Taiye, frightened out of his mind, finds himself possessed with his body laughing maniacally in the cold night. After being done with its hysterics, the etern (as it called itself) asked why he was so silent. Taiye finally able to speak, begs her to let him go. Materializing a small energy blade from its fingertips, the creature possessing him nonchalantly tells him no, that finding such a suitable body to host it was a rare event in itself, one which it is willing to make the most out of.
Stretching out his limbs, the etern tells Taiye to get used to his situation, because being the host to an etern is supposedly a great honor.
As Taiye’s body strolls off back to the village, a small red orb which had been observing the fight withdraws. Moving quickly, the orb flies into the forest where a huge red beast squats his light illuminating the shrubs and bugs moving around it.
As the orb is reabsorbed into it, The beast comments that it’s prior plan of wearing out the golden etern before capturing her is off the table now that she has merged with a fleshbag. It sighed, muttering that He has to move quickly before she acclimatized.
The next day, Ade concerned over his cousin’s sudden moodiness, came into Taiye’s room to talk. He inquired if anything had happened lately and that he was there to help out if there was a problem. Taiye at first, wanted to talk and tell Ade everything about how he entered the forbidden forest and got possessed by something… but then realized that Ade would most likely not believe him. And if He did? Taiye would be in for a lot of trouble. He had broken a rule of the village. What would they do to him?
With that in mind, Taiye merely told his concerned cousin that he had lost the wooden charm that grandfather had given him.
Ade smirked and told him not to worry. That if that was what was bothering him, he could get another charm for him in a day or so. He just had to keep it a secret from the old man.
The rest of the day was uneventful as Taiye yet spent another day at the farm tilling the field. As night came and he lay in bed to sleep, he had a wondering thought that just maybe he had dreamt the events of the past night.
That wasn’t the case as suddenly Taiye lost control over his body which leapt out of bed to do some stretching. Unlike the last time, Taiye was wide awake. As his body snuck out of the house and made its way to the fields, Taiye asked why he was being taken there. The etern noted that the source of the red dog eterns that had been hunting it had emerged from the forest. Taiye asks if it’s going to fight and when it it says yes. Before he could respond, a mass of bright red energy begins to gather in front of them. The energy solidifies to form the shape of a dog headed beast that towered over taiye.
The dogbeast demands that the golden etern come out of her meatbag and surrender to him.
Using Taiye’s body to speak and manifesting a golden blade, the golden etern told the dogbeast that it wasn’t interested in being dead yet that it will never go back as long as that rule exists.
The dogbeast growled and immediately several smaller dogs emanated from his body and launched themselves at their target. Taiye, trapped inside his own body could only watch in horror, especially as his body seemed to just barely keep up with the howling feral pack that swarmed around them.
Dodging the claws and teeth of the pack, taiye’s body found itself being pushed back away from the Dogbeast who wore a satisfied look on its face.
Taiye’s body tried it’s best to fight the pack slashing and dodging their attacks as it danced around in the grass but it definitely wasn’t as fast as the previous night.
A sudden searing pain on his shoulder shocks him alert. One of the dogs had bitten into his shoulder burning it’s teeth into it. Throwing it off Taiye’s body pants as it slices through it. Mentally it asks him to stop holding it back so much. If he’s scared he should just go to sleep or did he want to get them both killed?
The etern possessing him is stunned when taiye replied yes to wanting to die. As it stood his life was over already. Was he not being forced into a battle he didn’t understand and highly likely to die? If this was going to be his daily life, he would rather die.
The momentary shock is enough for the dogs to take advantage of and attack from all sides giving his body several painful bites. Both scream in pain as its horrendous.
By the time Taiye’s senses return, he’s in the forest again, lying facedown on the ground. The Dogbeast etern noticing his awakening asks if it’s the golden one or the flesh bag who’s awake. The dogbeast notes his silence as proof that the golden etern is still asleep. Taiye begs for his life but the red etern hisses saying that for the fact that he was able to host the golden etern is cause enough for his death. Lifting him off his feet by the head, the red etern stabs Taiye in the chest and begins to draw out the golden etern’s essence causing taiye immense pain in the process.
Successfully dragging the golden etern out, the red dogbeast comments that though physically separated, their fusion had already become symbiotic, a disturbing scenario.
It’s fingers becoming large claws, the Dogbeast moves in for the kill. It is largely surprised when it’s attack hits wet grass. Spinning around, the Dogbeast sees the golden etern escaping with Taiye in tow. It growled as it Sent a thick mass of dogs after the two.
Darting through and bouncing off the forest trees, the golden etern tries to stay ahead of the pack as much it can. However it was already weakened from both the battle previously and the extraction process and was knocked to the ground. Seeing the edge of the forest, the etern makes a mad dash for it bursting through the foliage unto the walking path.
Manifesting a small dagger, the etern pointed it at the dogs who slowly retreated into the forest. Wondering why they retreated, the etern suddenly feels disoriented and weak, and realizes that morning had come and the sun was rising. The exhausted etern drops to the ground it’s essence flowing back into the unconscious Taiye’s body which began to heal from its wounds.
“I’m so sorry.”


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