A days musings: people and roles

As people, we often fail to realise that the status, job or a obligation is often just that, a role being played that isn’t nessessarily part of the person’s actual character.
Too often we lift talented/ hardworking/lucky people on pedestals, thinking, believing and expecting unrealistic and often impossible things from them, only to turn on them hungry for their blood when they inevitably fail to live up to those expectations.
An actor famed for his action scenes is often mistaken for being actually that tough in real life. A musician known for love songs ‘betrays’ his fans by breaking a relationship or suprisingly getting into a relationship that they dont approve of. A comic is expected to always be joking e.t.c
Everyone for good or bad has multiple sides to their personalities, dependent on their roles and their positions in society,like dice only showing certain aspects to certain people at a time.


Thoughts On Technology…

So today i was talking to a friend about technology and went into a bit of a rant. looked over it and decided to share my semi coherent thoughts with you.

It’s kinda ironic really, the more technology brings us together breaking cultural and geographical boundaries, the more alone one actually feels and becomes.
Basically technology is the application of scientific theory to reality to enhance living. living in the trees and buses has mostly given way to us sitting in our comfortable houses. Walking has progressed to cars, boats and even planes. Communication has progressed from just oral speech to telecommunications and the internet. ideas are freer to access than ever before. it is interesting that a guy like me sitting in Nigeria can watch movies made in China, wear clothes made in america and be fairly conversant in european history. amazing times.
anyhow. A lot of our social mores and traditions developed when one was living in a small village where everyone knew each other.you don’t have a lot of choice in what you could become, who you related with and what you believed in. You made friends with the rascal next door and behaved in ways you were told was appropriate for your age group because you didnt want to be looked down on and wanted to fit in. Any odd quirks were often stifled in order to fit in. more could be said but in short, your life depended on the village and you had no choice but to follow its rules.
Then a lot of things happened but the upgrade in technology brought along new options and opened quite a few doors.
Cars and other vehicles allowed us to move from place to place not just faster but safer as well allowing us to move greater distances than before possible. education granted us new ideas to think about. Phones, internet,blackberry, facebook have allowed us to meet people and businesses all over the globe.
Thing is, in my opinion some of us are a little lost because of it.
We have so many options compared to the past that’s its difficult to settle down and be satisfied with the choice made.
The mass exodus of people from disadvantaged countries to ‘first world’ ones is people basically thinking or realizing ” i don’t have to be here”
The higher rates of divorce? ” i can leave him or her i don’t need to stay with this person anymore”
religionwise the greater number of openly atheist/agnostic people is something to consider. some people have read on the history on so many belief systems, made comparisons and basically said i’m not joining any camp.
Main point tho, why did i say we r more alone?
Moving to a new town demands an adjustment period whereby one spends time learning social rules for survival while separated from familiar friends and family. No one wants to be beaten up for not knowing that certain gestures are fairly offensive. Spending a lot of time online doesn’t leave a lot of time for the rascal next door. And even when one encounters the rascal, you are far less tolerant of his antics than you would be if you didn’t have online friends.
A lot of real life relationships exist because of limited social choices. but when choice expands, one spends less time understanding people before booting them to the curb….resulting in a lot of pretty fragile relationships.
yeah… just a few of my thoughts on the matter.


