An Undine’s Tale

This is a tale/ synopsis of an Undine named Aquin.

But she wasn’t born a natural being of the blue element. She was born a human named Olivia, a young girl living in a small coastal village overlooking the great sea.

For a human she had the life. She had loving parents, nuisances of seven younger siblings and being of marrying age, quite a few suitors.

In any other tale she would have gotten married and had a family of her own…

But that isn’t this tale.

On a fair and sunny day, Olivia and one of her younger sisters were washing clothes and collecting seashells when they saw a boat in the distance.

As it wasn’t unusual for seafaring traders to stop at the village to sell rare goods, olivia’s sister ran out to greet the boat, only for her smile to fade when she saw the occupants and their flag.

They were slavers. Tho Olivia and her sister tried to escape, she was caught and they were both captured. During their interrogation, Olivia bit one of the pirates and in part to retaliate and also to show her as an example to her sibling… she was drowned.

But… tho her life has a human had ended her role in this tale hadn’t.

She was reborn.. as an elemental of the sea, specifically an Undine.

Still reeling from her death, the reborn Olivia rushed back tru the streams to her former village only to see it in ruins. with only the aged being the survivors. Apparently several days had passed since she died and her sister was forced to lead the pirates to her home where they had Massacred the majority of the adults and had taken the children on their boat.

filled with rage, Olivia raced towards the ocean. Thou it took her many a day, she eventually found the slave ship riding the tide of the ocean. Vengence fuelling her, she used the ocean itself to pick the slavers one by one and drown them in the sea. That accomplished, she proceeded to turn the ship around back to her village shores. Safe at last most of the children ran back to their homes. However her siblings having recognised their elder sis tried to get her to follow them.

But being a spirit of the water, she couldn’t stay on land for long. So as a goodbye gift, her siblings gave her a new name.

As she swam away sorrowfully she meets up with older Undine who inform her that they were here to bring her to her new home…

Short facts:

1. Her form is very malliable, she can shift from being rock hard to perfect liquid in seconds.

2. She can control nearby sources of water.

3. She has to be near water at all times… she will weaken and if enough time passes die

4.she can be hurt by fire and creatures capable of absorbing vast quantities of water are also a threat.

5. She can be frozen but it does no damage to her.


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