GDT 5.

So the conclusion to the beginning of GDT.

Taiye trembled as he faced the red entity which towered over him. Just the previous night this creature had handily captured and nearly killed him. Yet 24 hours later, here they stood in the dark forest, facing each other for a rematch, the difference being he actually willingly went for it this time.
The Dogbeast remarked that it was rather impressive for a fleshling to bring himself to an Etern battle after seeing what he was capable of.
Taiye asked if he was no longer the host of the golden Etern, would he be safe from further attacks. The Dogbeast shook it head admitting that the moment he got involved he had been marked for death.
Taiye grumbled that basically fighting was his only option. Edirin annoyed shouts whether they were just here to talk or settle this.
In a swift response, the dogbeast released his pack of dogs on the them, with taiye’s body leaping out of their repeated lunges.
Landing on a tree branch, Taiye hissed as Edirin materialized a blade and leapt at the Dogbeast only to be knocked back into the tree. Slashing through the attacking dog and dissipating it, Edirin in control darts around and behind the trees, slashing the Dogbeast’s constructs and dodging their attacks.
The Dogbeast comments that they are moving much faster than he anticipated but…they aren’t truly in sync, as one of his dogs finally gets the drop on them, biting fiercely at taiye’s left shoulder.
Managing to dissipate that dog, Taiye remarked that they were losing, Edirin tells him to shut it, that they still have a chance.
Making a mad dash through the grass, Taiye’s leaped at the dogbeast only to be grabbed and flung into a tree. Before his body could slide down the bark, the Dogbeast’s arm morphed into a giant maw and smashed him right through the tree. The Dogbeast smashes Taiye repeatedly on the ground and trees and only stops when it accidentally hurls him out of the forest and into the river.
A badly beaten Taiye drags himself out of the water with a materialized Edirin’s help. As Edirin apologized for bringing him into that situation, a dazed Taiye asks her to help him. Since he’s too battered to jump around anymore, her method of fighting is off the table. When asked Edirin says that she could create any weapon that either of them can think of.
By the time the Dogbeast had made his way through the forest to their position, Taiye was standing aiming a translucent golden pistol at the red Etern.
Smiling weakly at the Dogbeast, Taiye fires several shots which the Dogbeast dodges with ease before smacking him to the ground.
As Taiye lay before him bleeding, the Dogbeast admitted that had the fleshing had any time to actually train this battle could have been fairly easy for the Dogbeast to lose. Too bad for him that he…
Boom! His shoulder suddenly explodes and his arm dissipates as it falls to the ground. The Dogbeast tries to reform it’s arm but fails. Then a second, third, fourth and fifth explosion riddle it’s body to shreds. The shots made earlier had curved when they missed to properly hit their intended target.
Taiye with the gun in hand, struggled to his feet staggering to where the ragged torso of the Dogbeast lay helpless.
Standing over him gun pointed at its head, Taiye demanded answers to what was going on and why Edirin the golden Etern was being hunted by her own, what they were and how humans were involved in this.
Sighing bitterly, the red Dogbeast admitted that the question of what an Etern was wasn’t a fair question. Eterns are Eterns. Creatures of a formless world, one which was filled simply with shades of color. The brighter an Etern’s colors, the more powerful and/or important it is. There are five ruling colors, that together rule their world. And their leader would be often times one possessing a golden color. Normally, the golden Etern is born/ generated from within one of the ruling families. However as with Edirin, golden Eterns not born from the ruling families are considered a threat and a nuisance. So basically, the ruling colors held a sport where representatives of each color would compete to destroy the golden Etern, the winning representative would become the new leader of the ruling colors. It the Dogbeast was originally supposed to simply capture the golden Etern and return so that the sport could be held, but seeing as things have turned out, other plans will be made.
This world of forms fascinated the Eterns, humans most of all due to the power up gained from joining with them as apparent now.
Having heard enough, Taiye shoots the Dogbeast in the head. As Dogbeast dissipates, Edirin materializes and absorbs the leftover energy.
Before either could relax, a small silvery light appears before them. Too battered and tired to move, the two expect their lives to be ended by this new entrant.
However the silvery Etern congratulates Edirin for surviving her first battle. It tells her that with the defeat of the red dog beast, the golden hunt has been started. However due to constraints and in order for things to be fair, it has been decided that for a period of five months, Edirin must fight against the five representatives of the five colors, one per month. If Edirin wins all five battles, she would be left alone, but there is no need to explain what happens if they lose since the dog beast had already explained everything.
Without waiting for a reply, the Etern fades away, leaving an exhausted Taiye and Edirin lying on the rocks as their wounds healed during the night.
The next few days were very busy as the village was in uproar over the destruction and ruckus that had occurred overnight around the forbidden forest.
Taiye spent a lot of time not on the farm as he usually did but helping to clear the broken branches and tree parts that had been scattered all around the forest.
A week after the incident, as Taiye lay in bed tired from all the work he was doing, Edirin materialized sitting on his bed. She noted that there was only three more weeks before they had to fight another of her people. Taiye nodded in agreement and noted what the dog beast had said in its final moments. That together they could be powerful if they had time to practice.
As Edirin’s light reflected off his face, he made a decision. He was going to survive this. He and Edirin will get strong. Looking at the door of his room sadly, he had considered many times whether to tell his relatives anything… but to be honest, he did come here as a problem kid.

“I’ll handle this myself. I just need to not die while i’m here.”

End of first arc.IMG_20141009_160850


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