Silent communication and Ignored pings

So this evening I was talking to my Father about the future of our family. Its a rather serious discussion. Miracles were needed, new workers needed to be employed and big changes needed to be made. so as the discussion was underway, my phone rang. It was Debbie a girl I had gotten pretty friendly with a few weeks ago. To be honest I was expecting her to call me and made the motion to pick the call when I froze. my father looked at me in the eye silently… but a clear message had been sent.

Are you going to pick a call when we’re talking serious business? Is that call more important than me?

my blinking sent the reply.

No my father. I owe you everything and will continue the conversation.

and so we continued talking. and Debbie called again. and again. Each time my father satred at me in the eye and i blinked back at him ignoring the phone that rang.

by the time it was over, and i tried calling debbie back, she herself decided not to answer my calls.
Thinking to myself I wondered if she was mad. When she finally picked, she basically wondered out loud why i wouldn’t pick her calls…only to calm down when i explained what happened, tho by the tone of her voice, i’m not sure she quite believed me.

just one of those random thngs that happens.


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