well hello there!

labake badass

*sigh* It’s been awhile since I last put up a post and feels even longer since I continued my storylines on Gaea’s Knight, GTD and last son of Halios. I apologise to anyone who reads this blog and hope they will accept the number of excuses I have prepared for my inability to blog frequently.
They are as listed.

1. Real life issues. Between being broke, wondering if I actually have a romantic relationship or just being emotionally swindled, issues with being overweight and having to deal with work responsibilities as my parents/ bosses are out of town… it’s been kinda hard to get time to write or just to even get in the mood to write.

2. I’ve been busy doing artsy things. all the images drawn so far on this blog? All done by moi. originally wanted this to be more of an artsy type blog when I was setting up but… seeing the works of sooo many talented artists on display made me feel a bit shy about that idea.But lately I feel a lot more confident in my works so… i’ll add more as time goes on.Plus i’ve been doing a lot of concept artwork for both my office and some clients and friends.I’ll put them up as soon as possible.

3. I’m a real fan of most forms of fiction including Anime, scifi, romance, fantasy, slapstick e.t.c. and as a kid was always fond of creating my own little stories/comics. So recently decided to create this blog as an avenue/ push to create the best plots I could make. However, as time went on I realised something. Writing stories is a lot harder than it looks. I mean writing itself isn’t hard. that’s what i’m doing right now. However writing a story chapter by chapter isn’t. One not only has to have a general idea of where the plot is going but also has to write it in a way that keeps the reader engaged, eager to find out what happens next and is understandable to them. it’s kinda fustrating to spend three to four days rewriting/ rethinking the same four paragraphs… only to slam your face into a wall when u read the preview or what has been already uploaded.

4. Though quite a bit has happened to me over the past three weeks, I wasn’t eager to blog what had happened cuz, well I didn’t want to post too many rants/ whiny posts in what was primarily meant to be a story/art blog.

Those were my excuses. After a bit of soul searching (never found the damn thing!) and getting advice from a few friends, I have made some decisions.

For the next week I’ll post up character concepts for the Main characters of my three stories plus concept art of some of the things i’ve been up to offline.

A few more rants about some situations ive been in will be posted periodically.

from the 26th of september I’ll continue my three stories alternating between them week by week as I normally do, starting with Last son of Hailos chapter 4.

And that’s that.

A little off topic but I wanna ask one last question.

Which show/anime have you been following the most recently?


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