Taiye, frightened out of his mind, finds himself possessed with his body laughing maniacally in the cold night. After being done with its hysterics, the etern (as it called itself) asked why he was so silent. Taiye finally able to speak, begs her to let him go. Materializing a small energy blade from its fingertips, the creature possessing him nonchalantly tells him no, that finding such a suitable body to host it was a rare event in itself, one which it is willing to make the most out of.
Stretching out his limbs, the etern tells Taiye to get used to his situation, because being the host to an etern is supposedly a great honor.
As Taiye’s body strolls off back to the village, a small red orb which had been observing the fight withdraws. Moving quickly, the orb flies into the forest where a huge red beast squats his light illuminating the shrubs and bugs moving around it.
As the orb is reabsorbed into it, The beast comments that it’s prior plan of wearing out the golden etern before capturing her is off the table now that she has merged with a fleshbag. It sighed, muttering that He has to move quickly before she acclimatized.
The next day, Ade concerned over his cousin’s sudden moodiness, came into Taiye’s room to talk. He inquired if anything had happened lately and that he was there to help out if there was a problem. Taiye at first, wanted to talk and tell Ade everything about how he entered the forbidden forest and got possessed by something… but then realized that Ade would most likely not believe him. And if He did? Taiye would be in for a lot of trouble. He had broken a rule of the village. What would they do to him?
With that in mind, Taiye merely told his concerned cousin that he had lost the wooden charm that grandfather had given him.
Ade smirked and told him not to worry. That if that was what was bothering him, he could get another charm for him in a day or so. He just had to keep it a secret from the old man.
The rest of the day was uneventful as Taiye yet spent another day at the farm tilling the field. As night came and he lay in bed to sleep, he had a wondering thought that just maybe he had dreamt the events of the past night.
That wasn’t the case as suddenly Taiye lost control over his body which leapt out of bed to do some stretching. Unlike the last time, Taiye was wide awake. As his body snuck out of the house and made its way to the fields, Taiye asked why he was being taken there. The etern noted that the source of the red dog eterns that had been hunting it had emerged from the forest. Taiye asks if it’s going to fight and when it it says yes. Before he could respond, a mass of bright red energy begins to gather in front of them. The energy solidifies to form the shape of a dog headed beast that towered over taiye.
The dogbeast demands that the golden etern come out of her meatbag and surrender to him.
Using Taiye’s body to speak and manifesting a golden blade, the golden etern told the dogbeast that it wasn’t interested in being dead yet that it will never go back as long as that rule exists.
The dogbeast growled and immediately several smaller dogs emanated from his body and launched themselves at their target. Taiye, trapped inside his own body could only watch in horror, especially as his body seemed to just barely keep up with the howling feral pack that swarmed around them.
Dodging the claws and teeth of the pack, taiye’s body found itself being pushed back away from the Dogbeast who wore a satisfied look on its face.
Taiye’s body tried it’s best to fight the pack slashing and dodging their attacks as it danced around in the grass but it definitely wasn’t as fast as the previous night.
A sudden searing pain on his shoulder shocks him alert. One of the dogs had bitten into his shoulder burning it’s teeth into it. Throwing it off Taiye’s body pants as it slices through it. Mentally it asks him to stop holding it back so much. If he’s scared he should just go to sleep or did he want to get them both killed?
The etern possessing him is stunned when taiye replied yes to wanting to die. As it stood his life was over already. Was he not being forced into a battle he didn’t understand and highly likely to die? If this was going to be his daily life, he would rather die.
The momentary shock is enough for the dogs to take advantage of and attack from all sides giving his body several painful bites. Both scream in pain as its horrendous.
By the time Taiye’s senses return, he’s in the forest again, lying facedown on the ground. The Dogbeast etern noticing his awakening asks if it’s the golden one or the flesh bag who’s awake. The dogbeast notes his silence as proof that the golden etern is still asleep. Taiye begs for his life but the red etern hisses saying that for the fact that he was able to host the golden etern is cause enough for his death. Lifting him off his feet by the head, the red etern stabs Taiye in the chest and begins to draw out the golden etern’s essence causing taiye immense pain in the process.
Successfully dragging the golden etern out, the red dogbeast comments that though physically separated, their fusion had already become symbiotic, a disturbing scenario.
It’s fingers becoming large claws, the Dogbeast moves in for the kill. It is largely surprised when it’s attack hits wet grass. Spinning around, the Dogbeast sees the golden etern escaping with Taiye in tow. It growled as it Sent a thick mass of dogs after the two.
Darting through and bouncing off the forest trees, the golden etern tries to stay ahead of the pack as much it can. However it was already weakened from both the battle previously and the extraction process and was knocked to the ground. Seeing the edge of the forest, the etern makes a mad dash for it bursting through the foliage unto the walking path.
Manifesting a small dagger, the etern pointed it at the dogs who slowly retreated into the forest. Wondering why they retreated, the etern suddenly feels disoriented and weak, and realizes that morning had come and the sun was rising. The exhausted etern drops to the ground it’s essence flowing back into the unconscious Taiye’s body which began to heal from its wounds.
“I’m so sorry.”


A little tale told to me by a friend f mine, Yeside Lawal a fellow storyteller that i decided to pt up here. enjoy.

