Sunny Mcfeilds

She just wanted to go places, see different people, what the world offered.
Her parents used to be merchants taking her as they went about, selling and providing services all over the known world..seeing their adventures sparked a fire in her soul that would not be put out of exploring the undiscovered parts of the world.
Unfortunately since her parents returned to her village, the elders have forbidden anyone from leaving.
This frustrated her for years…. Not even admitting that the simple fact of being born outside the village has made her markedly weaker in magic compared to her peers. Isolated and angry she became an expert in hand to hand combat and archery to compensate.
But one day a stranger came, a powerful stranger that needed a guide to explore the world.
This was an opportunity to fulfill the one thing that she desired most.
What would Sunny mcfeild do?


Seun 046

Sometimes we do things simply because we can, No higher calling or great trauma pushes us into these activities….it’s simply a round peg fitting into a round hole…
This is the mindset of Seun code 046 of the Obatech human experiments.
When she was a young child, she was kidnapped from her parents and put into a facility where she was tested and experimented upon.
The experiments were to give humans costomized abilities, as a way of mass producing superhumans. However the experiment was a half success and half failure.
It failed in its mass produced powers due to inherent genetic differences leaving some people predisposed to certain abilities. It succeeded however in bringing out and boosting such abilities to great heights.
Seun is both a telepath and a forcefield user. She can read minds and communicate telepathically with others over vast distances. She can also forcefully wake or send to sleep people when needed however she rarely does so as doing so may damage the person’s mind or we’ll send him/her into a coma.
Seun is known to be very sly and manipulative, making others take action to suit the mission requirements.
I see this Oc as being outwardly sociable but quick to make snap judgements due to her abilities.

Armies green and blue

These are two basic armour designs I thought of on once a dull day. Was generally going for something that looks protective but doesn’t seem to expensive to create and thus mass produced.
Honestly this may be minion class armour……..
Anyhoo… It should be easy to move around in, light and resistant to small arms fire.
And no neither boosts the strength of the wearer..
Just some Thoughts as I drew them.

The Undersuit

This my idea of flexible yet bulletproof innersuit for mechsuits or battle armors. It came to me mostly while thinking of iron man type armors in fiction how often times there’s just nothing between the armour itself and the individual…that can’t be healthy.
So this suit focuses on protecting the wearer from the inevitable bruising that’ll occur while in action. However it’s not to say it doesn’t have minor strength enhancement mechanics (it’s not like the armors themselves are light).
Helmet is entirely optional. Probably will have a character wear this in future.

Renegade 2018

Renega version 2!

Really happy with how this turned out so far.
This Oc is basically a wandering swordsman whose call to fame was the flaming sword that he claimed to find in a dungeon. To be honest it was a gift crafted by his blacksmith uncle to keep him safe.
He’s a fairly competent fighter but his true talents lie in tracking and stealth.
Essentially a rogue class playing as a swordsman.


Olu, June and Ixi. They are the mercenary crew Oji. They take on jobs that offer excitement and adventure with no job Too difficult to handle. Why would they be if you were unkillable, create diamonds out of your skin and teleport anywhere you want?