Happy Independence Day!/ forgetting you.

Hallo there was planning to post earlier but since today’s Nigeria’s Independence day I felt it would be better to post this today.
Today’s post is another article from a dear friend Miss Y. Now I hope you all enjoy it as much or even more than I did.

“I wanna know if you have forgotten, so I will not remember you forgetting me…remember you forgetting me…..”

These words represent the opening line to a song I recently stumbled upon by Efya.
Listening to this track, I realise she was singing for an old lover who probably had forgotten about her and the relationship and maybe all the memories they once shared.
She wanted to know if the old lover has forgotten all about her and the relationship, so she can also do the same; so she won’t have to remember the lover forgetting her….

I’m sure a lot of us can relate to this song as we may have been through one failed relationship, broken friendship or the other.

A lot of times we find ourselves still hanging on to feelings that should have died a long time ago, we find that we still love that person dearly even when things have gone sour and they think you’re the source of all their problems.
Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes we are mad at them for whatever reason but somehow, someway, we still think about them, our hearts still cry out for them, we still want to reach out to them…

Is this the purest form of love, I ask myself. I try to relate it to the love Christ has for us.
He came to the earth, gave His life on a cross as a living sacrifice for us to have eternal life. And even at that we still, sometimes, refuse His love for us but somehow, someway He’s still there, hanging around, waiting for us to come to HIM….

So can I say this type of love, that makes you wait around for that person that has probably forgotten about you, about everything you once shared, is actually true love?

It cannot be easy to still love someone, when you know for a fact that the person hates your guts enough to actually “pray against you” (like you’re some witch or something), when you know that they hardly ever think about you, when you know that they do not remember any good thing about you, all they remember is the shit you ever did in your life.
Why would you even love a person like that, I hear someone ask? Well maybe because that’s exactly how we are meant to love. Maybe that’s the purest form of love….

So as the song goes on, Efya states that she knows that she and her old lover will someday get over it and make it all right because lover was the love of her life, so how can she….forget.

Here’s what I get from that; in as much as we would love to forget totally about that person, we actually cant. We may feign the strength to actually forget but deep down in our hearts, we’ll always remember everything about that person.
Maybe someday, we’ll sort the shit out, maybe we won’t but one thing we are sure of is that we know how to love.

Efya ends the song saying “I can forget you too” but we all know she can’t, because if she actually could, we wouldn’t have that song.

I know this applies to a lot of people out there, as it applies to me. If you’re one of those beautiful people, I implore you to stay strong. Love is a beautiful feeling, it makes us strong. So don’t try to stop loving. Keep loving that guy, don’t stop caring about that girl.
Maybe someday he’ll come back, maybe someday she’ll see that you weren’t bad, maybe they won’t but the feeling that comes from knowing you loved them despite all will sustain you and make you the happiest you would ever be.

“I will never forget YOU”


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