A thing of annoyance beside a real worry.

So two weeks ago Nigeria became another stop in the African comeback tour of Ebola the virus who has had sold out events in both Liberia and the Congo. Knowing the general efficiency of the Nigerian system/infrastructure, there is a legitimate fear that this could get very ugly very fast.
However there has been some really annoying things that have developed as a result of the fear and misunderstanding concerning the virus.Here they are, short and hopefully sweet.
1. The social media… good god there’s so many hashtag comments on Ebola it gives me a headache.from Twitter, Facebook to even whats-app there are so many jokes on the subject if one wasn’t any wiser would almost think Ebola was some product/fashion trend being advertised.
2. The scam artists / quack professional/ pranksters. These folks propagate all sorts of misinformation on the subject. for example the latest rumor being propagated is to take a bath with salt water to prevent infection. Before that were the anti Ebola hand-washes, and the exaggeration that kolanuts could cure Ebola.
3.Sad to say the extreme evangelicals. Now not saying anything bad about faith i’m a Christian, but at times like these you have to wonder how much of and ass some of these people can be. on one end we have those who basically say that the current Ebola scare is yet another sign of the end times…..errr this virus has been around since the late seventies if not longer. And even so, this has hardly been the worst epidemic ever to hit any particular part of the world. i guess the things that piss me off about that POV is basically a mindset of why bother things are going to crap anyways which is a good way of making things so much worse in reality. On the other hand there are those who seem offended by the large media attention on it, saying it is better used in spreading the word. Ok. while i do agree that evangelism of the word is important, isn’t it also important to inform people of the risks to their health. Plus I don’t see anyone eager to die a painful and miserable death.
That said, I do have a few policies of my own, any of which you are free to apply to yourself.
1. I’m going to buy several gallons of body latex to paint on my body on a daily basis. better safe than fashionable.
2. If that is too expensive to maintain i’m going to wear clothes and gloves made from nylon.
3.If that becomes too impractical I shall employ a no kissing, no hugging no handshakes policy….

well… rant expressed, temper cooled now to return to daily life.

till the next post


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