In a dim space filled with blurry specks of light that darted around fitfully, a red orb materialized. Spinning in place it waited. In response five lights, blue, red, green, white and purple surround the orb making an orbit around it.
The voice that comes out of the orb identifies it as the dogbeast. It pays respect to the four colored etern families, the uncatchable blue, the immense red, the creative green, the explosive white and the destructive purple.
As the colors circling the orb acknowledge the greetings, they ask in unison how the mission they have given the dogbeast in the world of the flesh.
The dogbeast told the colors that the mission was unlikely to succeed as it now stood. The golden light, it noted had not just found a human host but it had formed a symbiotic bond as well.
Most of the colors grumbled and gasped, but the purple light simply hissed. No matter how talented the golden light was, the symbiotic bond was only as powerful as those who weld it. A newly formed bond wouldn’t be capable of much if it were nipped in the bud. After a bit of an argument, the colors came to an agreement. The dogbeast could kill the golden child and especially the fleshling host if it’s capture proved too difficult.
After thanking the colors for their understanding and mercies, the red orb fades away to nothingness.
The Green light tells the Red light that it has used half it’s allocated chance, to which Red grumbles bitterly. The blue light responds that Red should be happy if dogbeast succeeds, everything ends in Reds favor so Red shouldn’t grumble.
Taiye wakes up to find himself in the shade of a tree by the village river, girls and boys fetching water and washing clothes in the distance.
The golden etern’s voice rings in his aching skull, happy that he finally woke up. His wounds had healed hours ago but despite her best efforts could only drag his body to the shade before it got too bright. Before Taiye can respond, It tells him to think the words he wants to say, in order to prevent the villagers from suspecting him of anything.
Advice noted, Taiye asked why the etern seemed so happy that he woke up. From his experience it had no problem using his unconscious body to fight.
The golden etern told Taiye that’s the name it wanted to be called. Edirin apologized to Taiye for using his body as a puppet but it was a mixture of her having no choice and the incredible luck of finding a host that was fully compatible with her. A rare thing indeed.
When Taiye asked why she had no choice, Edirin explained that where she came from Eternia Lapor, was a place beyond this world that humans like him lived in. It is a world of everything and yet nothing. To an etern color is life, an etern without a color cannot express itself much less get a name/rank. In turn the brighter the color the higher your status. There were five ruling colors: blue, red, green, purple and white each with their own unique attributes.
When Taiye asked about why Edirin was gold, she basically sighed admitting she didn’t know why as she only became golden recently. The only thing she knew was that she had been marked for death once she turned leaving her no choice but to come to this plane of existence.
Taiye asked what was her plan now that she had gotten a host, only to sigh when he hears that she basically will fight to live. He asks her whether she had thought her actions through before coming to the conclusion that Edirin wasn’t too bright.
Edirin apologises again for pulling him into this but begs him to help her fight because she doesn’t want to be taken back home.
Before Taiye could ask any more questions, he hears Ade calling for him. As Ade sees him still sitting underneath the tree, he berates his cousin for leaving the house without telling anyone. Taiye apologises, telling Ade that he had simply gone out for a morning run and has fallen asleep while resting.
Ade hissed, telling him that their grandfather had warned him just this morning that some strange things have started occurring in the village near the forbidden forest and that they should be extra careful.
Taiye agreed, and got up as he was nudged towards another day of hard labor in the farm.
Later in the dark of night as Taiye laid in bed, he heard Edirin’s voice telling him that it was time. Getting up from his bed, he quickly changed to shirt and shorts while Edirin had materialized into a petite slender form with wat seemed to be strands of energy connecting the two of them. Edirin tells Taiye to hurry up as they cannot allow the dogbeast to find them first unless seeing his family dead was part of his interests.
As they walked to the entrance of the forest, Taiye asked Edirin what was their battle strategy… Edirin basically said just go with her movements and hopefully it’ll go well.
Suddenly a large energy pools right in front of them forming the shape of the dogbeast.
“Hmmm… I do not know if you are stupid but no one can call you a coward.”


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