A days musings: people and roles

As people, we often fail to realise that the status, job or a obligation is often just that, a role being played that isn’t nessessarily part of the person’s actual character.
Too often we lift talented/ hardworking/lucky people on pedestals, thinking, believing and expecting unrealistic and often impossible things from them, only to turn on them hungry for their blood when they inevitably fail to live up to those expectations.
An actor famed for his action scenes is often mistaken for being actually that tough in real life. A musician known for love songs ‘betrays’ his fans by breaking a relationship or suprisingly getting into a relationship that they dont approve of. A comic is expected to always be joking e.t.c
Everyone for good or bad has multiple sides to their personalities, dependent on their roles and their positions in society,like dice only showing certain aspects to certain people at a time.


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