nurse vs guard

So woke up this morning to hear my little brother’s nurse screaming at the gateman.
context? my brother’s disabled due to a condition known as cerebral palsy (check for details on the condition) and thus he needs 24hr care in the form of nurses. the gateman is a man in charge of security but in reality exists so u don’t have to open your damn gate every time someone knocks on it. Also in Nigeria we have epilitic power supply, meaning for periods of time households go without electricity for extended periods of time. this is best combated by a combination of power generators, inverter and candles. So cause for quarrel? see my parents had gone for an occassion and wouldnt be around for a day. so in the middle of the night, there was a loss of electricity (often refered to as taking of the light) and the gateman was sleeping soundly on his mattress. the nurse was in the middle of caring for my brother and became pissed when thirty minutes passed and no generator came on. she shouted for him but didnt answer and had to knock at his door to wake him up.
thats more or less the tale. so shes pissed.
but shouting at the poor dude’s not going to help matters (or help me go back to sleep)
My solution? its the 21st century everybody has a mobile phone. get each others numbers and call each other!
then I went back to bed.


2 thoughts on “nurse vs guard

  1. It’s less a matter of means of communication than the fact that both possibly not too happy with themselves and with their jobs. But that’s life sha. Nothing ever came easy. It’s to work hard so you rise to the top and improve your conditions, meanwhile trying your best bet to always stay happy, which is the best temperament to do such rising.


  2. P/S: if such a situation never arises when your folks are around and only does so like now, in their absence then it means your domestic helps don’t really regard you. You need to make them respect…and love you. Carry yourself with better esteem and be of more value to them. Good luck.


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