Last son of halios chapter 2

“You called for me Elder?”

“Yes. Please come in. “

Amerin dressed in a simple woolen cloak, motions for the visitor to enter his private chamber.
Jenna Borroz dressed in a black mourning dress stepped into the luminous chamber. It had been four days since the witch Y had attacked and subsequently slain at the town of Serida was still in shock. Two thirds of the armed guards, mages and soldiers were either heavily injured or dead. Several buildings had been demolished, even the chief’s palace had a massive hole from where the chief’s daughter had been taken and nearly murdered.
There was going to a mass funeral for the slain the next day, with official rebuilding efforts to begin in earnest the day after. Jenna herself had been clearing out the rubble when she had been summoned to the temple.
Now that she was there, she had only one question for the elder.

“Where is Kayle Mimnon elder? It has been dour days now and he hasn’t returned. What have you done with him this time?”

The elder says nothing but points to a pool glowing with a blue white light. Walking towards it, Jenna gasped at what she saw, tears streaming down her face.

“I don’t understand… what…”

She manages to say as she stared at the body of her lover Lying in the pool, bursts of energy slipping in and out of his open wounds. After a few seconds of staring. Jenna turned to elder Amerin with a pained look on her tear stained face.

“Is he dead?”

Jenna asked wiping the tears from her face as she took a seat at the side of the pool.

“He was. When the witch attacked us I was certain that he was slain. But when that strange AGU appeared with his body in tow, there was… something still there…”

Walking up to the edge of the pool. Amerin gazed sadly at the body of the man he considered the protector of his town.

“Just maybe by the healing powers of the maiden, he could be brought back to us.”

Jenna at first keeps quiet, but her face soon furrows in confusion. Taking a look at the elder, she brushes hair from her face.

“Strange AGU?…Wait then Kayle didn’t defeat the witch? Who?…How did that happen?”

The elder simply shook his head.

“I have no Idea of who he is. All I am certain of is that for the first time in centuries the power of the warrior has has personally chosen an avatar for itself choosing to express itself fully through him. Unlike any AGU before him this individual will have full access to its great power. And I have no idea who it has chosen.”

Motioning for Jenna to get up, Amerin takes her hand, squeezing tight as he stared intensely into her eyes.

“I have called for you to make a very important decision. A decision that will put the fate of this town in your hands.”

“Weapon Mode L”

Gax mutters in his AGU form as twin blades materialize in his hands. Slicing the throat of a chimera he leaps into the air kicking several bird creatures out of the air.
He had spent the last four days hunting down the remaining of Y’s monsters and had finally found the location of her lair in a rocky cave at the bottom of a hill.
Changing weapons Gax summons a large axe which he uses to hack off a monster’s tentacles before burying it in its head. Looking at the large number of creatures still around, he sighs.

“How much free time did this bloody witch have on her hands?”

He wondered aloud as he dispelled the axe and summoned a large blade twice as tall as him. A single swing slices most of the horde in half. The remaining stragglers are decimated by two more slashes.

The battle over, Gax dispelled the weapon and begins walking into the cave. It doesn’t take long for him to meet what looked like a dead end, But Gax knew better. As he was about to summon a weapon to use, the rock around him began to break apart and reform themselves.


He noted as the rocks had modeled themselves into the form of a young girl who glared at him with her hands transforming into large blades.

“You shall not pass AGU, for your fate is death!!”

She bellowed as the rocks around Gax reformed themselves into giant spikes with sharp edges.

“That isn’t going to happen. Unless you wish to have no master.Weapon mode C.”

A large Grey box appears between Him and the rock creature, spinning in the air as she looked at it suspiciously. Making a single motion Gax makes the box reveal it’s contents. Out drops the six withered hands of the witch Y. Seeing the evidence of her master’s demise, the creature retracts the spikes and her blades revert to back to hands. Bowing her head at a bemused Gax.

“Welcome new master. What is it that you want?”

she said as Gax dispelled the box..

“That was rather quick. It seems you have no attachment to your previous master.”

“She was slain by your hand and by rite of succession you are now my master. It is as simple as that. She herself created me after slaying the previous keeper of this vault.”

The creature takes several steps towards Gax and reached for his hand but he flinched, pulling himself away on reflex.

“Is there a problem master?”

Rubbing his wrist, Gax shook his head as the rock creature eyed him curiously.

“None whatsoever. Do you have a name?

“Adora. But if you wish it could be changed.”

“No. Keep it. Just open up the entrance for me.”

Adora simply nodded as the rocks behind her began to fall away revealing to reveal the entrance to a large chamber. Stepping inside Gax observed that there were several large shelves filled with books and display cases. Scattered about were chairs, tables and stacks of books in the room.
After a cursory check of the room Gax decided to check the adjoining chambers.

“Won’t be using these rooms.”

He muttered as he checked out the bedroom and the experimentation room which were both caked in blood and littered with body parts. Ordering those rooms blocked, Gax went back to the main chamber, dispelled his AGU form, picked up a book and sat on a chair flipping pages with his legs crossed.
It didn’t take long for the dark warrior to materialize before him.

It is curious to see you taking an enemy’s dwelling as your own. The other AGU would have burnt this place to the ground.

” I don’t have the history any of my predecessors had with Y the witch.Her vast power and magic skill are quite interesting. And she was simply the first of many obstacles i’ll face on the path you’ve helped me choose.”

looking up from the book to see Adora approaching.

“Besides, I don’t mind having such a unique servant.”

“Lady stephanie!! You really need to rest. Your wounds have barely healed.”

Said a large woman dressed in black as she followed a girl with pure platinum hair covered in bandages who hissed loudly.

” I am merely going to the library to find out something. I am hardly exerting myself in any way.”

“But my Lady, the books and records could get blood all over them. “

Stephanie sighed as they passed workers trying to cover up the holes in the palace.

“Maybe they’d be more valuable then. That witch certainly thought so.”

She muttered to herself, nursing the hand that had been stabbed recently. As she passed through the corridor she saw something out one of the windows. A basic fact was that the town of Serida was built around the sacred mines where the special rocks had been discovered. The chief’s palace being near the centre had a very good view of the entrance of the mine. And what she saw sparked her interest. Her parents were exiting with the spirit elder Amerin. Her parents were also bandaged due to being manhandled by Y. The elder seemed to be no worse for wear as he walked behind them but what attracted her attention was the woman who appeared beside him cradling something in her hands.

“Louise, is there any reason why my parents and the spirit elder would visit the mines?”

“My lady I have heard it is to appoint a new AGU warrior.”

“A new one?”

Stephanie turned to her servant in surprise.

“What happened to the old one? Who’s the AGU that saved me?”

“I do not know. The only thing I am sure of is that the AGU who slew the witch is unknown to even the elder.”

Slowly a wry smile comes to stephanie’s lips. continuing her walk to the Library with a fresh burst of energy. She wondered just how she would figure out the situation that presented itself before her.

In a ruined city devoid of life, a single figure stands in the midst of ashes. Holding a pair of skulls in each of its gauntlets, the armored figure compares the two for a moment before crushing one to dust.

“Passing judgment on the heathen doesn’t feel the same without your pained face.”

The helmet of the figure dissolves to reveal the head of a young tanned woman with white hair.
Smiling to herself, she blows off some soot off the skull.

“Just you wait Reis…when I find you we’ll have so much to catch up on.”


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