Death of Halios

In a world of kingdoms and empires……there was one which was popular and beloved in its continent…Halios.

Her rulers tru the ages were known to be great diplomats known for keeping the continent….well peaceful as any could be.

It was an acknowledged safe haven which anyone who had an issue or was being chased or hurt could come n be safe from attack.

However, no land is perfect…
As it was there were groups who pressured for changes to the kingdom….and the most vocal was a sect called osirious.

They decried the influx of ‘criminal scum’ and ‘pagan cultures’ that to them soiled the kingdom and deserved to be flushed away.

However…..tho some of the earlier kings n queens may have had some acknowledgement of the complaints of the sect, (which was fairly powerful as they possessed great magic from their god). But the kingdom of Halios depended on this very issue to thrive, and to exist peacefully with their neigbours.

Thus as a concession, taxes and some regulations were put on immigrants in order to control behavour. This served to placate the sect without giving in to their more extreme demands.

This served the kingdom well until a brash young prince called Ramesh was crowned king.
He had no love for the osrious sect and removed the taxes n regulations…..insisting that as the kingdom was to become a melting pot for all civilisation. Thus no one was to be treated as a foreigner.

To prove his point he himself married a foreign woman…..something unheard of at the time. But the lady wasn’t just a commoner, she was the illegitimate daughter of a pirate….

Now…..the osirians were pissed. Not only had this king insulted their agreements, he had also sullied the throne of the kingdom. They demanded a steep sacrifice from the king, that he shouldn’t bear any children with the ‘harlot’.

Also they demanded that the king should step down and let a regent rule as he has proven incompetent.
Ramesh was deeply offended at their threats n drove the osirian messengers out of his palace.
Not long after the birth of his son the queen was mysteriously murdered

Mad with grief, the king sent his elite guards after the obvious suspects. Within weeks their temples were destroyed and any members of the group that couldn’t flee were slaughtered. It was a bloody time. A sad time for the kingdom.

The survivors of the sect swore revenge on the kingdom of Halios no matter how long it took
A century plus later, the kingdom of Halios had never been better. Due to King urktar’s policies (ramesh’s son) Halios had become a great business capital of the continent.

without the overt influence of the sect, the kingdom had mixed marriages at every level, for every reason…there was hardly a noble who didn’t have a foriegn relation on one side of his /her family.

A young noble boy, by the name of Reis was walking with his mates, when he got separated from them and got lost. Miserable and scared the youth wandered until he met a girl who seemed a lil younger than him

Tho at first hostile n nearly killing him, the girl calms and warms up to him…..helping him to reunite with his group. Reis turns to thank her but she’s gone….
it isn’t until two years later that he sees her again. This time its her who surprises him…. (He’s twelve here) they become friends and promise to keep in touch..her name’s Kristra.

As five years pass, the two met periodically enjoying each others company and sharing stories…

Until Reis invites Kristra to come for the newest king’s coronation. Him being a noble could get unparralelled access to the event

She agrees and the coronation event goes splendidly, tho Reis noted that kristra seemed uncomfortable at times….even scared…

However he brushes it off as her being unfamiliar with the situation.

After that situation however, he doesn’t see her again until a year later…..when several assassins try to kill the king during a festival

Thanks tho to efficient guards, the assassins were captured…and Reis at the time being a nosy person sneaks to to the prison to see the unfortunate sacks that are going to be executed…..only to receive the shock of his life

Bound n beaten among the other assassins was Kristra. Reis could only stare in horror as Krista glares at…stumbling out of the prison, he’s clearly disturbed by wat he’s seen.
His family pulls him from his quaters saying that the execution is an event that requires the presence of every noble. Important as there’s a meeting afterward that affects the kingdom’s future.

The execution of the assassins proves to be a big event. As his family said, all those of noble blood were around to witness this. The executioners sharpen their blades.
The king addresses the assassins, asking them y they’ve attempted to kill him and if they have anything to say let them say it now.
Reis stares blankly at the proceedings….halfwishing he could step down n halt the proceedings…but he wasn’t that kind of boy.

He flinches as kristra takes a look at him and then faces the king
Letting out a sigh, she tells the court that the kingdom has strayed from its original path, one of purity n light to becoming a filthy whore sitting in the pen of swine. And when the kingdom was pushed to reflect on their actions and repent, they killed and hunted those that would correct them. Today, today it all ends..
Her voice changing as she spoke, she suddenly snapped her bonds like twigs
An executioner tries attacking but a slash with her hand tears him in half
Its now that everything begins to blur…..Reis screams, the king’s guards are eviserated as the other assassins start killing people left and right
Its clearly obvious that krista isn’t normal anymore…as everyone around him is cut down, he tries to fight but is knocked to the floor and ignored. Then he hears Kristra or as she’s called Orsirion tells him that his time hasn’t come yet, that he should just wait for his turn
The bloody mess continues until reis is the only living thing in the room…that is a noble
Scared out of his mind, reis falls to his knees….orisrion/kristra walks calmly towards him and grabs him by the head…..her very touch burning his skin.

Taking him to the window, she directs the other assassins to signal the rest of the fighters, so that the kingdom of halios can receive its judgement.
She makes him listen to all the screams all the death
She tells Reis to watch as the kingdom dies….
Smirking deviously, she tells Reis that now that the kingdoms done, she’s going to have a lot of fun with him…..try not to break too soon
some weeks later some individuals still loyal to the fallen city of halios manage to well steal him away from the newly established orsirious base…but he may have been better of dead. His skin had melted and he had lost one arm from the shoulder. However osirion doesn’t like losing things n has sent groups to find her ‘toy’ but that is another days story

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