Thoughts On Technology…

So today i was talking to a friend about technology and went into a bit of a rant. looked over it and decided to share my semi coherent thoughts with you.

It’s kinda ironic really, the more technology brings us together breaking cultural and geographical boundaries, the more alone one actually feels and becomes.
Basically technology is the application of scientific theory to reality to enhance living. living in the trees and buses has mostly given way to us sitting in our comfortable houses. Walking has progressed to cars, boats and even planes. Communication has progressed from just oral speech to telecommunications and the internet. ideas are freer to access than ever before. it is interesting that a guy like me sitting in Nigeria can watch movies made in China, wear clothes made in america and be fairly conversant in european history. amazing times.
anyhow. A lot of our social mores and traditions developed when one was living in a small village where everyone knew each don’t have a lot of choice in what you could become, who you related with and what you believed in. You made friends with the rascal next door and behaved in ways you were told was appropriate for your age group because you didnt want to be looked down on and wanted to fit in. Any odd quirks were often stifled in order to fit in. more could be said but in short, your life depended on the village and you had no choice but to follow its rules.
Then a lot of things happened but the upgrade in technology brought along new options and opened quite a few doors.
Cars and other vehicles allowed us to move from place to place not just faster but safer as well allowing us to move greater distances than before possible. education granted us new ideas to think about. Phones, internet,blackberry, facebook have allowed us to meet people and businesses all over the globe.
Thing is, in my opinion some of us are a little lost because of it.
We have so many options compared to the past that’s its difficult to settle down and be satisfied with the choice made.
The mass exodus of people from disadvantaged countries to ‘first world’ ones is people basically thinking or realizing ” i don’t have to be here”
The higher rates of divorce? ” i can leave him or her i don’t need to stay with this person anymore”
religionwise the greater number of openly atheist/agnostic people is something to consider. some people have read on the history on so many belief systems, made comparisons and basically said i’m not joining any camp.
Main point tho, why did i say we r more alone?
Moving to a new town demands an adjustment period whereby one spends time learning social rules for survival while separated from familiar friends and family. No one wants to be beaten up for not knowing that certain gestures are fairly offensive. Spending a lot of time online doesn’t leave a lot of time for the rascal next door. And even when one encounters the rascal, you are far less tolerant of his antics than you would be if you didn’t have online friends.
A lot of real life relationships exist because of limited social choices. but when choice expands, one spends less time understanding people before booting them to the curb….resulting in a lot of pretty fragile relationships.
yeah… just a few of my thoughts on the matter.


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