2008/2009 was an amazing session. It was the year I met most of all the people I presently love; the best friend, the best room mates and extended room mates.
It’s the year ill gladly go back and live again.
It’s the last year I fully remember.

6 years later
I wake up in a brightly lit hospital room, with a smile on my face. Weird right? Who wakes up in a hospital room with a smile on their face?
I think back and try to remember why I have that smile on my face and I remember that I had just had the most amazing fun time with my friends….. 6 years ago!
What’s happening, why do I vividly remember the year 2009 and can barely remember why I am in the hospital?
And then the doctor walks in, with the family. They all seem pleased that I am awake, and so I realise I had been “asleep” for quite sometime.
Everyone’s happy, but inside my mind, I’m trying to understand what’s really happening.

Finally, someone decides to tell me the story of how I got to the hospital. I fell and bumped my head and passed out. What a cool story, I don’t remember ever passing out in my whole life but then again, how much do I remember about my whole life?

Doctor comes for a few tests and then I tell him, “sir I can vividly remember a really really long time ago, but right after that everything else is a blur. Please could you tell me why?”
Doctor asks plenty of questions and after about 2 hours, he concludes that I have the symptoms of Selective Memory Loss or Lacunar Amnesia as you would have it.
What the hell is Lacunar Amnesia?
And so I receive the most interesting lecture I ever have in my whole life, but I ask again, how much do I remember about my whole life?
So I’m told that I don’t remember quite a number of events in the last 6 years of my life, the people I have met, the crazy shit I probably have done and a whole lot of other stuff because my brain somehow decided to delete most of the stuff that made me unhappy, embarrassed, stressed and tired.
I think it’s so cool and I laugh, but it won’t be funny for long.
Now don’t get me wrong. I remember the last 6 years of my life but there’s a really huge gap in all that I remember. I can’t piece some information together, most events are a blur and in my remembrance, I sometimes find that I’m talking to myself.

Anyway, I get tired of the hospital smells and ask to be discharged. With no life threatening issues and just a small bump on the head, I am discharged with plenty of drugs…yuck….

I get back home and its time to face the world that my beautiful brain has decided to erase incompletely. So here I am, with a huge gap in my head and the world I left behind me, ready to start all over again and probably find people that could help me with the missing pieces.
I pick up my blackberry Q5, which I barely remember how to operate, hoping to find my best friend and tell her all I just found out and how cool I think it is. Then I realised I had deleted my BBM. I go through all the wahala of reinstalling it, I was so happy to know that I remembered my id and password.

And then, I find out that the person I know as best friend isn’t even on my BBM. And so my cool story doesn’t look so cool anymore, what happened? Did we fight and delete each other? Someone explain my life to me right now, please.
I pick up my nokia torchlight phone and call the best friend, who goes on to explain that she had been relieved of the title best friend, is more of my big sister now and married. Well I remembered the marriage sha…

Back to BBM, I start looking for people I am/was close to and can’t place a finger on anyone…and then my funny story starts getting less funny.
I took a chill pill.
I received messages from two friends, but I had blurry memories of them but they were really nice and didn’t seem to know so much about my life.
I decide to send a BC, thanking those that checked on me and dropped messages, on the other phone of course, and also in an attempt to let those that didn’t know what had happened know that something happened. All in the hope that the friends that would help would immediately respond and ask what happened and the rest would be history…. I was wrong.
After a really long time, one person responded, what a relief, I quickly went on to tell her what happened to me and how she looked familiar. She told me we knew each other and her name, but I guess we weren’t really close because I never heard from her after that.

I went back to the doctor to lament; my life had suddenly become difficult. I didn’t know who to start a conversation with, who not to start a conversation with. Doctor said, “Take it easy, it’s not your fault, your friends will help you, if you have any.” Now that was a slap on the face, what if I didn’t really have any friends? And then it hit me, I totally never kept a friendship beyond one year, I am terrible at friendships.

It all got harder than I thought. But in every disappointment there’s a blessing, right? I just needed to be patient.
Another friend pinged me and before I said anything to him, I told him the situation of things and he understood but the good thing was I remembered him, I had this cool memory of nice conversations with him but when I asked myself how I met him, all I remembered was under the senate building in the university of Lagos, nothing more. I didn’t tell him that of course.
More people pinged and I figured I might just tell everyone what happened and if any is interested they would inquire further. I decided to live one day at a time.

