivial of the above character, who seeks a rematch against her. wonder how the battle will shift this time?
shimel mega pic

and image featuring both tweens
the tweens

and last but not least a pic of the other twin preparing for mischief
misa 1 mc


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