Taiye opened his eyes to find himself in his room tucked in bed. Surprised he checked himself over but found no injuries. Wondering what was going on, his Ade opened opened the door.
Looking relieved Ade asks Taiye if he was feeling better.
Apparently Taiye had come home the previous evening feeling very ill. He had taken some medicine and headed straight to bed.
After Taiye assures him that he was feeling much better, Ade made him accompany him to the farm. They were going to remove the weeds from the farm and he would like at least some company.
Tho the day was long and hard, Taiye noticed something odd. Even as they had spent the entire day sweating and bent over, compared to Ade who was worn out, He had a lot of energy to spare. That wasn’t right, he had barely managed an hour before developing cramps three days before. Tho Ade said nothing Taiye was sure he noticed.
Leaving the farm and walking back home, Ade asked why Taiye had come to the village. Taiye admitted that it was a case of being guilty by association.
When he was in university some months earlier, he had a suspicious roomate that though was quite friendly, he was always just a little wary of.
He was heavily into gambling and every evening he arranged card games with his friends, playing and betting till late at night.
One day a another roommate who discovered his phone missing accused him of stealing it, citing his gambling habits as a motivation.
He was lying in bed when the two started to rough each other up and wasn’t sure of what to do until they actually fell on him.
The fight ended when a school official came into the room. Further investigation found knives and charms under the gambler’s bed, complicating an already bad situation. As he was mostly uninvolved, he got a year’s suspension while the other two were expelled.
He was sent here because his parents didn’t know what to do with him.
Ade asked if the phone was ever found, but Taiye shook his head. That was a mystery that remained unsolved.
The rest of the day tho was uneventful and when nightfall came, Taiye nodded to sleep on his bed.
A sudden sharp pain on his side woke him up. Opening his eyes he found himself in the air, and crashing to the ground. Confused, Taiye soon realise that he had no control over his body. It staggered to its feet while stretching it’s limbs.
Before it where two massive demonic looking dogs whose red light glowed bright in the darkness of the night.
The dogs threatened him, no they threatened who was possessing him. They were telling it to leave the meatbag and surrender to them. To his fright and despair his body laughed at them, telling the dogs that even if it wanted to, it had formed a permanent bond with the fleshing. It then stuck it’s tongue out at the beasts.
Enraged the larger of the beasts fired off several tendrils of light. Dancing around them Taiye’s body sped towards the dog, energy tendrils forming from his fingertips to form a machete. In one swift motion, the dog is decapitated and it’s energy flows into Taiye’s body.
The other Dog howls and rushes at Taiye who quickly creates a large shield that the dog crashes into. Grabbing the hound by the jaws, Taiye’s body rips it in two absorbing the energy it releases.
The fight over, it lets out a loud screeching laughter that unnerved Taiye. Flexing the arms and fingers, the being possessing him noted that it’s powers have truly intensified. Suddenly pausing it sighed aloud.

“Did you enjoy your first Etern battle? Your body is far more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Do not worry about me damaging it, I plan to use you for as long as possible.”


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