It’s been one week since and it’s been a really scary, funny, and sad experience so far.
I keep looking at this spray painting of a name on my wall. I have no idea how it got there or whose name it is.

I have always been an insecure, shy and very sensitive person, it is hard enough telling people that I do not remember how I met them or know them. The faces look familiar but the memory is just not there anymore. Some of these people have been mean, some have been nice.
But at least now I know that those blurry memories have something to do with an embarrassing situation, something that has made me sad or caused me pain and my own subconscious way of dealing with such events is forgetting them totally.

I know I’ll still find out a lot of forgotten stuff, see people who have been suppressed with the forgotten memories and with time I’ll learn how to handle it.
Living with a selective memory loss isn’t fun especially for a person like me but I see it as an opportunity to literarily forget the past and not have it haunt you again, to let go of whatever hurt’s been holding you back……

hoped you liked her story… if there’s more to the tale i’ll share it here.

Last son of halios chapter 2

“You called for me Elder?”

“Yes. Please come in. “

Amerin dressed in a simple woolen cloak, motions for the visitor to enter his private chamber.
Jenna Borroz dressed in a black mourning dress stepped into the luminous chamber. It had been four days since the witch Y had attacked and subsequently slain at the town of Serida was still in shock. Two thirds of the armed guards, mages and soldiers were either heavily injured or dead. Several buildings had been demolished, even the chief’s palace had a massive hole from where the chief’s daughter had been taken and nearly murdered.
There was going to a mass funeral for the slain the next day, with official rebuilding efforts to begin in earnest the day after. Jenna herself had been clearing out the rubble when she had been summoned to the temple.
Now that she was there, she had only one question for the elder.

“Where is Kayle Mimnon elder? It has been dour days now and he hasn’t returned. What have you done with him this time?”

The elder says nothing but points to a pool glowing with a blue white light. Walking towards it, Jenna gasped at what she saw, tears streaming down her face.

“I don’t understand… what…”

She manages to say as she stared at the body of her lover Lying in the pool, bursts of energy slipping in and out of his open wounds. After a few seconds of staring. Jenna turned to elder Amerin with a pained look on her tear stained face.

“Is he dead?”

Jenna asked wiping the tears from her face as she took a seat at the side of the pool.

“He was. When the witch attacked us I was certain that he was slain. But when that strange AGU appeared with his body in tow, there was… something still there…”

Walking up to the edge of the pool. Amerin gazed sadly at the body of the man he considered the protector of his town.

“Just maybe by the healing powers of the maiden, he could be brought back to us.”

Jenna at first keeps quiet, but her face soon furrows in confusion. Taking a look at the elder, she brushes hair from her face.

“Strange AGU?…Wait then Kayle didn’t defeat the witch? Who?…How did that happen?”

The elder simply shook his head.

“I have no Idea of who he is. All I am certain of is that for the first time in centuries the power of the warrior has has personally chosen an avatar for itself choosing to express itself fully through him. Unlike any AGU before him this individual will have full access to its great power. And I have no idea who it has chosen.”

Motioning for Jenna to get up, Amerin takes her hand, squeezing tight as he stared intensely into her eyes.

“I have called for you to make a very important decision. A decision that will put the fate of this town in your hands.”

“Weapon Mode L”

Gax mutters in his AGU form as twin blades materialize in his hands. Slicing the throat of a chimera he leaps into the air kicking several bird creatures out of the air.
He had spent the last four days hunting down the remaining of Y’s monsters and had finally found the location of her lair in a rocky cave at the bottom of a hill.
Changing weapons Gax summons a large axe which he uses to hack off a monster’s tentacles before burying it in its head. Looking at the large number of creatures still around, he sighs.

“How much free time did this bloody witch have on her hands?”

He wondered aloud as he dispelled the axe and summoned a large blade twice as tall as him. A single swing slices most of the horde in half. The remaining stragglers are decimated by two more slashes.

The battle over, Gax dispelled the weapon and begins walking into the cave. It doesn’t take long for him to meet what looked like a dead end, But Gax knew better. As he was about to summon a weapon to use, the rock around him began to break apart and reform themselves.


He noted as the rocks had modeled themselves into the form of a young girl who glared at him with her hands transforming into large blades.

“You shall not pass AGU, for your fate is death!!”

