G.T.D 1

The tale begins as it always does, a look at our protagonist. At the moment he is riding a bus from the metropolis of Lagos, to some backwater village in Osun state. Taiye Olushola, 200 level economics student, stares out the Window of the bus over looking the ragged hamlets and wild vegetation, while avoiding the spittle of the man sleeping next to him.
He had just been given a one year suspension at his university over fighting. It wasn’t his fault though… he had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two of his roommates got into a brawl and he had tried to separate the pair….wrecking their hostel room in the process. how was he to know that one of them hid weapons under his bed?
He sighed as the bus drew close to the car park. Pushing himself through the crowd rushing out of the bus and getting his luggage, Taiye grunted as he looked at the rural setting before him. Besides the market stalls, free running animals, unpaved roads and loads of dented rickety vehicles, the next three months here would be terrible. He was sure of it.
It didn’t take long to find his grandfather, a gruff looking old man dozing in a bar. Beside him was his cousin Ade, who was gorging himself on fried meat.
Getting home was quite the hassle as three grown men had to manage a single motorbike to the homestead… the thirty minute bike ride was far more painful than the three hour bus ride of before.
By the time the trio got home, Taiye was sure he had burst something…probably his nerves.
The evening was fairly uneventful with Ade preparing a meal and grandfather telling everyone to lock their doors and stay in their rooms no matter what.
The first night was off to a terrible start. The local mosquitoes feasted on his blood were such an annoyance that he couldn’t help but notice the brief flashes of light that danced outside his window.
Opening the blinds out of curiosity,
He stared at something he would never understand. The road was empty, all other houses had their lights out and their windows closed. But what got his attention was the dancing sets of lights that darted through and fro the streets.
There were several sets of yellow, red and silver lights darting chasing each other as they bounced off walls and the ground. Suddenly the yellow light devoured one of the red lights, becoming a little bigger and brighter. Taiye gasped as the yellow light proceeded to consume the rest of the other lights, disappearing in a blinding flash.
The next morning while fetching water from the nearby tap, Taiye tried to inquire about what happened but Ade rebuffed him, telling him to forget about it and not to speak of it again.
Later in the day while being shown around the village, grandfather passes taiye a charm and tells him to keep it on him at all times and if it should ever crack he must flee from the area. Taiye asks why but the old man just tells him the less he knows the better. Then pointing to a nearby forest with several large stones in front of it. He warns taiye that for no reason whatsoever should he enter that forest for it is cursed.
Taiye sighs hoping that his days here go by as fast as possible.
And in a way, it does.
Over the next two weeks, Taiye spends his time familiarizing himself with his new environment, studying his textbooks and working on the farm with Ade, a task he fared poorly at. One day as he was walking by the stones of the cursed forest examining the charm on his way home, a sudden gust of wind blows it from his hands into the bushes. He tries to reach for it but it flies out of his reach, past the stones and into the forest.
Taiye paused.
He had been warned both about keeping the charm on him and not to enter the forest. Considering his situation for a bit, he decided that no one would know of him entering the forest but everyone (Ade/ Grandfather) would know that he lost the charm.
With that in mind he walked past the stones and into the forest.
It was a much darker place than he thought it would be, shadows from the high branches of trees blocking his sight entirely of some areas. Noting to himself of why he was there, Taiye briskly started searching and it wasn’t long before he found the charm. It was a bit moist but it was…
A thin long crack just appeared on the charm like it had been hit suddenly.
Taiye stared as several more cracks emerged on the charm one by one until the charm breaks in two.
Suddenly several bright lights appear in the brush and glow menacingly. These lights unlike before seem to show distinct shapes now, namely that of large dogs.
Taiye tries to run but the dogs are unnaturally fast and are on top of him in seconds the first one hurling him up in the air and the other knocking him into a tree. Vision blurring, Taiye could only groan as he saw the dogs moving towards him. Just as he expected to die, a golden light slices through both dogs dissipating them immediately. The golden light quickly absorbs the remains of the dogs and assumes a humanoid shape. As it turns to face him, taiye makes out the face of a girl, wearing a very evil smirk.
As he passes out he hears a single phrase.

Looks like it’s all gone according to plan.

End of chapter 1.

what do you think of the plotline? please feel free to comment and maybe I’ll continue it.


One thought on “G.T.D 1

  1. A very catchy start… its only the first chapter and I’m already immersed in the storyline.. im quite eager to know what comes next


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