So, my very first post on my very first blog. 

So what to write about?

Do I give an introduction to myself?

My name is Rotimi Gbadebo. I’m a Nigerian, 27 years of age and an avid fan of fiction. In particular, anime, science fiction, adventure, action and thrillers in all forms of media. 

What is the purpose of this blog?

Well to be honest, I was the kind of guy to bottle up his toughts and feelings due to either being scared or just that nobody was there to listen. So in part I want to express feelings and concerns on this page. On a more fun note, being a fan of fiction, one tends to Create his own mini scenarios . I plan to share the stories and scenarios here as well

Also I want to show off the random tots that sometimes occur in my head From time to time. 

All in all I do hope u enjoy all I have to share in this blog and thus inspire me to do a little more.  

I guess that’s fair enough for a first post isn’t it? 









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