She bellowed as the rocks around Gax reformed themselves into giant spikes with sharp edges.

“That isn’t going to happen. Unless you wish to have no master.Weapon mode C.”

A large Grey box appears between Him and the rock creature, spinning in the air as she looked at it suspiciously. Making a single motion Gax makes the box reveal it’s contents. Out drops the six withered hands of the witch Y. Seeing the evidence of her master’s demise, the creature retracts the spikes and her blades revert to back to hands. Bowing her head at a bemused Gax.

“Welcome new master. What is it that you want?”

she said as Gax dispelled the box..

“That was rather quick. It seems you have no attachment to your previous master.”

“She was slain by your hand and by rite of succession you are now my master. It is as simple as that. She herself created me after slaying the previous keeper of this vault.”

The creature takes several steps towards Gax and reached for his hand but he flinched, pulling himself away on reflex.

“Is there a problem master?”

Rubbing his wrist, Gax shook his head as the rock creature eyed him curiously.

“None whatsoever. Do you have a name?

“Adora. But if you wish it could be changed.”

“No. Keep it. Just open up the entrance for me.”

Adora simply nodded as the rocks behind her began to fall away revealing to reveal the entrance to a large chamber. Stepping inside Gax observed that there were several large shelves filled with books and display cases. Scattered about were chairs, tables and stacks of books in the room.
After a cursory check of the room Gax decided to check the adjoining chambers.

“Won’t be using these rooms.”

He muttered as he checked out the bedroom and the experimentation room which were both caked in blood and littered with body parts. Ordering those rooms blocked, Gax went back to the main chamber, dispelled his AGU form, picked up a book and sat on a chair flipping pages with his legs crossed.
It didn’t take long for the dark warrior to materialize before him.

It is curious to see you taking an enemy’s dwelling as your own. The other AGU would have burnt this place to the ground.

” I don’t have the history any of my predecessors had with Y the witch.Her vast power and magic skill are quite interesting. And she was simply the first of many obstacles i’ll face on the path you’ve helped me choose.”

looking up from the book to see Adora approaching.

“Besides, I don’t mind having such a unique servant.”

“Lady stephanie!! You really need to rest. Your wounds have barely healed.”

Said a large woman dressed in black as she followed a girl with pure platinum hair covered in bandages who hissed loudly.

” I am merely going to the library to find out something. I am hardly exerting myself in any way.”

“But my Lady, the books and records could get blood all over them. “

Stephanie sighed as they passed workers trying to cover up the holes in the palace.

“Maybe they’d be more valuable then. That witch certainly thought so.”

She muttered to herself, nursing the hand that had been stabbed recently. As she passed through the corridor she saw something out one of the windows. A basic fact was that the town of Serida was built around the sacred mines where the special rocks had been discovered. The chief’s palace being near the centre had a very good view of the entrance of the mine. And what she saw sparked her interest. Her parents were exiting with the spirit elder Amerin. Her parents were also bandaged due to being manhandled by Y. The elder seemed to be no worse for wear as he walked behind them but what attracted her attention was the woman who appeared beside him cradling something in her hands.

“Louise, is there any reason why my parents and the spirit elder would visit the mines?”

“My lady I have heard it is to appoint a new AGU warrior.”

“A new one?”

Stephanie turned to her servant in surprise.

“What happened to the old one? Who’s the AGU that saved me?”

“I do not know. The only thing I am sure of is that the AGU who slew the witch is unknown to even the elder.”

Slowly a wry smile comes to stephanie’s lips. continuing her walk to the Library with a fresh burst of energy. She wondered just how she would figure out the situation that presented itself before her.

In a ruined city devoid of life, a single figure stands in the midst of ashes. Holding a pair of skulls in each of its gauntlets, the armored figure compares the two for a moment before crushing one to dust.

“Passing judgment on the heathen doesn’t feel the same without your pained face.”

The helmet of the figure dissolves to reveal the head of a young tanned woman with white hair.
Smiling to herself, she blows off some soot off the skull.

“Just you wait Reis…when I find you we’ll have so much to catch up on.”

birthday jet

So my dad had his birthday a week ago and i wanted to post the present i gave to him.


Yup. Back in the day he used to be in the air force, a pilot in fact. Though he’s now retired, I was happy that it brought a smile to his face.